Champagne-Ardenne informs about INTERREG EUROPE

Posted on 16th October 2014 | Category: Programme

INTERREG IVC national contact point in France together with North West Europe organise another regional information seminar on the achievements of the two programmes and the cooperation possibilities in 2014-2020. Already the fifth seminar in a row takes place on 7 November 2014 in Châlons-en-Champagne in Champagne-Ardenne, France. Registration to the seminar is open till 30 October 2014.

'MED on the move' - annual event of MED programme

Posted on 15th October 2014 | Category: Other

Transnational programme MED (Europe in the Mediterranean) invites all to join their annual event 'MED on the move'. In two weeks, representatives of the programme will meet at four different locations with their project partners and stakeholders to discuss the programme results of the 2007-2013 period as well as the cooperation possibilities for the future 2014-2020 period. At all events live stream is available: 14 October: Valencia (in Spanish and Portuguese); 16 October: Thessaloniki (in Greek); 20 October: Ljubljana (in English); 24 October: Florence (in English and Italian)

2 job-openings at INTERREG IVC/ INTERREG EUROPE Secretariat

Posted on 10th October 2014 | Category: Programme

The INTERREG IVC/ INTERREG EUROPE Secretariat is looking for one Project Finance Officer and one Administration Assistant. The Project Finance Officer will assist applicants and lead partners in the development and implementation of their project and contribute to a successful programme implementation. The Administration Assistant will support the Joint Technical Secretariat. Deadline for applications is 1 November 2014.

Focus on Tourism for regional development

Build on sustainable tourism sector

Tourism industry plays an important role in the development of many European regions. Well managed tourism sector can help regions and cities boost their economic activity when attracting travelers to admire their cultural and historical heritage. INTERREG IVC projects can inspire regions how to reap the economic benefits of tourism in a sustainable way.

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This initiative focuses on collecting, analysing, and disseminating the thematic knowledge gained from projects working on the same topic.

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What happens next? Interregional cooperation will continue under the name INTERREG EUROPE!

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