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Exchange of experience under the spotlight
 Study on Exchange of Experience ProcessesINTERREG IVC commissioned a study on how interregional cooperation projects organise the process of exchanging experience among partners and how this process can directly influence the policy framework of the concerned regions.

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Report from event on INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices
Mainstreaming good practicesINTERREG IVC programme organised a one-day event 'EU Cohesion Policy: INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices' which was held on 28 November in Larnaca, Cyprus. A report on the event is now available to read.

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Resources for project partners

Approved project partners and lead partners will find some useful documents and templates to use in this section.

Project management

The most important document to accompany your project preparation and implementation is the programme manual (Part of the Application Pack. Intended to assist applicants in drafting applications, as well as in implementing and finalising the approved operations) . It is the project manager’s reference material throughout the lifetime of the project. Regularly updated, it contains implementation guidelines for approved projects, along with useful templates and resources. Many questions from project partners will find the answers within – so please refer to it before contacting the JTS! Make sure you have the latest version by downloading below.

The Subsidy Contract (contract between the Managing Authority and the operation’s Lead Partner. It determines the rights and responsibilities of the Lead Partner and the Managing Authority, ...) that the Lead Partner will sign with the Managing Authority is available for consultation. A model Partnership agreement (In order to secure the quality of the implementation of the project, as well as the satisfactory achievement of its goals, the Lead Partner and the partners have ...) that the Lead Partner should sign with all project partners is also available. This model should be adapted to each specific project's needs.

The progress report (Comprised of the Activity Report and the Financial Report. It documents the progress of the operation and serves as payment request. Lead partners of operations ...) template is also available in pdf version for consultation. The relevant control confirmation templates have been extracted from the programme manual and made available here in Word format, so that first level controllers can easily complete these templates.

NEW! For partners preparing to close their projects, some frequently asked questions have been collected to assist with this process.

Financial management

Further fact sheets are provided to give you some practical advice on recurring issues in the financial management of the projects (staff costs, administration costs and public procurement).

Examples of a timesheet and lists of expenditure can be found hereafter. Please note that these are examples. Provided that the main principles are kept, they may then be adapted to your specific reporting needs and requirements.

General information concerning the approbation process of a first level controller (an institution/ individual responsible for verification of financial documentation of beneficiaries in a given country) in a decentralised system can be found below.

Additional information on financial reporting and hands-on advice is available from our last finance seminars.

Communication activities

The information and publicity requirements can be consulted in the attached guidelines to help you comply with the requirements of the regulation. A handbook of communication tools has been developed to assist you with many aspects of your project communication.

Programme logos and graphic identity guidelines

Networking group on LinkedIn

An online networking and exchange of experience group on LinkedIn is reserved for people directly implementing INTERREG IVC projects. The aim of this group is to allow project partners to exchange on the difficulties encountered and solutions found when implementing INTERREG IVC projects. The platform can also be used to inform others about the results achieved.

All Lead Partners, partners, project managers and communication managers are welcome to join this group on the LinkedIn platform.