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Exchange of experience under the spotlight
 Study on Exchange of Experience ProcessesINTERREG IVC commissioned a study on how interregional cooperation projects organise the process of exchanging experience among partners and how this process can directly influence the policy framework of the concerned regions.

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Report from event on INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices
Mainstreaming good practicesINTERREG IVC programme organised a one-day event 'EU Cohesion Policy: INTERREG IVC's achievements in mainstreaming good practices' which was held on 28 November in Larnaca, Cyprus. A report on the event is now available to read.



 This page contains all the documents produced by INTERREG IVC to inform about the main characteristics of the programme and the ongoing project operations.

Project results

Showing how interregional cooperation (Part of the C strand of the ETC (as well as of the former Interreg III Community Initiative), its aim is to promote exchange and transfer of knowledge and best ...) benefits both 'advanced' and 'less-advanced' regions through some specific examples of good practice (in the context of the INTERREG IVC programme, a good practice is defined as an initiative (e.g. methodologies, projects, processes, techniques) undertaken in one ...) transfer is the objective of this first 'results' brochure.

INTERREG IVC projects - the collection

Building up to form a complete collection, the brochures below are edited after every funding round, to provide a clear summary on each project's aims and objectives, along with partnership and funding details.

Other publications

Information Point (a body constituted in order to provide information as well as to promote the programme in a defined area) East edited a brochure, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the 2004 enlargement, examining how the eight countries of this area have benefitted from interregional cooperation.

Capitalisation projects (Capitalisation Projects are interregional cooperation projects which focus specifically on the transfer of regional development good practices into mainstream EU ...) are in the spotlight with the publication 'Key features of Capitalisation projects', providing examples, challenges and solutions for these particular transfer projects.

Information Point North edited a brochure focusing on the good practices already identified by projects involving partners from the eight countries of this area. Given the large overlap with the Baltic Sea macro-region area, possible synergies between this programme and the EU strategy are described.

If you wish to receive copies of these publications, please contact Raluca Toma.