INTERREG EUROPE presented to stakeholders

Over 60 representatives of regions, European associations and the European Commission met on 5 February 2014 in Brussels, Belgium, to share their views and comments on the draft cooperation programme INTERREG EUROPE. It was the first presentation and exchange with selected European stakeholders on the rationale, objectives, focus and actions of the future interregional cooperation programme. The participants also talked about practical aspects of involvement in the programme actions.

The following videos capture four presentations on the key aspects of INTERREG EUROPE and the open discussion among the participants.

Part I - Presenting INTERREG EUROPE

Part II - Open discussion about INTERREG EUROPE

The meeting represents only one element in the EU-wide public consultation designed by the INTERREG EUROPE Programming Committee, a body representing all 30 Partner States of the future programme. All interested parties can share their feedback on the main elements of the future programme and its environmental impact in an online questionnaire. Partner States have also launched the consultation at the national level.

Comments and insights gathered at the meeting and from the online and national public consultations will feed into the finalisation of the draft cooperation programme text and the preparation of the programme documents.

Report and presentations from the meeting are available for download: