Project Details

Title: European Collaborative and Open Regional Innovation Strategies
Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: Innovation, research and technology development

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: Yes
Duration: 1st Jan 2010 - 31st Mar 2014


Total budget: €3,713,343.06
ERDF contribution: €2,874,607.29

Lead partner

DG Industry, Energy and Innovation, Dept. of Economy, Income, Industry and Employment
Parque Tomás Caballero, nº 1, 6º planta
31005, Pamplona

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    • Contact Person: Mr. Roberto Yoldi Echarren
      Phone: 34 848 42 79 41
      Fax: 34 848 42 35 94

Project summary

EURIS addresses the Lisbon Strategy’s challenge of shifting towards a Knowledge based economy, if EU is to become the more competitive world economy, from 2 complementary perspectives:


§ The lack of many EU regions of a critical mass on the RTDI field, opposed to the increasing globalisation of RTDI (Global Networks of Innovation) and the enormous potential to build on the complementary strengths of EU regions.


§ The “Closed” and outdated concept of Innovation, versus the “Open Innovation” (OI), demanding the co-opetition (cooperation/competition) and experimentation between companies, Universities, Research Centres, consumers and public authorities.


The EU urgently needs to translate the OI culture from the private sector to the “opening up for better horizontal and vertical co-operation of the governance system, in order to accompany Open Innovation processes in economy, more and more trans-national”, as fostered by EC Communications.

A broad framework of policy areas affects OI, but EURIS focuses on the Collaboration Policy area, because 1) it falls under the direct competencies of Regional Innovation Strrategies (RIS); 2) collaborative environments are crucial for companies to embrace OI and 3) it benefits from an interregional approach, as OI requires the overcome of the regional strategic thinking, and to open up innovation systems.


The embracement of OI, in terms of accelerated intraregional and interregional cooperation rates among Innovation Stakeholders is the ultimate goal of EURIS. Programme aims to:

§ The development of more effective RIS of partners, through the mutual learning, exchange of Good Practices and the joint development of new interregional approaches on the field of Collaboration Policies conducive to OI.

§ The dissemination and transfer of such Good Practices to other EU Regions.

§ The delivery of Policy Recommendations at the regional, national and EU level, to embrace Open Innovation.

The innovative character of OI policy implications demands a high level of cooperation, reason why a Mini Programme has been designed, by a partnership made up by some of the EU powerhouses on the OI field (Stuttgart, Eindhoven), and catching up regions (Navarra, Lodz and West-Pannon), allowing, by the means of Subprojects, the further research, analysis and exchange of existing Good Practices, and the joint development of new interregional approaches.


EURIS will improve partners' 5 RIS, enhance the capabilities on the design of new Collaborative Policies of 58 policy-makers and Stakeholders, organise 35 interregional exchange events, with an attendance of 440 people, and provide a comprehensive pool of Best Practices (30) and Policy Recommendations for the further embracing of Open Innovation at EU level. Dissemination events of EURIS will outreach 1,700 people at the EU level.

Project achievements

EURIS has ended its run after 4 years, achieving the following results: 

* 5 Regional Indicators Matrix Reports  elaborated with regional performance on 30 Indicators on 5 policy areas linked to Open Innovation (OI). 

* Regional Stakeholders have been consulted on their OI performance, as well as on the overall regional conditions for OI. 

* 42 Good Practices on 5 policy areas have been published at EURIS website. 

* "Embracing Open Innovation in Europe. A Best Practices Guide on Open Innovation" disseminated with a selection of 18 Good Practices and guidelines for their transfer.

* 7 Good Practices Exchange Sessions have been held, twice in Stuttgart (Germany), twice in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Gyor(Hungary), Lodz (Poland) and Pamplona (Spain). Good Practices have also been visited on Oresund, Sweden (Mobile Heights Business Center), Birmingham, UK (Birmingham Science Park Aston), Otaniemi, Finland (Aalto Design Factory) and Tampere, Finland (Demola Factory) .

In total, 254 regional stakeholders have benefited from exchange of activities.


* Following EURIS Call, 6 Sub­-projects were implemented from April 2011 to Dec. 2012: 

­- "InfoPro" conducted 4 regional studies and SWOT analysis on information processing flows withing regional innovation networks, has exchanged Best Practices on this field, produced a method for assessing information processing, leading to Transfer Plans by participants.

­- "OPINET"  launched 3 regional Open Innovation Contact Points, produced guides with Benefits of OI for SMEs, Best Practices by SMEs and guidelines for the management of Intellectual Property Rights in OI environments, and supported regional OI initiatives.

­- "HYBRISECTORS" developed a method for the identification of hybridation opportunities, following regional capabilities, which has been implemented in 3 fields: Renewable Energies and Advanced Materials, Nanotechnologies and Electromobility, leading to the definition of specific initiatives.

­- "ORP" developed the Open Research Platform showcasing the technological capabilities for collaboration of involved 6 Universities. 

­- "SFFS"  identified case studies of shared facilities and facility sharing schemes in the automotive sector, and has field visited 3 of such initiatives in Gothenburg (Sweden), ELaT region (The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) and the Basque Country (Spain) leading to the definition of a method for the assessment and support of such schemes by regional authorities.

­* "BMOI" has studied OI practices of companies on participant regions, has studied 10 companies which changed their business model following outbound/inbound OI practices and has tested a method for working business modelling following OI with companies.


As a result of the whole exchange process, the following outputs have been produced:

* 5 regional "Policy Briefs", with actionable recommendations for the transfer and mainstreaming of EURIS learning into partners' RIS.

* An "Open Innovation Toolbox", a practical booklet with a description of Sub-projects results and 10 tools and guidelines elaborated within sub-projects aimed at companies, SMEs, intermediaries and policy-makers.

* "Embracing Open Innovation in Europe: policy recommendations for opening up Regional Innovation Ecosystems", a set of 34 policy recommendations aimed at European policy-makers interested on updating their Regional Innovation Strategies looking for more open and collaborative ecosystems.


Such outputs have been widely disseminated all along the project through EURIS website, 8 newsletters and organization and participation at 45 dissemination events with a participation of more than 4.000 people, such as EURIS Final Conference, held in Brussels on November 28th, 2013 under the title "Open Innovation 2.0. Fostering the Innovation union through open Regional Innovation Ecosystems". All EURIS results and outputs remain available at EURIS "Legacy" section at EURIS website.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
DG Industry, Energy and Innovation, Dept. of Economy, Income, Industry and Employment, Pamplona SPAIN Comunidad Foral de Navarra 34 848 42 79 41
Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation, Stuttgart GERMANY Stuttgart 49-711-22835-26
Brainport Development NV, Eindhoven NETHERLANDS Noord-Brabant 31407512424
West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency Non-profit Limited Liability Company, Sopron HUNGARY Nyugat-Dunantul 36-96-516-233
Lodz Region, Lodz POLAND Lodzkie 48 42 66 33102


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