Project Details

Title: Disseminating Innovative STRategIes for Capitalization of Targeted Good Practices
Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: Innovation, research and technology development

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: Yes
Duration: 1st Jan 2010 - 31st Jan 2014
Website: http://www.districtplus.eu


Total budget: €4,600,000.00
ERDF contribution: €3,550,000.00

Lead partner

Tuscany Region
Via Pico della Mirandola 24
50132, Firenze

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    • Contact Person: Francesca Giovani
      Phone: 0039 055 438 2083
      Fax: 0039 055 438 2020

Project summary

European regions need to restructure their economies from traditional manufacturing industry towards a new model of development based on knowledge and innovation. The objective of the project will be the exchange of experiences and good practices (GPs) among regional partners to improve the effectiveness of regional policies in the areas of innovation, research and technological development. The project will build upon the experiences gained by the partners through their regional development programmes and former european projects such as the Interreg IIIC DISTRICT RFO to capitalise consolidated GPs and improve the partners policy capacity to:

- modernise traditional manufacturing sectors through product innovation and internasionalisation strategies for global competitiveness;

- foster the interaction between knowledge providers and enterprises to increase the innovation capability of firms with a focus on eco-innovation;

- provide innovative financial products and services and

support innovative entrepreneurship for young researchers;

- develop regional innovation skills through professional training in the field of innovation management;

- build regional and local strategic planning capacity in front of global transitions through foresight techniques and technological audit.


The partnership will include six regional public authorities that are in charge of managing the 2007-2013 ERDF Regional Operational Programmes: Lead Partner Tuscany (IT), West Midlands (UK), Saxony-Anhalt (DE), Vastra Gotaland (SE), Lower Silesia (PL) and Brasov County (RU). This mix of convergence (Obj. 1) and competitiveness (Obj. 2) regions will increase the network’s added-value in terms of policy impact.


To achieve its results the project will implement an intense schedule of interregional activities (thematic workshops and study visits, joint interregional training sessions, etc.) to exchange policy experience between more and less advanced regions. It will

specially focus on the capitalisation of GPs in lagging regions such as those belonging to new MS that are in the process of managing their first large scale multi-annual ERDF ROPs.


As a miniprogramme, the project will support a limited number of sub-projects (SPs) in the above policy areas. SPs will provide an additional platform for interregional cooperation by exchanging experiences and GPs at the local level. They will involve a high number of regional and local public authorities that are in charge of managing local development initiatives (e.g., territorial or sectorial good practices) and other relevant actors and stakeholders belonging to the different regions. SPs will be selected through interregional calls for proposals and will deliver their results to the partners regional authorities.

Outputs will include: GPs transferability handbook; strategic guidelines for policy-makers with policy recommendations; policy/GP feasibility studies for pilot action in target regions.

Project achievements

After Florence kickoff, Wroclaw opening conf in 2010 and delivering of Transf.Handbook partners identified GPs on 1)Innovative financial products: R&D Card-VG improving SMEs opportunities in global markets; SCCISME-SA supporting young startups and academic spinoffs; Expert panel -LS to select innovative projects; Fondo Toscana Innovazione RT for investments on innovative business idea;Mercia Fund Management -WM for investment in early and follow on development stages; Trust Fund LS under JEREMIE. 2)modernisation of traditional manufacturing: Industrial Dynamics-VG for fostering innovation activities in industrial SMEs; Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project -WM to stimulate R&D in low carbon vehicles field; Product Competence Center-VG to improve manufacturing industry competitiveness; Innovation poles-RT to stimulate innovative activities; Enterprising graduate students -LS scholarships in regional development; Cluster Support Initiative -LS an internationalisation development contest.

3)Interaction between knowledge providers and enterprises: Technological and Business Incubator-BR for companies grow up and survival; Mind your Own Business -VG a One stop shop for startup businesses; KAT-SA, a joint network of 6 Universities of Applied Sciences; RT Joint R&D Call for creating innovative clusters; ETREC Cluster -BR, bringing together industry, research and PAs; Science Parks for innovation, business development and research finance-VG. 4)Innovation Management Skills: Pioneers into Practice -WM a placement programme for low carbon professionals; Funding Innovation Assistants-SA to transfer universities' knowledge to SME; Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship-VG on integration of entrepreneurship education and innovation; MATIX -VG a model of entrepreneurial business development within SMEs. 5)strategic planning through foresight: foresight in Biomedical Technology and Yachting Industry-RT. GPs were presented during JITS in Brasov Feb'11, Wroclaw Sept’11, Magdeburg


Nov’11, Birmingham Feb'12,Goteborg Nov'12, Halle March'13, Florence May'13. After each JITS a Feasibility study was produced (5). 8 studies were realized, 3 by VG (presented in Goteborg Jun'11): From validation to Incubation bridging the valley of death for R&D based ventures; Promoting innovation in SMEs good practices and new approaches; Open Innovation an entry point to R&D for SMEs. The studies Interaction between Knowledge Providers and the Private Sector/SMEs to increase their Innovativeness in Eco-Innovation and Modernisation of Traditional Manufacturing Sectors by SA and WM were presented in Magdeburg Nov'11. During Pisa workshop Sep'12 3 studies were presented the impact of the management on the effectiveness of the technology incubator by LS and Study on the opportunity to establish a technology transfer centre and Study on the innovative services of the science parks by BR. An Action plan for GPs transfer and Implementation Plan Methodology and Contents were presented

in Halle March'13. A workshop in Florence May'13 was the opportunity to present partners implementation plans (6) and exchange experiences and create networks between GPs managers. In addition 2 workshops in Brasov Sept'13 and Florence Nov'13 were organised with actors in charge of regional future mainstream policy programmes.1 GP is transferred: R&D Card from VG to LS. After the Call for SP in Dec'10, 6 SPs were approved in Apr'11: they implemented activities until April 2013. 2 interregional (May '11 Goteborg) training sessions were organized together with mid-evaluation conference (May '12 Birmingham). The evaluation report on the GPs from SPs was presented in Halle March'13 during SPs Final Conference and in Birmingham Apr'13. Partners developed and updated project website, Facebook and Twitter pages, drafted CP, 8 NLs, 8 brochures and Final Publication. Dissemination events were organised in Goteborg May'11, Magdeburg Nov'11, Birmingham May'12, Brasov Sept'13 (Final Conf.).


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Tuscany Region, Firenze ITALY Toscana 0039 055 438 2083
UK Trade and Investment - West Midlands, Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM West Midlands 44 0121 503 3286
Saxony Economic Development Corporation, Dresden GERMANY Dresden 0049 351 2138 152
Region Vastra Gotalands, Göteborg SWEDEN Västsverige 46 (31)630980
Lower Silesia Voivoship, Wrocław POLAND Dolnoslaskie 004871 7769443
Brasov County Council, Brasov ROMANIA Centru 40-268-415 024
Ministry of Science and Economy Saxony-Anhalt, Magdeburg GERMANY Sachsen-Anhalt +49 391 576 4452
Birmingham Technology Limited (known as Birmingham Science Park Aston), Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM West Midlands 0044 (0)121 260 6123


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