eCitizen II

Project Details

Title: Towards citizen-centred eGovernment in European cities and regions
Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: the Information Society

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2010 - 28th Feb 2013


Total budget: €2,004,866.81
ERDF contribution: €1,576,062.70

Lead partner

The Baltic Institute of Finland
P.O.Box 487
FI-33101, Tampere

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    • Contact Person: Hannes Astok, Project Manager
      Phone: +358 3 5656 5343
      Fax: 358356566252

Project summary

In the framework of the Lisbon Agenda European cities and regions as key driving forces for regional economical development have made serious efforts to develop eGovernment. This is done to face the major demand and needs for improving openness, cost-efficiency and quality of the public administrations and provision of public services, thus contributing to the regional and national competitiveness. Nevertheless, more efforts and better collaboration are still needed to accelerate efficient uptake of eGovernment, dissemination and utilization of the achieved experiences and good practices. eCitizen II is designed to support European cities and regions in their joint efforts to accelerate eGovernment through exploiting established networks, gained experiences and good practices to improve interaction between citizens and public authorities, better involving citizens in local decision-making and contributing to change in operational culture and attitudes within public administrations.

As a follow-up project, eCitizen II brings added-value to interregional eGovernment cooperation focusing on sharing the accumulated knowledge, experiences, best practices, and transferring them between the more advanced and less experienced cities and regions throughout Europe. This cooperation aims at stimulating new approaches and understanding in city and regional administrations of engaging with citizens and developing citizen-centred eServices. The project will involve decision- and policy-makers, demonstrate benefits of the eGovernment and the best eParticipation practices in different public sectors and identify future prospects to ensure support to further acceleration of eGovernment.


The project activities are designed to enhance direct collaboration, peer learning, sharing and transfering of developed eGovernment and eParticipation tools as well as identifying future trends between project partners. Capacities and knowledge of decision- and policy-makers, officials,

experts, information officers and other relevant actors in local and regional administrations on sharing and adopting accumulated experiences and good practices on eGovernment and eParticipation will be enhanced. A Pan-European Best Practice Manual on eParticipation with recommendations for local and regional administrations will be developed to ensure dissemination and sustainability of the project results.


This three-year project is lead by the Baltic Institute of Finland. The partnership consists of ten public administrations, cities and regions represented by Tampere from Finland, Odense from Denmark, Tartu from Estonia, Flevoland from the Netherlands, Kerry County Council from Ireland, Bologna from Italy, Patras from Greece, Miskolc from Hungary, Vysocina from Czech Republic, EUDEL from Spain.

Project achievements

The task of the eCitizen II project activities is to facilitate knowledge and best practices transfer of eparticipation between the cities and

regions of Europe. The main method for knowledge transfer is international joint seminars and study tours. Project was launched by a kickoff

seminar February 2010 in Tampere, Finland. In 2010 joint seminars and study visits also were organized to Patras, Greece and Stockholm,

Sweden. In the 1st half of 2011 joint seminars and study visits take place in Prague and Vysocina region, Czech Republic and in Tartu,

Estonia. In the 2n half of 2011 project joint seminars and study visits take place in Amsterdam and Almere, Flevoland region, Netherlands

and in Odense, Denmark. In the 1st half of the 2012 project partenrs meet in the joint seminars and study visits in Bologna, Italy and in Kerry County, Ireland. In 24-28 September 2012 partners had last joint seminar and study tour in Miskolc Hungary. eParticipation practices in Hungary were introduced.

Also readiness and future dissemination of the main outcome of the project: PanEuropean Online Manual for eParticipation were discussed, as well the future plans for the activities of the e-participation.

Partners have very actively disseminated project results in local and international events, sent out press releases and appeared in the


The Valma online participation tool from Tampere, Finland is successfully transferred to the Vysocina region, Czech Republic and 9

municipalities are using it currently.

The project final dissemination event take place in Brussels, Belgium 16 October 2012. 59 participants from 16 countries participated.

Seminar presented main results of the project - PanEuropean Online Manual for eParticipation and transfer of the Tampere Valma participation tool to Czech Republic as Vas Nazor tool.

Also high level speakers from Estonia, Netherlands and Denmark presented their views about future of online participation. MEP Kristiina Ojuland and representative of EC Carmen Ifrim shared views about online democracy and smart cities development.

The main outcome of the project: PanEuropean Online Manual for eParticipation was fully updated and is online. Remarkable amount of the case studies is available online, uploaded by the project partners. Baltic Institute of Finland as Lead Partner of the project takes continously care about the manual.

The project activities are ended, but the dissemination of the project results continues by the partners by their web sites, newsletters, local, regional and international events. Partners also searching for the next opportunities to continue cooperation in this the very strong and successful partnership of cities and regions, successfully cooperating during the eCitizen and eCitizen II projects to develop e-governance and e-participation in European cities and regions.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
The Baltic Institute of Finland, Tampere FINLAND Länsi-Suomi +358 3 5656 5343
City of Tampere, Tampere FINLAND Länsi-Suomi 358 3 565 611
Tartu City Government, Tartu ESTONIA Eesti 372 7361171
Odense Municipality, Odense DENMARK Syddanmark 45 66 13 13 72
Province of Flevoland, AB Lelystad NETHERLANDS Flevoland 31320265462
Sheffield City Council, Sheffield UNITED KINGDOM South Yorkshire 44 114 273 6818
South West Regional Authority, Co. Cork IRELAND Southern and Eastern 353 21 4876877
Municipality of Bologna, Bologna ITALY Emilia-Romagna 39 0512193991
Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning and Development S.A., Patras GREECE Dytiki Ellada 302610361756
Vysocina Region, Jihlava CZECH REPUBLIC Jihovychod 420 564602111
Municipality of Miskolc, Miskolc HUNGARY Eszak-Magyarorszag 00 36 46 348 879
The Association of Basque Municipalities (EUDEL), BILBAO. BIZKAIA SPAIN País Vasco 944231500
Kerry County Council, Tralee IRELAND Southern and Eastern +353 66 718 3500


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