Project Details

Title: Renewable Energies Transfer System
Priority: 2: Environment and risk prevention
Theme: Energy and sustainable transport

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2010 - 31st Dec 2012


Total budget: €1,908,715.00
ERDF contribution: €1,484,054.25

Lead partner

37 rue d'Engwiller
67350, La Walck

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    • Contact Person: Alison Garnier-Rivers
      Phone: 33-3 69 20 29 10
      Fax: 33-3 69 20 29 19

Project summary

The ”RETS: Renewable Energies Transfer System” project has grown up out of a local experience of economic development through renewable energies (RES) in Northern Alsace (France).


The project aims to tackle the challenges of renewable energies for local and regional authorities (and in particular those with less than 25,000 inhabitants) in association with the expertise of existing competency centres that produce research and provide services on RES. These small sized authorities have to combat issues linked to their territorial competitiveness and access to project management skills for the implementation of complex projects (energy–mix).


The main objective of RETS is to improve the knowledge and competencies of local and regional policymakers (decision makers, civil servants …) in renewable energies, so as to facilitate the deployment of coherent and value added strategic renewable energies policies. This will be realised through the creation of a European community for local

authorities on RES, comprised of two key elements: physical tools for meeting and exchanging viewpoints and a virtual platform for collaborative exchange and transfer of good practice through an innovative online approach.


The RETS partnership counts 12 partners from 9 EU Member States: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, UK, the Netherlands, Romania, and Slovenia. It has been developed with the idea of obtaining partners with different types and levels of experiences in the deployment of RES and sustainable management. The panel contains local authorities, universities, energy agencies and associations, more or less advanced in their policy and experiences.


The core RETS activities concern the creation of simple usable tools for local authorities in order to help them make informed choices for the implementation of the right renewable energy strategy within their territories:

- Collection and analysis of regional RES initiatives and production of a good practice guidebook

(45 good practices collected and 20 transferred)

- Study visits (6) to exchange on ideas and practices between network members

- Tailored RES seminars for local authorities (10 seminars) to transfer knowledge, good practices and stimulate policy implementation

- Creation of an online RES community bringing together local authorities and RES experts on a collaborative tool, allowing them to find, exchange, discuss and transfer information on RES in an innovative way (publication of 25 articles on the web portal).

- Dissemination of the results using both traditional (3 conferences, paper publications (leaflet, brochure), 10 newsletters, press releases) and new forms of communication (website, online collaborative tool).


The immediate project result is expected within the members of the consortium and their regional local authority network contacts. RETS will then rapidly have a wider reach through the diffusion of its good practices and knowledge via the RETS web portal and guidebook.

Project achievements

The RETS project started in January 2010 and finished in December 2012. All work on good practice collection, seminars, study visits and project promotion is now completed. The project objective to improve the knowledge and competencies of local and regional policymakers in renewable energies through the effective collection, analysis, exchange and transfer of good practices in renewables has been largely achieved. The partners have managed to develop together a common process for renewable energy information management collecting, processing transforming, assimilating, and disseminating information on renewables. This methodology is especially beneficial to small local authorities, giving them a framework, ideas and skills to enable the development of their own RES projects. Moreover, the project, through its activities, is witness to a mass of experimentation in renewable energy across Europe: implementation on a small and large scale, by local authorities, regions, companies,

local communities, within education. RETS has given its partners the opportunity to see how even a small renewable implementation matters. Collectively, a real European critical mass is being obtained and an "energy turnaround" tangible. The main project outputs developed through the 36 month activities are:

- 3 conferences (2010 Serta, PT; 2011 Sittard-Geleen, NL; 2012 Strasbourg, FR)

- A project web portal (, used as a platform to promote the activities and results, including 56 good practices, 25 articles translated into partner languages, and 10 issues of the project newsletter "RETS Renewables Update" and detailed information about the project events.

- A collaborative wiki ( well integrated into daily project management and used for collaboration between partners. The wiki is open to local authority members from outside the project, giving them a privileged access to information developed by the project.




- A results brochure published in French and English

Over the project, experiences have been shared and good practices exchanged through:

- 7 inspiring study visits (2010 France/Germany; 2010 West Wales; 2011 Netherlands; 2011 Portugal; 2012 Austria/Slovenia; 2012 Germany/Denmark: 2012 Germany)

- 12 transnational seminars for local authorities organised in the partner regions (2010: Varese, Italy. 2011: Staffordshire, UK; Upper Rhine: Kaiserslautern (DE), Lauterbourg (FR), Strasbourg (FR); Maribor, SI; Cardiff, Wales, UK; Bucharest, Romania; Sertã, PT; Pezenas, FR; Sittard Geleen, NL. 2012: Wales good practice tour, UK; Vecsés, HU, Vecsé, HU.)

- Collection of 56 renewable energy good practices from their regions

- A project compendium of renewable energy good practices

- 91 collaborative articles on renewables and the deployment of a competitive intelligence information service.

Strong links have also been created with other projects and networks on renewables. 4 joint activities were developed with the project RENREN: a dissemination seminar in Brussels in 2012, a joint study visit to the German Danish Region, and presentations of the project results in each final conference. In addition, a further seminar to share and exchange was developed between the RETS, RENREN and IMEDER (Mediteranean) networks in Marseille in November 2012.

RETS was fully involved in events organised by the INTERREG IVC programme, including the good practice exhibition (Open Days 2012), and the capitalisation initiative on renewable energies. The RETS partners have developed an action plan so that the partners continue to share and exchange in 2013: 3 newsletters will be developed, working groups for new project ideas will be set-up and the project wiki will remain open so that others can capitalise from the RETS experience.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
ADEC, La Walck FRANCE Alsace 33-3 69 20 29 10
Serta town council, Sertã PORTUGAL Centro (P) 351 274 600 300
Pinhel town council, Pinhel PORTUGAL Centro (P) 351 271 410 000
Institute for Environment, Sustainability and Regeneration, Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent UNITED KINGDOM Shropshire and Staffordshire +44 (0) 1782 294038
ECO CENTRE WALES, Newport, Pembrokeshire UNITED KINGDOM West Wales and The Valleys +44 (0) 1239 821900
IHK Zetis GmbH - center for technology- and innovation consulting South-West, Kaiserlautern GERMANY Rheinhessen-Pfalz 0049 (0)631 303-1230
Pezenas city, Pezenas FRANCE Languedoc-Roussillon 33-4 67 90 41 00
City of Sittard-Geleen, Sittard NETHERLANDS Limburg (NL) 31-464 777 777
Energy agency of Podravje - institution for sustainable energy use, Maribor SLOVENIA Vzhodna Slovenija 386-2 234 23 60
Energy Research and Modernizing Institute Icemenerg Bucharest, Bucharest ROMANIA Bucuresti - Ilfov +4021 346 47 45
Province of Varese, Varese ITALY Lombardia +39-0322252218
Town of VECSÉS, VECSÉS HUNGARY Kozep-Magyarorszag 3629352000


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