Project Details

Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: Employment, human capital and education

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: Yes
Duration: 1st Oct 2008 - 31st Mar 2012


Total budget: €3,856,320.00
ERDF contribution: €2,942,936.00

Lead partner

Government of Andalusia. Ministry for the Equality and Social Wellfare
Avenida de Hytasa, 14
41071, Sevilla

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    • Contact Person: Mercedes García Sáez
      Phone: 34 955 04 82 66
      Fax: 34 955 04 82 82

Project summary

The PEOPLE partnership is engaged to explore the opportunities for new employment and ways of reinforcing cohesion and well-being in the context of demographic and societal changes faced by European regions. The nascent trends are the ageing population, new family structures, legal/illegal immigration and the emergence of new vulnerable groups, all of this impacting on the interrelation between people, generations and across countries. The renewed Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs and Cohesion Policy 2007- 2013 is promoting innovation as a possible way of finding appropriate solutions to many of the demographic and societal challenges currently occurring in the EU. Initiatives such as the Regions for Economic Change illustrates that innovation has been acknowledged as a cohesion policy priority by the Member States. The PEOPLE partners are proposing to launch a joint regional PEOPLE Action Plan to deliver innovation on societal change at regional level.

The PEOPLE project comprises of a set of regional activities (Communication campaign, International conferences, Study visits, Sub-projects) and will deliver outputs (Transfer of good practices, Policy recommendations, PEOPLE Information System) under six sub-objectives tackled by the PEOPLE mini-programme; 1- Social and e-inclusion. 2- Silver economy. 3- Civil society capacity building. 4- ICT for Health and dependency. 5- Social entrepreneurship. 6- Work-life balance. The proposed Action Plan is linked to the regional strategic planning and will raise awareness on the opportunity for employment, growth in the context of social cohesion amongst regional policy makers and other players of the civil society. The Information Society has clearly the potential to distribute more equally knowledge resources and to offer new job opportunities, also by overcoming the traditional barriers to mobility and geographic distance. PEOPLE will benchmark and support the creation of new schemes and

policies to promote self-employment and home business start-up, e-health or e-inclusion, social entreprises and other advanced mechanisms to foster local and regional services for social service based companies. Organising work differently, adapting work patterns to new societal demands has a high impact on people's well-being, self-confidence and on the cohesion of society. Developing the adaptability of regions to respond to these societal changes will require new policies, new services, new skills and mechanisms in place to allow change. This will be done better and quicker through the transfer of good practices and all PEOPLE partners are committed to tackle these common societal challenges as demonstrated by their participation in IIIC RFO GROW and project REVOS. PEOPLE mini-programme will provide a framework for developing and sharing innovative tools and methodologies, the identification and transfer of good practices and the best ways of influencing policy makers in this field.

Project achievements

PEOPLE is a European mini-programme led by the Junta of Andalucia and co-funded under the Interregional Cooperation programme INTERREG IVC. The programme is about €4m collaboration involving seven European regions: Andalucía (Spain), South East England (UK), Venezia (Italy), Noord-Brabant (Netherlands), Malopolska (Poland), Stockholm (Sweden) and Timis (Romania). The aim of PEOPLE is to explore the opportunities for new forms of employment and for improving well-being and cohesion in the frame of the demographic and societal changes. This way, PEOPLE will contribute to reinforce the cohesion and social welfare in the participating regions and find solutions to address some of the consequences of the economic downturn. The last quarterly of 2008 and the first semester of 2009 aimed at defining the thematic priorities over the PEOPLE Sub-objectives and setting up the Call for Sub-projects. The second semester of 2009 has contributed to disseminate the PEOPLE aims at regional level.

For the first semester of 2010, the PEOPLE Sub-projects are underway and running their first activities. Supporting Sub-projects became in the second semester 2010 an extensive task for the regions, either towards their regional partnership or for managing the 6 PEOPLE Sub-objectives. Over the first semester of 2011, all Sub-projects' activities launched in 2010 were gradually maturing and producing valuable outcomes for the PEOPLE Project. By June 2011, 12 partners from 5 Sub-projects asked and were granted for a period extension until the end of August 2011. However, mostly PEPA leader and the SILVER ACADEMY sub-project foresaw new activities while the real needs for the other partners handed rather for payment. During the third quarter of 2011, the partnership was actively supporting the delivery of the Sub-projects final report and encouraging their contribution to the PEOPLE Policy recommendations as final legacy of the Sub-projects.

The cohesion of the partnership has been strengthened for the production of the final PEOPLE Policy recommendations and for the organisation of the final dissemination event in Brussels. It has supposed for all a great effort to reach consensus and to create synergies. Many collaborative exchanges were requested for the preparations of the final events and for wrapping up the project. The PEOPLE partnership had to meet several times during this semester. LP organised two Technical meetings in Seville in Sept. and Nov., in addition to the SCM in Stockholm in Sept. and the dissemination conference in Brussels in Nov.At the latest event, PEOPLE intended to disseminate the main outcomes of the partner’s activities, focusing on the PEOPLE Policy recommendations report and commenting the final reporting process on Sub-projects (7), Sub-objectives (6) and Component activities such as communication and exchange of experiences (2).

The PEOPLE Information System, especially the PEOPLE Policy Forum, has concentrated most of the contributions of partners for addressing the PEOPLE Policy recommendations. For the final dissemination event in Brussels and further replication in 3 regions (Andalusia, Timis & Malopolska), promotional material such as for exhibition, newsletters (3 editions in Oct., Nov. and Dec.) and videos (3 on PEOPLE Policy recommendations, on 3-year activities and on the debate during the final dissemination conference in Brussels) have been edited for supporting the legacy of the project. An International Conference and a Study visit on Silver Economy took place in Stockholm with great success of attendance and sharing fruitful experiences as alternative of the ageing population. Sub-projects were fully integrated into the PEOPLE dissemination events, both at regional (Seville, Timisoara and Cracow) and international level (Brussels).


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Government of Andalusia. Ministry for the Equality and Social Wellfare, Sevilla SPAIN Andalucía 34 955 04 82 66
South East England Development Agency, Guildford UNITED KINGDOM Surrey, East and West Sussex 0044 (0) 1483 484 200
Stockholm Region, Stockholm SWEDEN Stockholm 46 (0)8 615 94 80
Province of Noord-Brabant, s-Hertogenbosch NETHERLANDS Noord-Brabant 0031 73 681 2603
Marshal Office of the Małopolska Region, Kraków POLAND Malopolskie 48 12 29 90 700
Province of Venice, Venice ITALY Veneto 390412501818
Timis County Council, TIMISOARA ROMANIA Vest only the mobile available
Stockholm Region EU Office, Stockholm SWEDEN Stockholm 4686159480


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