Project Details

Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: Innovation, research and technology development

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2012 - 31st Dec 2014
Website: The CCIC project website is fully operational.


Total budget: €2,025,931.32
ERDF contribution: €1,593,951.33

Lead partner

Sofia Municipality
33, Moskovska str.
1000 , Sofia

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    • Contact Person: Emiliya Zheleva - Director European Programmes and Projects Directorate
      Phone: 359 2 904 1380
      Fax: 359 2 988 51 32

Project summary

BACKGROUND.Most surveys and analyses in EU are focused on innovation performance of private sector,while innovations in public sector remain largerly understudied and thus unknown.The simplest definition CCIC will use is 'public sector innovation is about new ideas that work at creating public value'.In terms of innovation,regions and municipalities have a crucial lead-role.Thus,CCIC aims to increase the levels of innovation in 13 diverse partner-regions.By exchanging good practices they will address a set of interlinked challenges faced by all public authorities and related to innovation in public sector as:public finance for innovation, public authorities as innovators and innovation stimulators, public attitudes to innovation, public procurement to support innovation.

At policy-level CCIC will contribute by proposing recommendations to different levels of governance thru focussing on the regional dimension of:EU’s Europe 2020 strategy and EC's “Innovation Union" flagship initiative.

CCIC OBJECTIVE is to improve regional innovation policies by enhancing innovation in public sector and increasing collaboration b/n local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders.

The CONSORTIUM comprises 14 partners from 10 MSs, 8 local/3 regional authorities, 3 organisations with expertise in innovation and technology transfer.Each partner has recruited a local/regional consortium.Key decision-makers and stakeholders will be involved at key phases of the project.

MAIN ACTIVITIES.Phase 1:Jan-12 to Jun-12:IDENTIFY GOOD PRACTICES: draft methodology on overall regional/local innovation performance with state of art questionnaire,collect data, assemble a good practice list by theme to be peer-reviewed by Thematic Groups; hold local/regional stakeholder forum (in own-language).

Phase 2:Jul-12 to Aug-12:EXAMINE GOOD PRACTICES:elaborate Analytical report on innovation in public sector; analyze good practice database, assess best practices. Agree study visit programme.

Phase 3:Sep-12 to Sep-13:IMPORT GOOD PRACTICES:Undertake 6 study visits each involving 3 members from 7 partners;analyse visits outcomes to identify potential for transfer;conduct thematic group meetings;publish best practice guide

Phase 4:Nov-13 to July-14:ADOPT GOOD PRACTICES:All cities/regions select a good practice to be adopted;elaborate deep delegation programme;undertake 5 deep delegation visits,each involving 7 members from 3 partners; all PPs prepare RIPs and promote CCIC on WIRE 2014

Phase 5:Sep-14 to Dec-14:FINAL OUTPUTS:finalize RIPs and pilot projects,publish methodology and policy recommendations,hold final conference

OUTPUTS:96 press releases,project brochure,12 dissemination events, 9other events attended,16 interregional events,40 good practices identified,13 pilot projects designed

RESULTS:13 good practices successfully transferred,60 staff members with increased capacity,13 local/regional policies improved,13 RIPs to be considered by MAs for next Programming Period

Project achievements

2014 was the final year of the Complex Challenges – Innovative Cities (CCIC) project, which began in January 2012 as a partnership among 14 organisations from 10 different EU countries. It was supported by the INTERREG IVC Programme and was targeted at municipal and regional authorities across Europe, exploring opportunities for successful and sustainable governance of public sector innovation on a local and regional level.

The CCIC project’s mai object was to improve regional and local innovation policies by enhancing innovation in the public sector and to increase collaboration between local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders. The specific project’s results achieved includes:

- Methodology - a common approach for regional/local innovation policies that enables regional/local decision-makers to implement an efficient innovation policy for growth in terms of planning, implementation and monitoring;

- examined 111 good practices on the following themes: Innovative financial instruments, Public procurement and innovation, Publicly owned enterprises and innovation, Civil society inclusion in public innovation;

- identified good practices for improving knowledge transfer and innovation, leading to planned performance improvement according to the EU’s Innovation Union Scoreboard;

- promoted innovation support and knowledge-based transfer through new effective public incentives for fast intelligent economic growth of the cities/regions; to identify and develop/transfer efficient financial instruments for innovation;

- secured inclusive growth through more open innovation engaging all relevant stakeholders, including civil society;

- designed 13 een Regional Implementation Plans (RIP) that fully anticipate the new financial realities in the EU, the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the EC’s Innovation Union Initiative.


Among the topics that were

discussed by numerous representatives of municipalities and regions from all over EU during the final conference of CCIC were development of smart cities, online platforms for citizen engagement, quality of and access to public services, as well as areas for improvement in terms of public service provision in the different municipalities and regions. As part of the conference agenda, several partners presented plans for transferring good practices from other municipalities and regions. Some of the issues which were highlighted included the need for building trust between the local/regional authorities and the relevant stakeholders, the importance of leadership in promoting innovation in the public sector, and the need for close work and collaboration with citizens in developing innovative public services. Policy Recommendations Report on Public Sector Innovation was designed as one of the project’s key deliverables. The report provides

insights into how local and regional authorities can improve their innovation potential. It outlines most pertinent project findings and formulates policy recommendations with regard to: i) regional/local level management of public sector innovation, including generation, design and implementation of innovation, as well as transfer of GPs, and ii) national and EU level initiatives that can stimulate and facilitate transfer of GPs among European regions and municipalities.


In addition, a report aims to provide an overview how public sector innovation is made possible on the local and regional level in the countries and regions in CCIC. It was based on an online survey and stakeholder interviews, and draws general conclusions about the state-of-the-art in public sector innovation as seen through the current policies, programmes, and practices within a local and regional context, including through the cooperation of other societal actors, such as civil society, businesses and academia.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Sofia Municipality, Sofia BULGARIA Yugozapaden 359 2 904 1380
Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeen UNITED KINGDOM North Eastern Scotland +44 (0) 1224523759
Birmingham City Council, Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM West Midlands + 44 0121 303 3091
Municipality of Catania, Catania ITALY Sicilia + 39 957 425319
Harghita County Council, Miercurea-Ciuc ROMANIA Centru +40266207700
City of Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä FINLAND Länsi-Suomi 358142661566
Local Development Agency of Sabadell SL, Sabadell SPAIN Cataluña 34937453161
Tartu Science Park, Tartu ESTONIA Eesti +372-5029873
City of Warsaw, Warszawa POLAND Mazowieckie 48224430239
Genoa Municipality, Genoa ITALY Liguria 390105572516
Eindhoven Municipality, Eindhoven NETHERLANDS Noord-Brabant + 31 40 238 2990
Lazio Region, Rome ITALY Lazio + 39 3482 751585
Gävle Municipality, Gävle SWEDEN Norra Mellansverige 4626178283
Applied Research and Communications Fund, Sofia BULGARIA Yugozapaden +359 2 9733000
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