Project Details

Title: Boosting Regional Development with ICT-Innovation-Strategies
Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: Innovation, research and technology development

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2012 - 30th Jun 2014


Total budget: €1,207,787.76
ERDF contribution: €943,074.51

Lead partner

Regional Development Agency of Asturias
Parque Tecnológico de Asturias
33428, Llanera

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    • Contact Person: Mónica Díaz de la Peña
      Phone: 00 34 985980020
      Fax: 00 34 985264455

Project summary

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is crucial to European competitiveness, innovation strength and industrial development, especially as innovation is made possible in most cases by important developments in advanced ICT and their application. However, new policies and strategies are required to fully maximize the possible opportunities and meet the challenges that the rapid development of ICT creates. Given the dynamic evolution of the ICT sector and the current financial crisis, public policy-makers are facing increasing problems in identifying appropriate targets and choosing the proper means for implementing development strategies. This is particularly true at a regional level, where responsiveness and efficiency are crucial. Policy-makers need support to develop policies that combine three fundamental factors: (i) the given regional strengths and assets, (ii) innovation policies focusing on the establishment and support of continuous innovation in SMEs, and

(iii) interregional policies aimed at the most relevant technological areas. BORDWIIS+ will tackle this challenge with smart specialisation strategies. The consortium, consisting of 10 partners representing 8 regions with complementary ICT competencies and policies, aims to create the best environment for ICT innovation and business opportunities in strategic sectors for their respective regions and as a blueprint for European regions in general. Each region is represented by the partner responsible for designing the region's ICT innovation policy, which in the cases of NRW and Skane are also the managing organization of their ICT clusters. Foreseen actions include the analysis of regional policies and assets, preparation of an ICT inventory in each region, best-practices in collaborative models, study trips, a conference to disseminate final outputs and results,

a Dialogue with the Commission to discuss smart ICT innovation strategies on the European level, studies on interregional cooperation potential and regional impact, the publication of the "ICT innovation Strategy for European Regions: Recommendations for Regional Specialisation" as well as one implementation plan per region to ensure the durability of project results. The project will contribute to the INTERREG IVC goal of improving the effectiveness of regional development policies and instruments, economic modernisation and the increased competitiveness of Europe through large-scale information and experience exchange, collecting, putting into practice, evaluating and developing a new methodology among the partner regions to design, implement and monitor smart ICT innovation policies.

Project achievements

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an integral element for economic and regional development. However, development of ICT is so vast and rapid that existing policies and strategies are very often outdated to meet the challenges and benefits from opportunities created by its swift and widespread growth. BORDWIIS+ tackles this challenge with smart specialisation strategies. Each partner’s goal is to assess existing public policies and to draw up region-specific guidelines which consider local strategic strengths and opportunities. The kick-off meeting took place in March 2012 in Metz, including a visit to INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control).

Other 3 seminars in Florence, Tartu and Budapest took place in December 2012, May 2013 and October 2013, respectively. for Research in Computer Science and Control) in Nancy where 2 projects were introduced to the participants. The mid-term-evaluation was presented at the 3rd Seminar in Tartu.

The Tuscany Seminar provided the opportunity for meeting the Italian stakeholders Navacchio Technology Pole and the Tuscany Innovation Pole of Optoelectronic. In Estonia, the partners visited the Tartu University Institute of Technology and the Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre.

3 Study visits have been organised in North Rhine Westphalia, Oresund and Budapest. The 1st one included a visit of the business development agency Dortmund-project, the research institute Fraunhofer IML and the participation in CeBIT- the world’s largest information and communication technology fair held in Hannover. In Oresund they met some technological start-ups, knew of several open innovation initiatives and some collaboration projects between local companies with clusters and research institutions.

In the 3rd one they visited the DEMOLA Laboratory, the eVITA National Technology Platform, the Institute for Computer Science and Control Laboratory of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,

the GE Lighting Experience Centre and the GE Healthcare Division

Seven regional workshops have been organised in order to complete the Regional ICT Inventories, to promote the project and to exchange knowledge and experience between key regional stakeholders and ICT external experts. The Wuppertal University prepared a report about the current ICT policies in all partner regions. A template was defined to identify and describe collaborative models. The Regional ICT Inventories are based on the regional strengths in business, research and development and will build the ground for a comparative analysis on the different regional knowledge bases and capabilities. An external expert prepared a comparative analysis report with the ICT inventories presented by the partners, that was presented in the Dialogue with the European Commission (Brussels, January 2014), as well as the final-evaluation.

Additionally 19 collaborative models were presented and included in the Report on Good Practices, prepared by CTIC (Information and Communication Technology Center), which has been printed by the beginning of 2014.

The Final Conference took place in Asturias (April 2014), where the ICT Innovation Strategy for European Regions: Recommendations for Regional Specialization report was presented, and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by 5 partners.

8 Implementation Plans, one per region, were developed in order to make projects and partners more goal oriented, formalise and professionalise their exchange of experience, and increase chances for the durability of project results.

The BORDWIIS+ identity manual, poster and website have been produced.

43 press releases with information about the seminars, the study visits and the presentation of the project in some events have been disseminated by all partner regions, as well as five on-line newsletters.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Regional Development Agency of Asturias, Llanera SPAIN Principado de Asturias 00 34 985980020
CTIC - Information and Communication Technology Center, Gijón SPAIN Principado de Asturias 00 34 984291212
Regional Council of Lorraine, Metz FRANCE Lorraine 00 33(0)387336366
National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control, Villers les Nancy FRANCE Lorraine 00 33 (0) 3 83 59 30 60
Region of Tuscany, Firenze ITALY Toscana 00 39 0554383614
Tartu Science Park, Tartu ESTONIA Eesti 00 372 5029873
IFKA Public Benefit Non-profit Ltd for the Development of the Industry, Budapest HUNGARY Kozep-Magyarorszag 00 36 1 312 22 13
South-East Regional Development Agency, Braila ROMANIA Sud-Est 00 40 339401018
University of Wuppertal, Wuppertal GERMANY Düsseldorf 00 49 202 439 1035
Lund University, Lund SWEDEN Sydsverige 00 46768865595


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