Project Details

Title: Climate Neutral Urban Districts in Europe
Priority: 2: Environment and risk prevention
Theme: Natural and technological risks (including climate change)

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2012 - 31st Dec 2014


Total budget: €1,895,431.36
ERDF contribution: €1,439,142.81

Lead partner

City of Stockholm City Planning Administration
P.O.Box 8314

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    • Contact Person: Ludvig Elgström; Michael Erman
      Phone: 46850827147
      Fax: 46850827223

Project summary

The project idea Climate Neutral Urban Districts in Europe (CLUE) was formulated by a team of experts at the City of Stockholm and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The project idea was first presented during the EU Interregional Cooperation Forum, 20/21 September 2007, Lisbon.


The objective of the CLUE regional development project is increased regional capacity in policy development to faciltate implementation and assessment of new solutions and technologies to support low carbon economy in urban areas. Furthermore a shared perception on Climate Neutral Urban Districts in the partnership is a project aim. To achieve this, we aim to develop the relation between urban development policy and climate mitigation measures.


This will in affect increase the cities’ and regions’ capacity in planning with regards to assessment and implementation of new solutions and technologies to support a low-carbon economy in urban areas.

To meet these objectives the CLUE project will explore best practices in planning and implementation of systems, solutions and technologies for climate neutral urban districts as well as methods for measuring, monitoring, reporting, verifying and assessing climate mitigating efforts.


A climate neutral urban district is a district that uses innovative new technology and building techniques to reduce the carbon footprint.

On the base of identified best practices the CLUE will develop practical guidelines and be an arena for testing, discussing and exchanging relevant experiences, innovations and strategies. Best practices identified within the project will be used as reference points for European cities and regions. The project partnership involves local, regional and university actors from various European countries, who are proactive in the development of climate neutral urban districts.

CLUE will deliver:

- International conferences, work meetings and expert workshops to develop and discuss climate neutral urban districts;

- Best practice guides and policy recommendations on integration of climate aspects in the urban development process;

- Guidelines for application of tools and methods for measuring, reporting, verifying and assessing climate neutrality technology;

- Implementation plans for all participating regions

CLUE will result in:

- Shared perception on Climate Neutral Urban Districts among regional and local communities and stakeholders in Europe;

- Increased capacity in policy development to faciltate implementation and assessment of new solutions and technologies to support low carbon economy in urban areas

Project achievements

The CLUE project deals with climate mitigation policy in urban development, an issue that has proven difficult to grasp as no city has achieved true climate neurtal districts yet. The work with the Good practice guide has now been completed, resulting in guidelines for cities. The Methods guidelines document has also been completed. The key message is summarized in that climate neutrality is an ambitious goal but one that has many benfits. Urban districts can fuction as test beds for new holistic solutions, something that needs a long term engagement by cities' leadership. It is strongly recommended that cities appoint a roadmap for succeding with climate mitigation efforts. These documents build on the efforts of all work groups and the conclusions on specific issues of policy on climate neutral urban districts.

This work has meant that 15 good practices, from the originally identified 89 good practice examples, that have been choosen as good examples for the Interreg IVC good practice database. Experiences from the 6 visits to partner cities and local projects has also given substance to these good practices.This hard work having been done by the partnership so far will prove to be quite essential for a successful implementation of project results. The final conference, held in Turin in September 2014, proved that several partners were committed to implementing project results, even though one conclusion is that climate neutral development is truly a long-term engagement.

This was also one of the conclusions from the final dissemination event of the project, namely a open meeting during the Brussels Open days. Another conclusion related to this meeting is that EU urban policy is important to promote climate neutral development in cities.The final period has indeed been focused at different kinds of dissemination events. The project has now totalled 17 dissemination events, where primarily local expertise has been engaged in discussions on climate mitigation efforts. The CLUE message has also reached interested actors through 6 newsletters, CLUE folders and other dissemination material.



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Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM Eastern Scotland +44 131 455 6100
Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Hamburg GERMANY Hamburg +49 404 2840 2911
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm SWEDEN Stockholm +46 8 790 61 81
Municipality of Rome, ROME ITALY Lazio +39 06 6710 3097,
Barcelona Regional, Barcelona SPAIN Cataluña +34 9322 37400
City of Turin, Torino ITALY Piemonte 39114437815
Delft University of Technology, Delft NETHERLANDS Zuid-Holland +31-15-2781043
Vienna City Administration, MA 18 - Urban Development and Planning, Wien AUSTRIA Wien +43-1-4000-88863
Municipality of Paggaio, Paggaio GREECE Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki 302592350000
Marshal office of the Malpolska Region, Krakow POLAND Malopolskie +48(12) 29 90 700
Risorse per Roma, Roma ITALY Lazio +39 06 83199392


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