Project Details

Title: Sustainable Urban Goods logistics Achieved by Regional and local policies
Priority: 2: Environment and risk prevention
Theme: Energy and sustainable transport

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Nov 2008 - 29th Feb 2012


Total budget: €3,454,245.00
ERDF contribution: €2,725,126.74

Lead partner

Emilia-Romagna Region
Viale Aldo Moro 30
40127, Bologna

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    • Contact Person: F. Saverio Di Ciommo
      Phone: +39 051 5273595
      Fax: +39 051 5273541

Project summary

SUGAR focuses on addressing the problem of inefficient and ineffective management of urban freight distribution, a critical component of the overall urban transport system and a primary source of vehicle pollutant emissions. To accomplish this, SUGAR promotes the exchange, discussion and transfer of policy experience, knowledge and good practices in the field of urban freight management, with regards to policy and planning levers between and among advanced and less experienced sites.

SUGAR bases its approach on the study of EU good practices for the development of tools to support policy making, including:

• Training sessions, workshops and joint planning events, in which the administrations will directly benefit from participation through the knowledge gained and successively utilised in addressing national, regional and municipal policy developments;

• Development of city logistics publications and training products, which will record the knowledge gained during SUGAR.

The SUGAR sites use these tools to develop local action plans, outlining the local roadmap for city logistics policy development. Moreover, SUGAR actively dialogues with new transfer sites (at least 5) from outside the SUGAR partnership, offering support for bilateral exchange on selected topics as well as a training on city logistics. Altogether SUGAR contributes importantly to:

• Increased capacity of public administration staff (partner and non-partner) in implementing more effective and efficient policy levers and planning approaches for city logistics;

• Direct improvement of regional and local policies for city logistics (12 sites directly, with a second wave of minimum 5 sites in the enlarged transfer programme).


The SUGAR partnership brings together:

• 4 good practice sites in EU, representing the Emilia Romagna Region (IT) and primary EU cities such as London (through Transport for London) (UK), Paris (FR) and Barcelona (ES);

• 8 transfer sites in EU, spanning from small to large cities and regions: Palma de Mallorca (ES), Region of Crete (GR), Poznan (PL), Vratsa (BU), Celje (SL), Usti nad Labem (CZ), Pardubice (through Czech Rails - CZ);

• 2 EU networks for identifying, developing and targeting key public administration stakeholders working in transport, differentiating between local/regional and national stakeholders:

- POLIS (a network of approximately 70 EU city and regional administrations from 18 countries working on developing innovative technologies and policies for local transport) (BE);

- CEI (a network primarily of national administrations from 18 central and eastern European countries with a specific Transport working group) (IT);

• 3 public equivalent bodies involved in the policy making activities of three SUGAR sites: ITL (Regione Emilia Romagna site - IT), INRETS/IFFSTAR (Paris site - FR), ILIM (Poznan site - PL).

Project achievements

SUGAR addresses issues related to urban freight distribution management, promoting the exchange, discussion and transfer of policy experience, knowledge and good practices between and among advanced and less experienced sites.

In the first half of the project life, the analysis phase has been successfully concluded, related technical inputs to policy making have been produced, the training and exchange of experience activities are further operational and the strategic planning and policy improvement in the SUGAR sites are being shaped. The Report on Consolidated Good Practice Experiences identified and selected 44 urban freight good practices both within and outside the SUGAR partnership, aiming at helping public administrations in defining their policies on the base of successful EU experiences, highlighting different interpretations of policies (additional Good Practices have been identified at a later stage, during the technical meetings).


To allow the exchange of experiences SUGAR makes use of specific training tools which are the Good Practice Round Table (GPRT), the Train the Trainer (TtT) and the Joint Planning Exercise (JPE). The 4th and last JPE took place in July in Vratca (BG), addressing the of Vratca and Celje (SLO) who has the chance to discuss with the partners the possible developments of their policies. The 6th Consortium Meeting was organized in Palma de Mallorca in September, where the last GPRT took place. In December, Bologna hosted the Final Training Event for Enlarged Transfer Programme Participants and the Final Conference. The first was dedicated to the ETP sites and the “Training Materials for Enlarged Transfer Sites” was presented, that will allow in the durability of projects results. It is a selective guide to a large amount of information centralised during a series of coordinated activities and it can be used to access the materials developed for and used in the training sessions realised

in the course of the SUGAR project. On the other hand, during the Final Conference the outcomes of the project were shown, both in terms of Good Practices transferred, policies improved and as Final Publication “City Logistics Best Practices a handbook for Authorities”. It contains 44 Good Practices, thoroughly assessed and described, which will help local authorities developing their strategies.

Further on, the partners were holding the local workshops, which are not just another possibility to disseminate and transfer SUGAR activities and outcomes at a local level. In fact, during these events, a brainstorming involves local, regional and national administrators as well as stakeholders so to provide a shared road map for implementing the local changes including regulations, incentives, planning and the supporting mechanisms.


The Good Practices that each site found to be the most relevant (in fact, the development of the Action Plans started, some 3 years ago, with the selection of these good examples, that each site assessed according to the specific needs and constraints in a SWOT analysis) were discussed with the stakeholders, in order to pave the way to the Action Plans that aims at improving the efficiency and the effectiveness of local city logistics policy and planning efforts.

Summing up, the SUGAR is and its activities are finished: all the sites now know their strategic goal and how to reach them. Furthermore, all the sites, plus some of the ETP, have transferred or improved some of the experiences that were discussed during the previous months, which is the real outcome of 3 years of intensive exchange of experiences.



Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Emilia-Romagna Region, Bologna ITALY Emilia-Romagna +39 051 5273595
Institute for Transport and Logistics, Bologna ITALY Emilia-Romagna +39 051 5273159
Transport for London, London UNITED KINGDOM Inner London +44 20 3054 0370
French institute of sciences and technology for transport, development and networks, BRON Cedex FRANCE Île de France +33 145925674;
City of Paris – Road and Mobility Direction, Paris FRANCE Île de France +33 1 40 28 71 50
Barcelona City Council, Barcelona SPAIN Cataluña +34 93 402 39 64
POLIS – Promotion of Operational Links with Integrated Services, Brussels BELGIUM Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest +32 2 5005675 ;
Central European Initiative Executive Secretariat, Trieste ITALY Friuli-Venezia Giulia +39 040 7786 777 ;
Palma de Mallorca City Council, Palma SPAIN Illes Balears +34 971 225522
Decentralised Administration of Crete, HERAKLION GREECE Kriti +30 2810 278 111
Poznań City Hall, Poznań POLAND Wielkopolskie +48 61 878 55 11 ;
Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Poznań POLAND Wielkopolskie 48618504936
Municipality of Vratsa, Vratsa BULGARIA Severozapaden +359 92 627268
Municipality of Celje, Celje SLOVENIA Vzhodna Slovenija +386 342 65 814
City of Usti nad Labem, Usti nad Labem CZECH REPUBLIC Severozapad +420 477 010 662
Czech Railways, Praha 1 CZECH REPUBLIC Praha +420 972 232 468
French institute of sciences and technology for transport, development and networks, NOISY LE GRAND CEDEX FRANCE Île de France +33 145925674


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