Project Details

Title: Consortium for Assistive Solutions Adoption
Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: the Information Society

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2012 - 31st Dec 2014
Website: The domain name has been registered: Twitter and Lindeding group are used widely for dissemination.


Total budget: €2,635,999.32
ERDF contribution: €2,002,154.39

Lead partner

The Flemish Community
Koning Albert II-laan 35, bus 30
B-1030, Brussels

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    • Contact Person: Fabian Dominguez - International Policy Coordinator
      Phone: +32 (0) 2 553 31 06
      Fax: +32(0) 2 553 3140

Project summary

Today, regions and governments are faced with an unsustainable situation with increasing pressure on health and social care resulting from demographic changes. With an ageing population, citizens are also increasingly living with chronic diseases and this has serious implications on the future provision of welfare and health services. Chronic diseases now account for an average of two thirds of healthcare costs in the most advanced countries yet about 80% of such diseases are preventable. A new generation of innovative, secure, wearable, interactive health solutions will have to be developed in regions for the care of the elderly, with personalized information and guidance at home or outdoors i.e. a so-called 'personalized healthcare system'. The CASA network comprising of 13 participating regions will come together to search for joint-up solutions, access best practices and a policy sounding board through the consortia for the deployment of assistive living solutions (AAL).

The CASA partnership, led by Flanders Ministry of Health will organise 9 study visits on the thematics of 'monitoring, safety and self management', 'social interaction', 'chronic diseases', 'healthy lifestyle and rehabilitation ICT', 'informal care', 'telemedecine evaluation model', 'mobility and liveability/ intregated regional policy, business and knowledge development', 'user driven innovation through public/private partnership', 'large scale deployment' and also 2 Knowledge Transfer Conferences in the New Member States, where neighbouring countries will also be invited. Best practice transfer will culminate in the production of a good practice guide on AAL, 28 staff secondments between organisations to embed good practice. A final conference will take place in Brussels with an award ceremony. Ministerial conferences and relevant PR in all participating regions will be a route to dissemination to wider

stakeholder groups. The proposed partnership approach is innovative on two levels: 1. an attempt for implementation policies moving away from traditional mono-domain policy to work horizontally along the supply chain and across different departments and ministries and 2. the use of the social media in support of the communication and exchange of knowledges & experiences. After 36 months of implementation, the CASA project will allow the participating organisations to mainstream the learning of the exchange of experiences into their regional strategies. Having proven its relevance, it is intended to formalize and 'legalise' this inter-regional CASA network for long term sustainability and to open it to a wider European platform in the future.

Project achievements

The CASA partnership started by carrying out individual SWOTs (Strengh, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) in each of the CASA regions followed by a cross-SWOT analysis. The CASA partnership has organised to date 9 study visits involving policy makers, companies, universities and clinicians : 1) 26, 27, 28 Sept 12 in Einhoven in conjunction with the AAL forum, 2) 12,13, 14 Nov 12 in Barcelona on the topic of 'healthy lifestyle rehabilitation ICT', 3) 10,11 and 12 Dec 12 in Canterbury on the topic of 'monitoring, safety and self management with the Whole System Demonstrator Programme, 4) 14 & 15 March 13 in Poznan (Poland), 5)on 23 & 24 April 13 in Odense (Denmark), 6)10 & 11 October 13 in Gent (Belgium) on integrated regional policy for business and knowledge development as well as financing systems to help people with a disability, 7)12 & 13 December 2013 in Trevisio (Italy) a combined study visit for Veneto and Bassa-Fruili on chronic diseases management. 8) 12 and 13 March 14 in

Edingburgh (Scotland), 9) 22 and 23 May 14 in Linkoping (Sweden)These SV are open to partner members as well as other local stakeholders in the region. The CASA partnership is attracting interest from policy makers but also from an increasing numbers of clinicians. CASA is also raising a growing interest in Europe. The partnership was invited to participated in 17 external events: AAL Forum Sept 12, Open Days in Oct 12, Conferences in Slovenia, in Maidstone, Teleheath & Telecare Annual Conference in Edingburgh in 2012, Euregha meeting in Brussels on March 13, Seminar in Budapest on May 13 about 'Good Practice exchange of transnational cooperation projects funded by the Central Europe and the South East Europe Programmes, E-health Week in May 13 Dublin, iMinds Conference in Gent with an expert provided on domotica institute Smart Homes from Noord-Brabant, on in Nov 12, Poznan Conference organised by the Medical Universityin May 13 and Bydgosczcz Conference in June 13,


side event at the AAL Forum on 23 Sept 13 in Sweden.This was a co-production of CASA,CORAL,AER,EIP AHA euregha and ENGAGED that allowed networking opportunities between these European networks in complementary fields. Participation in the Open Days in Brussels on 8 Oct 13 together with Innovage and DAA IVC projects. Speaking at the final conference of FP7 Richard Project on 25 Oct13 in Brussels. Annual partner conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing in Brussels in 25 Nov 13. Evia annual conference on 28th Nov 13 in Madrid. Inaugural European Telemedicine Conference in Edingburgh on 29,30 Oct13, London School of Economic annual conference on 24,25 March 14, DAA final conference in Barcelona on 24 April 14, Artic Light E-health conference in Noorbotten on 3-7 February 14. 2 Knowledge conferences were organised involving also participants from outside the CASA regions, respectively on 14 April 14 in Wiekolpolska and 12 June 14 in Timis.

Two editions of the CASA e-newsletters were published and distributed through the network. 1000 posters and 15000 brochures have been designed and printed. Facebook and Twitter accounts are both very active and inceasing in terms of numbers of Followers. Retweets are also increasing. 31 press releases were issued by partners mainly for the coverage of the SV, dissemination events and secondments.

4 dissemination events took place already in East Sweden, in the UK , in Scotland, in Flanders. Through the study visits, 16 GP have been identified in total. The secondments started with 47 secondees being sent to appropriate selected regions.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
The Flemish Community, Brussels BELGIUM Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest +32 (0) 2 553 31 06
Province of Noord-Brabant, s-Hertogenbosch NETHERLANDS Noord-Brabant +31(0)736812389
Kent County Council , Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM Kent +44 (0) 1622 22 17 92
South East Technologies Alliance (SEHTA), Maidstone UNITED KINGDOM Surrey, East and West Sussex +44 (0)789 981 14 00
Local Health Authority of Verona No. 20, Verona ITALY Veneto 390458075510
Local Health Agency n.5 - "Bassa Friulana", Palmanova (Udine) ITALY Friuli-Venezia Giulia 390432933130
NHS 24/Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare, Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM South Western Scotland +44 1224 285680
Region of Southern Denmark , Vejle DENMARK Syddanmark 0045 24669245
The Regional Centre of Social Policy in Poznań (ROPS) , Poznań POLAND Wielkopolskie +48 (0) 61 85 67 334
TicSalut Foundation , Mataró SPAIN Cataluña +34 (0) 935 53 26 42
Timis County Council, Timisoara ROMANIA Vest 004 0256 406 300
Public Andalusian Foundation Progress and Health, Sevilla SPAIN Andalucía 955040450
New Tools for Health Association (East Sweden), LINKÖPING SWEDEN Östra Mellansverige +49 705 38 89 08
Region Halland , Halmstad SWEDEN Västsverige +46 (0)35 13 49 18


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