Project Details

Title: Boosting European Games Industry
Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2012 - 31st Dec 2014


Total budget: €1,855,118.45
ERDF contribution: €1,414,475.36

Lead partner

Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way
CV1 2TT, Coventry

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    • Contact Person: Ms Soizic Tsin
      Phone: 442476236001
      Fax: 442476236024

Project summary

Once the economic force of Creative Industries (CI) was showcased by several studies,the development of strong digital+interactive media strategies is still high on the agenda throughout Europe.

Especially the digital games market is a fast growing market within CI:The global demand for digital games is expected to grow 10% annually in the next years.Today the production of is an internat.industry.By now,the European games industry contributes more than 3,5bn Euro the economy and employs more than 100.000 people,including 60.000 skilled jobs.

Games could represent a new source of growth for Europ.economy but many regions are still missing adequate policies+funding schemes which could sustain this market.Further,funding+support mechanisms often do not meet the special needs of the small+innovative game developers.

Aim of the BOO-Games project is to support the pub.reg.development authorities in understanding the importance of the games industry for the Europ.economy.

Particularly, it will focus on the challenges policy makers are either not yet aware of or which they are already facing,as game relevant questions move up on the political agenda due to their economical+societal impact.Thus the project will centre on different elements,among them: Public funding,private investment incentives,talent incubation,cluster development +improvement of public perception of digital games potential as well as risk management for public authorities in the communication on game related matters.Matching together regions more advance in this field (as France,UK) with regions with less experience,the project will promote mutual learning and by mean of interreg.cooperation it will improve the effectiveness of local development policies targeting the digital+interactive media strategy.

To reach these objectives the project will:

1. Conduct a Reg.Analysis to identify the policies+the support instruments already present

2. Organize 3Study Visits for pub.authorities+

partners to regions which have already developed policies to sustain the game sector (FR, DE, UK)

3. Develop 5 Thematic Seminars (TM) for pub.authorities+project partners on relevant topics identified by the consortium.Since the games industry is facing common issues all over Europe, the TM will be an opportunity to define common solutions+learn from each other.

4. Develop a Good Practice Guide that will collect the good practices identified.It will be disseminated around Europe to allow regions not involved in the consortium to benefit from the project results

5. Organize 1 Internat.Conference in order to sensitize regions on the economic+ cultural importance of the game industry+on its growth potential

6. Develop 1 Implementation Plan for each region to assure that the lessons learnt during the project will be integrated in the local,reg.or nat.policies

7. Implement up to 2 good practices identified in 2 regions+validate a methodology that could later be used all over Europe

Project achievements

The BOOGames project, Boosting European Games Industry was approved in December 2011. The aim of this 36 months project is to boost the European games industry and to support regional development authorities in understanding the importance of this industry for the European Economy. The partnership includes 14 partners from 8 different countries including more experienced and less experienced countries. Through the project the website and the twitter account @Boo_games partners post news, activities and events related to their activities as well as the Video Games sector in large. In year 1 the partners have done a regional analysis that was conducted in order to find out the current situation of the video games sector in each participating region. Every region was able to understand & find out info about the sector through desk research, interviews, questionnaires and focus groups.The partnership has now published a European regional analysis of the video games industry

Good Practices that were identified reflect the effectiveness of the existing supports and mechanisms regions, when other regions highlighted their needs. This report constituted the basis of the study visits where Good practices were showcased and further initiatives were found. Participants from the sectors as well as policy makers, support agencies, SMEs were able to discuss the opportunities, risks and needs of the sector through seminars. The partners organised a total of 5 thematic seminars in Asturias (ES), Umbria (IT), Stuttgart (DE), Paris (FR) and in Stratford upon Avon (UK).The Seminars addressed topics such as dedicated support initiatives for entrepreneurs, SMEs &companies in the video games sector, cross sector collaboration especially through serious games, access to finance, risk associated to the sector and international cooperation. Partners organised 3 study visits in Paris Ile de France (FR), Baden Wurttemberg (DE) and the West Midlands (UK) region.

All events have been carefully linked with keys ongoing conferences: the FMX conference in Stuttgart & Future en Seine in Paris. Doing so meant that the leverage of the activities was higher & that more policy makers and stakeholders from the games sector were able to participate. The SV have been the perfect tool to support initiatives & understand the management of support activities in the video games sector and how to improve regional policies. Policy makers, partners & Managers of all initiatives were able to discuss directly the best way to support companies. By attending a SV it was the opportunity to see for themselves and understand the lessons learnt from others. Furthermore activities and a new exciting initiative were created in Asturias, Spain "Let's Game Asturias". This was the direct result of an ongoing talk with policy makers from the 1st thematic. Policy makers from Asturias had the opportunities to learn,talk & exchange experiences with

business support managers from UK, Germany and France and realised what they could be doing in their own region.

Further to this the partners have developed a recommendation report which summarised the finding of the analysis and a Good practice guide which is available on the website. Partners in the last phase of the project, have developed 2pilots action and worked on the transfer of 3 selected Good practices in Malta and Bulgaria. All partners region have been developing a regional improvement plan that will support regional policy makers to make the right decision in terms of the video games sector. The final conference was organised in Birmingham in November 2014. The audience was able to discuss directly with games companies that shared their experience working through BOOGames initiative. The final panel included policy makers from Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, and UK discussing the impact of the video games sector and BOOGames for the political agenda.


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Stratford On Avon District Council, Stratford on Avon UNITED KINGDOM Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire +44 (0)1789 260900
MFG Baden-Württemberg mbH, Stuttgart GERMANY Stuttgart +49 711 90715 326
City of Karlsruhe Economic Development, Karlsruhe GERMANY Karlsruhe +49 721 133 7343
Region Ile de France, Paris FRANCE Île de France +33 1 53 85 67 55
PRE- Paris Region Enterprises, Paris FRANCE Île de France +33 (0)1 75 62 59 08
European Centre for Business and Innovation of Asturias, Llanera - Asturias SPAIN Principado de Asturias +34 985 98 00 98
Sviluppumbria, Perugia ITALY Umbria +39 075 56811
Piedmont Region, Torino ITALY Piemonte 390114325389
CSP - Innovation in ICT, Torino ITALY Piemonte 390114815111
Utrecht School of the Arts, Utrecht NETHERLANDS Utrecht 310302332256
Foundation Temi Zammit, Msida MALTA Malta +356 2340 2189
Innovation and Technology Transfer Salzburg Ltd., Salzburg AUSTRIA Salzburg +43 662 8042 3148


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