Project Details

Title: Cultural Routes Entrepreneurship and Technologies Enhancement
Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: the Information Society

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2012 - 31st Dec 2014
Website: http://www.e-create-project.eu/


Total budget: €1,915,154.22
ERDF contribution: €1,309,392.76

Lead partner

Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony - Anhalt
Turmschanzenstraße 30
39114, Magdeburg

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    • Contact Person: Mr Frank Thäger
      Phone: 0049 391 567 3501
      Fax: 0049 391 567 7529

Project summary

The idea of the e-CREATE project was born among European regions who are partly members of the Transromanica and CrossCulTour transnational project network. Together, the partners have identified shortcomings in public policies that on the one hand use significant resources to promote cultural, natural and historic tourism routes but fail on the other hand to enhance the competitiveness of SME tourism promoters along those routes. All partners share the understanding that public policies and instruments need a strong focus on the development of e-skills among tourism related SME in order to enable them to make good use of modern ICT and web-based customer relation tools. Knowing that the anticipated launch of post-2013 structural funds programmes presents a unique opportunity to launch new programmes, e-CREATE key objective is to enhance capacities of competent policy-makers in that respect. Good practices from partner- and other European regions will be capitalised for that purpose.

Main activities of e-CREATE henceforth include an assessment and publication of good practices, the realisation of Interregional Capacity Building Workshops and the formulation of Policy Recommendations. Furthermore, the elaboration of Implementation Plans for the participating regions, as well as a Demonstration Project on concrete ICT-applications to promote tourism development will spur the uptake of anticipated new programmes and to mobilise private investments will play an important role. Across all project phases, stakeholders and key actors in rural development and along cultural routes will be involved in the interregional exchange and capacity building process. e-CREATE expected impacts will be to improve knowledge of public policy-makers as well as to increase awareness among tourism related SME.

The operation furthermore will result in politically endorsement of implementation plans for the partner regions, improved access to good practices, and the mobilisation of private investments. e-CREATE is implemented by an interregional partnership led by the Ministry of Regional Development and Transport, Saxony-Anhalt (DE). Partners include local and regional public authorities (or institutions acting as public equivalent bodies on their behalf) from 9 EU member states as well as 1 partner from Norway, all of which are responsible for drafting and implementing policies and instruments to promote e-skills in rural tourism development. The partnership is completed by the Transromanica European registered association that leads the project communication and provides a platform for the long-term maintenance of the interregional collaboration between the partner regions.

Project achievements

e-CREATE brought together 13 partners from nine EU Member States and Norway to promote the adoption of modern communication technologies aiming to enhance entrepreneurship In tourism-related sectors of Europe's rural areas. While the first half of the project lifetime was mainly used to successfully enhance capacities of project partners and other involved stakeholders in this regard, the focus of e-CREATE later shifted towards the capitalisation of the knowledge gained. Across all participating regions, partners have drafted and endorsed Implementation Plans outlining activities to create a favourable environment for business activities in rural European regions based on modern ICT tools. These plans are based on a set of five policy recommendations on which all partners had agreed. In parallel, an interregional pilot project was realised which enhanced the capacities of e-CREATE partners in regard to applications for mobile devices and open source projects.

Outputs of the project activities include a brochure titled “Are you CReATIVE?" showcasting 13 good practices selected out of a total of 40 investigated approaches from across Europe, two Interregional Capacity Building Seminars, eight further international events staged by the project partnership, and four online guidebooks on legal and marketing aspects regarding the introduction of apps for mobile devices to promote rural tourism, the relevance of open data in tourism, and a guide to use the tool-kit (“TOMAT”) which resulted from the pilot project carried out. The knowledge gained among the project partners was shared with a wider range of stakeholders, including representatives from European institutions and other European regions during a dissemination events organised by e-CREATE partners and participation in a number of other events, including the Open Days, congresses and tourism fairs.

Within the partner regions, key actors and stakeholders have been invited to participate in three rounds of stakeholder workshops. There, they received insights regarding the interregional exchange and capacity building, had a chance to feedback and influence the project’s course of implementation, and had direct access to the results of e-CREATE. A number of stakeholders were furthermore invited to attend the interregional events organised by the partnership. Another key dissemination event was the project’s Final Conference took place. On 11 September 2014, partners and interested institutions met at Magdeburg (Germany) to discuss and evaluate the project’s outcomes, including Implementation Plans that had been drafted to show how the project learning is used to improve local and regional strategies and programmes in the future. Other communication activities addressed the bodies responsible for the programming of 2014-2020 EU structural funds.

Among the actions described in the implementation plans are commitments by the project partners to take use of other partners’ demonstrated good practices and the open-source tool-box developed as pilot project. The tool-box allows setting up an unlimited number of apps for mobile devices to promote tourism and tourism-related entrepreneurship even when financial resources are scarce. Its open-source approach however allows at the same time more sophisticated results where resources are available. The full capacity of the tool-box was demonstrated when it was officially launched during a Partner Event at Nevers/FR on 19 & 20 June 2014 and a “hackathon” involving programmers and university students.

After an implementation period of three years, e-CREATE activities have terminated at the end of 2014 when the project officially terminates. All results can be accessed via the project website (http://www.e-create-project.eu).


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony - Anhalt, Magdeburg GERMANY Sachsen-Anhalt 0049 391 567 3501
Ústí Region, Usti nad Labem CZECH REPUBLIC Severozapad 00420 475 657 614
Digital Nièvre, Nevers cedex FRANCE Bourgogne 0033 386 618 250
Province of Modena, Modena ITALY Emilia-Romagna 0039 059 209 297
West-Pannon Regional Development Company, Szombathely HUNGARY Nyugat-Dunantul 0036 94 500 785
illeskaroly@rft.t-online.hu; nagy.imre.gyozo@rfh.hu
TRANSROMANICA Association, Magdeburg GERMANY Sachsen-Anhalt 0049 391 73 84 350
Lombardy Region - General Directorate for Culture, Milan ITALY Lombardia 0039 02 6765 2612
VALSOUSA - Association of Municipalities of Sousa Valley, Lousada PORTUGAL Norte 00351 255 810 706
MARR - Malopolska Regional Development Agency, Krakow POLAND Malopolskie 0048 12 617 66 80
Upper Silesian Agency for Enterpreneurship and Development Ltd. (formerly: Upper Silesian Agency for Enterpreneurship Promotion Co.), Gliwice POLAND Slaskie 0048 32 33 93 145
Sor-Trondelag County Authority, Trondheim NORWAY 0047 995 29 304
Donegal County Council, Letterkenny IRELAND Border, Midland and Western 00353 74 91 60735
Castilla & Leon Regional Authority, Valladolid SPAIN Castilla y León 0034 983 110 197


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