Project Details

Title: Flexible Transport Services and ICT platform for Eco-Mobility in urban and rural European areas
Priority: 2: Environment and risk prevention
Theme: Energy and sustainable transport

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Sep 2008 - 30th Nov 2011
Website: http://www.interreg4cflipper.eu


Total budget: €2,695,700.00
ERDF contribution: €2,088,025.00

Lead partner

SRM – Networs and Mobility (Public Transport Authority Bologna)
Via A. Magenta, 16
40128, Bologna

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    • Contact Person: Dora Ramazzotti
      Phone: 0039 051 361328
      Fax: 0039 051 361260

Project summary

Throughout Europe the challenge of providing a cost effective integrated public transport system is seen as an essential prerequisite to reducing pollution and congestion whilst encouraging sustainable economic growth.The traditional fixed route services is ideal for clustered travel demand areas but the changing of habitation patterns and nature of work activities in today’s society have created different mobility needs to which the conventional transport has become neither suited nor cost-effective.In the last few years Flexible Transport Services (FTS) have proved to be an advantageous solution to the provision of public transport services.By providing various forms of intermediate services,FTS are complementary to the conventional passenger transport and usually serve no scheduled mobility needs,either in low demand time periods and in weak demand areas.Given this flexibility FTS are suitable to serve niche market customers and different citizens' groups (e.g. disabled & elderly,

students,tourists,etc.).The FLIPPER proposal addresses a key factor of eco-sustainable and competitive development and social cohesion of European areas and Regions, through the investigation, experience exchange, good practices transferring and profitable co-operation on FTS in relation to mobility in cities, rural areas and small towns.By capitalising on real results,experiences and good practices gained in previous EU site applications and EU Projects (IV-V-VI FP and Regional Cooperation) FLIPPER aims at establishing a Knowledge Transfer Network among different EU areas and Authorithies in the domain of FTS.Moreover FLIPPER objective is to achieve capability-building environmental,sustainable and innovative solutions in the Public Transport domain by evaluating the viability and real impacts and by gathering the good practices identified at site level. FLIPPER consortium is composed of 11 partners (Local Authorithies,Transport Operator Companies and Universities) from 9 EU Regions

representing different transport/mobility environments.This provides an ideal context for exchanging experiences and good practices on mobility services accessibility,environmentally friendly transport services and for reducing social exclusion of vulnerable citizens' groups.The work planned in FLIPPER includes the following main activities:1)Exchange and sharing of experience on how to develop and operate FTS through training and visits;2)consolidation and transfer of good practices by feasibility and trials in FLIPPER sites/areas;3)promotion of good practices and FTS policy guidelines at local,regional and EU levels.The project outcomes and durable results include:technological,operational and organisational experiences exchanging on FTS at regional and international level to improve the effectiveness of policies for regional development,cohesion and co-operation;disseminating good practices and establishing a network for improving accessibility,transport services and life quality.

Project achievements

FLIPPER project aims at establishing a knowledge transfer network among different EU areas and Authorithies for FTS. Its objective is to achieve capability-building, environmental, sustainable and innovative solutions in Public Transport domain by evaluating the viability and real impacts and by gathering good practices identified at site level. FLIPPER officially started in 2008 with Bologna KO meeting, attended by all partners. FLIPPER partners organized and attended 6 Training Courses, 5 Study Visits, 9Workshop, 10 Steering Group Meetings and presented the project at 10 international conferences since the project began. Partners decided to arrange the last scheduled FLIPPER workshop at a non-partner site (Prague - June 2011) in order to disseminate project results and raise awareness on Flexible Transport Services also outside project area. FLIPPER project concluded on November 30th 2011, with a successful final conference (over 120 local participants + 26 partners) arranged

in Almada (PT) by the Portuguese partner Municipality of Almada. At project end date all the planned project activities were timely and correctly implemented. LP and CO, supported by all partners, issued (Apr.10)FLIPPER Mid-Term Report, summarizing the results of the first half of project activities. Regarding project dissemination, partners produced deliverables and promotion material: “Dissemination plan”(D2); 6 Newsletters; 3Brochures (B1-B2-B3); posters, stickers,etc.; 4 Press Releases; 18 articles published locally; 1CD on DRTS, 1Video and 1 TV report by ATL; 1TV report and DVD by Purbach; 8 Papers submitted and/or accepted with participation to International Conferences. Moreover 3 paper contributions to books/journals were produced by the Consortium. ICF also produced the deliverable "SWOT analysis of dissemination strategies". FLIPPER website is working and constantly updated and maintained, registering a significant number of contacts (140/month) showing audience interest.

FLIPPER Virtual Library is online and UNIABDN issued the Virtual library manual (D4) and the "First Year Implementation of the Virtual Library"(D5). Both UNIABDN and partners upload material on VL frequently. In the framework of C3 activities partners elaborated the deliverable “Position paper” establishing guidelines for the development of feasibility studies,held all the scheduled training and dissemination events and identified a total of 27 good practices, main part of which was transferred at site level. All the actvities under C4 were fully implemented. Partners developed 11 feasibility studies that were concluded by the end of June 2010. ATL took care of producing the deliverable "Feasibility studies report" (D6) based on the relevant reports submitted by partners.Following the studies partners SRM, Purbach, AUTh, ICF, DOYK and RAL started up their pilot as scheduled. ATL took care of preparing D7 "Pilot applications report"basing on applications results.

Partners actively collaborated for developing C5 activities. Benchmark analysis Tool (BA) was elaborated by SRM. Cross-Site Data Collection Plan"was developed, moreover an "Evaluation Plan" was issued and partners were asked to provide for key information about their studies.Benchmark analysis tool was elaborated by SRM, as well as D10 "Normative Guidelines". SRM also elaborated the "Policy tool", a questionnaire that partners were asked to distribute to some local politicians in order to "test" their knowledge on flexible transport services planning, management and development. Component leader UNIABDN, fully supported by all partners, produced Project Deliverables 8 and 9 "Cross site evaluation" and "Good practices guidance".FLIPPER partners fully attained all the planned project objectives and produced durable outputs and tangible results that proved to be interesting also to non-FLIPPER audience.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
SRM – Networs and Mobility (Public Transport Authority Bologna), Bologna ITALY Emilia-Romagna 0039 051 361328
ATAF, Firenze ITALY Toscana 39 055 5650401
AUTh – University of Thessaloniki, Transport Systems Research Group, Thessaloniki GREECE Kentriki Makedonia 30 2310 256033
BOKU - Institute for Transport Studies; Department of Landscape, Spatial and Infrastructure Sciences; University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna, Vienna AUSTRIA Wien 00431-47654-5300
Municipality of Purbach, Purbach AUSTRIA Burgenland (A) 0043 2683 5116 12
University of Aberdeen – Centre for Transport Research,School of Geosciences, Aberdeen UNITED KINGDOM North Eastern Scotland 0044 1224 272354
Municipality of Volos, Volos GREECE Thessalia 0030 24210 76274
ATL - Livorno Transport Operator, Livorno ITALY Toscana 39 0586 847237
Maillorca Train Services S.F.M., Palma de Mallorca SPAIN Illes Balears 0034 971 77 40 66
Almada City Council, Almada PORTUGAL Lisboa 351 21 272 2510
Ring a Link (Carlow Kilkenny & Tipperary South Rural Transport Ltd), Kilkenny IRELAND Southern and Eastern 00353 56 7790260
Insular Council of Formentera, Sant Francesc de Formentera SPAIN Illes Balears 0034 971 7740 66
Municipal Organization for Health and Social Affairs - Social Welfare Organization of Volos Municipality, VOLOS GREECE Thessalia 0030 24210 29908 - 0030 24210 20337
info@doyk.gr, grigoriou@doyk.gr
Municipal Entreprise of Social Protection & Solidarity (KEKPA-DIEK), VOLOS GREECE Thessalia +30 24210 29908
info@doyk.gr, grigoriou@doyk.gr


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