Project Details

Priority: 1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Theme: Innovation, research and technology development

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2012 - 30th Sep 2014


Total budget: €1,482,814.00
ERDF contribution: €1,021,884.99

Lead partner

Picardie Region
11 Mail Albert 1er
80000, Amiens

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    • Contact Person: Anick Michon
      Phone: 00 33 (0)3 22 97 28 86
      Fax: 00 33 (0)3 22 97 38 75

Project summary

ECOREGIONS was born from a common need of regional authorities from the Rur@ct European network: Limousin, Jämtland, Kainuu Regions, joined little by little by other public organizations: Picardie Region (Fr) -exporting partner in Rur@ct and today ECOREGIONS Lead Partner (LP)-, District of Forcheim (De), State Development Coporation of Thuringia (De), Regional Agency for Energy of Eszak Alfold (Hu), Chamber of commerce of Cremona (It), Malta intelligent energy management agency (Ma), County of Hordaland (No) and ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network), working on EU dissemination.


They had the same objective: improving their governance of ecoinnovation and green technologies private sector (in particular SMEs) and using for this the good practices (GP) transfer approach, already experienced by some of them.


They referred to European definitions to define the project outline: green technologies are those that are less harmful for environment than other techniques.

Ecoinnovation gathers technological/non technological green innovations, both of high interest for the EU and defined as priorities in SDD, ETAP, EMAS & SCP/SIP.


In order to produce practical results, 4 sub-objectives were fixed:

.To put at the disposal of the partners a stock of successful GPs, among those 11 have been chosen before the start of the project, to be transferred. 5 of these GPs support ecoinnovation, 6 green technologies, on the following themes : sustainable energy (biomass, wind, biofuels, photovoltaic, geothermal energy); measurement and monitoring systems; optimization of industrial processes; low carbone vehicules; green chemistry; eco-housing; recycling and valorizing wastes; storage of electric energy / batteries; valorization of CO2.

.To precisely define and validate the implementation plans of the tranfers, in order to guarantee the integration into importing partners regional policy systems, of the GPs transferred, following a predefined transfer methodology.

.To integrate the good practices transfers within a larger thought process, targeting the direct improvement of local and regional policies in strategies thanks to the involvement of elected members .

.To encourage other EU regional & local authorities thanks to improve their policies in the field, through the policy recommendations, website, newsletters, and the assistance of ERRIN.

ECOREGIONS is innovative, because it proposes a specific approach of transfer :going very far way in the process (until the policy improvement) in starting to prepare the transfers before the project starts, in involving policy-makers, in designing ambitious implementation plans; targeting local ownership of project results through the involvement of local stakeolders ; and integrating into the partnership various & complementary profiles of partners, likely to directly contribute to the policies improvement.

Project achievements

The project entered the final straight. Partners were strongly mobilized to finish the site visits, the most part of developing action plans & to prepare policy recommendations.

Concerning good practice: 8 partners have completed action plans, for example :

- Bamberg prepares the adaptation of the Climate Action Plan of Hordaland (CAP) to the existing administrative structures of the Climate Alliance Bamberg (CAB) as a prerequisite for the

establishment of an Energy Efficiency Network (EEN) to support SMEs in reducing CO2 emissions, to attract partners for the establishment of an Energy Efficiency Network, to a ttract partners for integration of climate change in all areas, Refinement of targets of the Climate Alliance Bamberg (CAB) to achieve energy self-sufficiency of the region by 2035 with the option to expand the Climate Alliance

Bamberg on a Climate & Economic Alliance Bamberg in order to promote energy efficiency and development of green technologies especially in SMEs, with

the expected outcomes to get implementation of climate protection as a cross-cutting key element in organizational structures and decision-making processes, .to support of the most important sector (Industry, Trade and Services) for energy savings by the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Network, Synergy in promoting energy efficiency and green technology through close cooperation between the administrations of climate protection & economic development.

- Cremona already transfered the GP «Training programme for skilled employees of green SMEs» of ENEREA Észak-Alföld Regional Energy Agency. The training project is divided into 3 different actions:

· 1° training courses of varying duration in the area of energy for the agricultural sector, courses are intended for agricultural businesses in the local area & to all those interested in the covered topics;

. 2° implement a total of 8 forums on the subject of Biogas,of short duration, in areas of the greatest interest & relevance;

the proposal also involves inviting businessmen to the forums to give accounts of their experiences

· 3° activities to raise awareness among the SMEs in the local area on energy efficiency and energy savings through energy check-ups, workshops & short training courses.

The project will be realized with the support & the collaboration with the Bioenergy Factory & with the association of agricultural sector.

- Hordaland implements the Energy Efficiency Network of Thuringen : the main objective is to incorporate elements & useful experienes in a similar project in Hordaland, Climate partner by Norwegian Climate Foundation. The expected outcomes are to stimulate companies in the private & public sectors to increase focus on climate action, energy efficiency, cooperation & green innovation.

Policcy recommendations : ERRIN prepared a policy recommandations guide to help partners to prepare them.

Partners proposed an improved means to finance & the encouragement of regions to support i

industrial development in the aera of eco-inovation.

Such policy should pursue the transparency & drive for the use of current mechanisms available regarding access to finance & bonification mechanisms that are not limited to any regions or mamber state. They proposed to start regulatory proces in order to set up common Green Pubic Procuement criteria, information on life cycle costing of products, legal & operational guidance & political support. Local authorities should be put in a position to facilitate the transfer of eco-innovative products & services. Climate protection must become a cross sectorial task within the administration & wtih a mandate for controlling. A compulsory environmental information sheet on consumer products & services is needed.

The added value of the proejet and policy recommendations were presented during the final conference In Brussels on 2014 June 16th i from of about 100 persons.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Picardie Region, Amiens FRANCE Picardie 00 33 (0)3 22 97 28 86
Region of Jamtland, Östersund SWEDEN Mellersta Norrland 00 46 70 587 02 41
ENEREA Eszak-Alfold Regional Energy Agency Nonprofit Llc., Nyiregyhaza HUNGARY Eszak-Alfold 00 36 425 99 400/28 16 +
District Office Bamberg, Bamberg GERMANY Oberfranken 00 49 (0)9 51/85 400
Hordaland County Council, BERGEN NORWAY 00 47 55 239 282 / /
Kainuun Etu Ltd, Kajaani FINLAND Itä-Suomi 00 358 861 781 19
Regional Council of Limousin, LIMOGES FRANCE Limousin 00 33 5 55 45 17 76 + 00 33 5 55 45 00 80 +
CREMONA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, CREMONA ITALY Lombardia 00 39 037 249 02 83 + +
State Development Corporation of Thuringia, Erfurt GERMANY Thüringen 00 49 (0) 361 5603 395 + 00 49 (0) 361 5603 131 +
Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency, Valletta MALTA Malta 00 356 27 224 408
ERRIN – European Regions Research and Innovation Network, BRUSSELS BELGIUM Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest 00 32 2 230 56 41


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