Project Details

Title: Capitalising on Partner Initiatives in Mobility Management Services
Priority: 2: Environment and risk prevention
Theme: Energy and sustainable transport

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 2: Capitalisation Project
Fast track: Yes
Duration: 1st Oct 2010 - 30th Nov 2012
Website: http://www.pimms-capital.eu


Total budget: €1,761,710.23
ERDF contribution: €1,381,608.77

Lead partner

traffiQ – Frankfurt Public Transport Authority
Stiftstrasse 9-17
D-60313, Frankfurt am Main

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    • Contact Person: Michael Dewes
      Phone: 0049 692 122 2804
      Fax: 0049 692 122 4455

Project summary

Throughout the EU, increased reliance on the car has resulted in high levels of congestion and more pollution, leading to economic, environmental and health problems for our regions and cities. ERDF investment in infrastructure could accelerate this trend if parallel alternative measures are not introduced at the same time. Mobility Management aims to reduce reliance on the car by encouraging travellers to use other modes. It comprises ‘soft’ measures (e.g. information or coordination of existing user services), which enhance the effectiveness of ‘hard’ measures of traffic planning (e.g. new tram lines, new roads and new bike tracks).


But mobility management is new, not very visible, politically risky. It raises questions about administrative competencies: there is no ‘Department of Mobility Management’ anywhere in the EU. Responsibilities are split between functions and between different levels of administration. Many budgets need to be engaged in order for most

mobility management actions to be funded – even though they are low-cost. Regions have a crucial lead-role.So the overall objective of PIMMS CAPITAL is to stimulate modal shift towards more sustainable forms of transport by increasing the implementation of high quality mobility management techniques and policies in European regions.


The additional benefit to the regions will be the development of more efficient and free-flowing transport systems, which will contribute to their economic competitiveness.


The partnership comprises 12 regions, 6 represented by their MA, the others by regional organisations specialising in mobility management. 10 Member States are involved.

The project will deliver the following outputs and results:

* Action Plans for 12 regional Managing Authorities (7 Convergence; 5 from new Member States),

* 12 regional policies and instruments will be addressed, 9 will be improved

an estimated €3,2m of spending will be affected by these improvements

* 32 transfers of 14 good mobility management practices will take place

* 15 Export Visits will be undertaken, involving 32 import-region-delegations, c220 people, 120 key decision-makers

* 12 ‘Action Plan workshops’ will be held, one in each of the 12 regions, involving c180 people, 100 key decision-makers in total, plus 2 experts from exporting regions for each good practice exported.

* regions will recruit extensive Deep Delegations - stakeholders in mobility management

* interpretation will be provided as necessary in order that language is no barrier; ‘Action Plan workshops’ will be run in own-language.

* added-value elements include: analysis of financial leverage | linkage with previous projects, European networks

* 12 regional conferences (own-language) and 1 final conference (2,000 attendees in total) will disseminate the results

Project achievements

The overall objective of PIMMS CAPITAL has been to stimulate modal shift towards more sustainable forms of transport by increasing the implementation of high quality mobility management techniques and policies in European regions.

It is a capitalisation project, and has the single operational goal to produce a Regional Action Plan for each of the 12 regions represented. To do this the partners plan:

* 32 transfers of 14 already-identified good mobility management practices [DONE]

* 15 Export Visits, involving 32 import-region-delegations, c220 people, 120 key decision-makers [DONE]

* 12 ‘Action Plan workshops’, one in each of the 12 regions, involving c180 people, 100 key decision-makers in total, plus 2 experts from exporting regions for each good practice exported. [DONE]

* recruitment of extensive Deep Delegations – regional stakeholders in mobility management [DONE]


The project started in Oct-11. During Jan/Jun-11 the partners EXCHANGED EXPERIENCE through an ambitious programme of STUDY VISITS, which was completed in Jul/Dec-11. In total, 18 events were hosted by the export-regions, who received a total of 35 delegations (191 visitors). The main focus of Jul/Dec-11 was in holding 10/12 matching ACTION PLAN WORKSHOPS: in each case the Importing Region organised an event to include relevant regional stakeholders, and invited experts from the ‘export’ regions to discuss (in own-language if appropriate) the possibilities for transferring the good practice. Given that the good practices had been pre-identified at the time of the bid preparation, the Export Visits had provided the visitors with the chance to specify what aspects might be suitable for import; it was these which provided the main focus for workshops. In total 324 people (including visiting experts) attended the Workshops.

During the last year of implementation the focus switched to preparing the Regional Action Plans; working with related organisations partners have developed proposals for importing some of the good practices. 12 RAPs have been produced. 10 regions are proposing to import PIMMS CAPITAL good practices. 10 projects have either been approved or are under consideration where partners are transferring good practices from PIMMS CAPITAL. Of the approved ones, EUR 11.2m of mainstream funds have been committed to these projects and another EUR 10m is pending approval. Combined with national, regional and local funds a potential EUR 38.4m could be mobilised, ie a leverage of x28. A total of 4 new projects/activities/approaches have resulted from the exchange of experience including 10 applications for funding.

On COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION, the project has its website, www.pimms-capital.eu, and published a project-brochure, a special regional erport (Veneto IT) and 3 newsletters.

The final event for the project took place in Birmingham (UK) on 25-Sep-12 with 101 delegates. The project has been promoted at 16 dissemination events, including 12 regional events, and through 43 ‘other’ events where partners have actively promoted the project. These include the annual conference of EMTA, the European Metropolitan Transport Authorities Association, attended by 127 delegates from 18 different regions of the EU, and for which a special brochure was prepared. During Jan/Jun-12 the project was presented to c200 people at the "Europe for us" Expo in Sofia, 90/350 people at the European Conference On Mobility Management in Frankfurt, at a “Transport Summit” in Birmingham (150 attendees), a national Conference in Moravia-Silesia (120 attendees), EU Open Days 2012 (158 attendees).


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
traffiQ – Frankfurt Public Transport Authority, Frankfurt am Main GERMANY Darmstadt 0049 692 122 2804
Rhein-Main Passenger Transport Association Service Company, Frankfurt am Main GERMANY Darmstadt 496927307200
Basilicata Region, Potenza ITALY Basilicata 0039.0971.668488
Veneto Region - Planning Department (Direzione Programmazione), Venice ITALY Veneto +39 041 279 1469
Province of Treviso, Treviso ITALY Veneto 390422656891
Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly, Waterford IRELAND Southern and Eastern 35351860700
Regional Council of Moravia-Silesia Cohesion Region, Ostrava CZECH REPUBLIC Moravskoslezsko +420-552.303.548
Central Transdanubian Regional Development Agency, Székesfehérvár HUNGARY Kozep-Dunantul +36 22 513-370
West-Transdanubian Regional Development Agency, Sopron HUNGARY Nyugat-Dunantul +36-99-512-910
CENTRO, Birmingham UNITED KINGDOM West Midlands +44 121 215 7155
Worcestershire County Council, Worcester UNITED KINGDOM Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire 01905 766 179
Herefordshire Council, Hereford UNITED KINGDOM Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire 01432 260683
Region of Western Greece, PATRAS GREECE Dytiki Ellada 302610465810
Patras Municipal Enterprise for Planning & Development S.A., Patras GREECE Dytiki Ellada 302610361756
Computer Technology Institute & Press Diophantus, Patras GREECE Dytiki Ellada 302610960430
Swedish Transport Administration, Sundbyberg SWEDEN Stockholm +46 771 921921
Larnaca Municipality, Larnaca CYPRUS Kypros / Kibris 302610465810
Sofia Municipality, Sofia BULGARIA Yugozapaden +359 2 9810648


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