Project Details

Title: Regional Strategies for Disaster Prevention
Priority: 2: Environment and risk prevention
Theme: Natural and technological risks (including climate change)

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2010 - 31st Mar 2013


Total budget: €1,643,978.00
ERDF contribution: €1,356,973.30

Lead partner

Secretariat of Civil Protection, Ministry of Citizen Protection
Evaggelistrias 2 str,
10563, Athens

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    • Contact Person: Dr. Kelly Saini
      Phone: 302103359932
      Fax: 302103248122

Project summary

Over the last few years, Europe's forest fires, floods and droughts and man-made disasters have become fiercer and more intense. Some partners in the CivPro project have their own sometimes tragic experiences and some of them have such a high risk profile that risk prevention is on the top of their political agenda.

Disasters have quite often a devastating effect on people's lives, their livelihood, the economy and the environment. This has led to a further strengthening of European civil protection legislation. EU and national/regional instruments dealing with Civil Protection have shown that they are often fragmented and sectoral, targeting specific risks and strongly focussed on response and recovery measures.

To date in many regions in Europe no comprehensive approach to disaster PREVENTION exists. Also at EU and Member States level there is a call for more action and efforts to prevent disasters and a stronger involvement of the regional level.

All regions in CivPro are of the opinion that it is well to invest and to keep investing in response, but this has to be coupled with a similar reinforcement in prevention. The main objective of CivPro is to exchange and share know-how on the development of regional policies and on a strategic approach and model to prevent and reduce any potential threat and damage inflicted on people, property, environment and society as a hole by accidents and disasters, including both natural and manmade disasters.

The project is focussed on developing improved governance models to introduce cross-cutting thinking and approaches into disaster prevention in order to establish comprehensive regional policy approaches in terms of structures, organisation.

The second target is to

improve instruments and establish modalities to strengthen the link between crisis management and disaster prevention.

Experiences with risk mapping; early warning systems; risk screening models, awareness raising policies and specific experience from disaster events will be exchanged. This also points to the inevitable need to integrate prevention concerns better into spatial planning. Civpro also aims at providing an input for (content-wise and linked to future funding) an EU Knowledge and Training Center on Civil Protection and Prevention. The project results in overall policy recommendations and in tailor made local/regional Disaster Prevention Policy Plans developed on the basis of a pre-defined model tested at regional level.

Project achievements

CIVPRO commenced on May 2010 in Athens with the main objective to exchange and share the know-how on the development of regional and on a strategic approach and model to prevent and reduce any potential threat and damage for people, property, environment & society by accident and disasters (natural and/or man-made). Its specific objectives were: a) to imporve governance so as to introduce cross-cutting thinking and approaches into disaster prevention; b) to improve instruments and establish modalities to strengthen the link between crisis management and disaster prevention; c) to assist in the capacity buiding on disaster prevention at regional level; d) to raise awareness at all levels of importance for a strategic approach towards prevention by including all actors in Regional Support Networks and e) to provide input for the setting up in the future a EU Knowledge & Training Center on Disaster Prevention. Within the project's 3 components, the following outputs were produced:

CP1 - Management & Coordination: 7 Steering Committee meetings; 3 Advisory Group meetings; Elaboration of project utilities (project management handbook, finance guide, project implementation plan); 6 Progress Reports; 1 Final Report and 1 mid-term evaluation. Activities implemented assured the smooth, efficient and sound management of the project in order to allow for reaching the required objectives according to time plan and in line with proposed funding. CP2 - Communication and Dissemination: Communication Plan; 2 International Dissemination Events (Kick-Off Meeting-Athens 2010 and Final Conference-Athens 2012); 2 Brussels meetings (2011 & 2012); 1 project website (; various publicity activities at local and interregional level (press conferences, articles, 3 brochures); 5 Newsletters. CP2 aimed to raise awareness of local, regional and European stakeholders as regards the tools elaborated through the project regarding disaster prevention.

CP3 - Exchange of experiences dedicated to the identification & analysis of good practices: 3 International Conferences organized and successfully implemented; 10 Transfer Visits organised amongst PPs; Local Disaster Prevention Plans elaborated by all PPs; 1 CIVPRO Disaster Prevention Policy Framework Report; 26 best practices identified; 1 Final document on policy recommendations for EU, national and regional policies. CP3 aimed to allow for raising awareness at all policy levels in order to stress the importance of an integrated and coordinated approach toward disaster prevention.

The CIVPRO project primarily focused on the joint development of a regional prevention strategy based on a jointly developed methodology and to include this strategy in a more coordinated and integrated way into the overall regional disaster prevention strategies. Through its life-cycle it managed to establish a common discussion platform amongst the 11 partner organizations, which represent local and regional organizations responsible for disaster planning in 10 EU countries and set the ground for the possibility for future initiatives that will further interregional activities in the field of disaster prevention.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Secretariat of Civil Protection, Ministry of Citizen Protection, Athens GREECE Attiki 302103359932
Evros Prefecture, ALEXANDROYPOLIS GREECE Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki 30 25510 88080
Municipality of Miskolc, Miskolc HUNGARY Eszak-Magyarorszag 3646512700
Harghita County Council, Miercurea Ciuc ROMANIA Centru 40266207701
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management National Research Institute Wroclaw Branch, Wroclaw POLAND Dolnoslaskie 48 71 328 28 50
MUNICIPALITY OF POPOVO, Popovo BULGARIA Severoiztochen 35960840022
Delegation of the Government in Castile and León, Civil Defence, Valladolid SPAIN Castilla y León 34983999151
AG Port of Oostende, Ostende BELGIUM Prov. West-Vlaanderen 0032 59 340 727
City of Kosice, Košice SLOVAKIA Vychodne Slovensko 00421 55 6419 239
Development Agency ROD, Ajdovščina SLOVENIA Zahodna Slovenija 00 386 (0)5 365 36 02
MUNICIPALITY OF ALCOBAÇA, Alcobaça PORTUGAL Centro (P) 351262580825
Region of East Macedonia and Thrace, Komotini GREECE Anatoliki Makedonia, Thraki 00302531083012/19
Galician Public Safety Academy, A Estrada SPAIN Galicia 34 886 206 107


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