Project Details

Title: Green management plans for European urban and peri-urban Landscapes
Priority: 2: Environment and risk prevention
Theme: Cultural heritage and landscape

Type of intervention

Type of intervention: 1: Regional Initiative Project
Mini-programme: No
Duration: 1st Jan 2010 - 31st Mar 2013


Total budget: €2,113,045.00
ERDF contribution: €1,683,440.55

Lead partner

Intermunicipal authority of Marne-la-Vallée Val Maubuée
5 place de l'Arche Guédon, Torcy
77207, Marne-la-Vallée

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    • Contact Person: Corentin Lefevre
      Phone: 33160372423
      Fax: 33160372434

Project summary

EUROSCAPES is a shared vision of 14 partners coming from 13 EU Member States on the necessity to tackle natural and cultural landscapes' management issues in urban and peri-urban areas at an interregional level and in a sustainable way. In dense and contrasting urban environments, tackling the concept of landscapes and its related issues will prevent their loss of specificity and identity, and help to make best use of these areas. In urban and peri-urban areas facing demographic changes, climate change issues, increasing economic constraints, environmental challenges… exchanges of good practices and expertise will help regional and local authorities to be more efficient in protecting, maintaining and enhancing their natural and cultural landscapes in a sustainable way. Partners of EUROSCAPES have the ambitious objective of offering a new management model for these landscapes, as a milestone policy instrument to implement the European Landscape Convention treaty objectives.

Partners of the project have identified complementarities in their tools, practices and policy instruments to deal with landscape management. They will refine these complementarities, exchange and transfer good practices with a scientific support and use these good practices to feed the Landscapes Management Plan (LMP) they will develop: new approach meabt to become a real public policy at the regional/local level. These LMP are based on an environmental, quality and economical approach in the maintenance and management of our natural and cultural landscapes. They will integrate important education and sensitization dimensions and take into account the territorial strategy, urban master plans etc. The Project will produce a Handbook of good practices and a Policy recommendation paper on the LMP approach as main outputs. The main results of the project will be improved local/regional landscapes management practices & policy instruments and a more sustainable living environment.

The project rests on three main innovative aspects. The areas concerned – natural and cultural landscapes in urban and peri-urban areas (green spaces like gardens, parks, squares… but also paths, riversides, deprived landscapes etc.) – are not well taken into account in planning and protecting instruments today and not in a coherent and sustainable way. Secondly the approach is based on a global strategic plan using the differentiated management methodology (to be environmentally responsible, different kinds of management are defined for different kinds of landscapes identified based on their use and quality). Thirdly partners have all committed to jointly develop a Landscapes Management Plan, as a new model of sustainable and integrated management strategy, which will be based on the good practices analysed and exchanged.

Project achievements

The EUROSCAPES project gathering 14 partners from 13 European countries on sustainable management of landscapes is reaching the end after 3 years of fruitful collaboration. In the first 6 months of project implementation, partners’ identified their objectives and expectations and developed a common understanding of their specific landscapes. They worked on a common methodology to develop landscapes management plans (LMPs) based on environmental, quality & economical approaches with a special focus on sensitization dimensions. During the project period, based on the exchange of experience threw many seminars and workshop organised under the umbrella of Euroscapes, 12 partners finalized their LMP. These documents have been or will be presented to local representatives in order to sensitize Local Authorities to the needs and benefits of a better management of their territories.

Activities and sensitization events to citizens and stakeholders have been organised and encountered a real success, showing that these questions have to be tackled. This is the reason why, many partners have decided to translate Euroscapes results in their own languages. Many work have been done within Euroscapes but sensitization activities toward citizen and local representive is a long term work, especially in this time of economic crisis.

The Final conference of the project was held in Val Maubuée on October 25th & 26th 2012 at which all partners and local representatives (local and foreigners) attended. The Head of the Cultural Heritage, Landscape and Spatial Planning Division of the Council of Europe, Mme Dejans-Pons, also attented and made a presentation. The Main outputs and results of project were presented ans summarized in Final brochures. These final brochures recalls the outputs of the project as well as appreciation of each partner. The LMP common methodology presents both, an evaluation of the contents and cooperative aspects, and key elements of the success (vs failure) of an LMP’s implementation approach. At last the Good practices hand book presents 1 to 2 good practices identified by each partner of the project.

All partners produced a GIS good practice. LP made an evaluation of the GIS use and interest in LMP approach.This study named “Utilization of SIG” has been published in the Best practices handbook. It is a review of the necessary tools and the various aspect of it (data base, etc…). Following the final conference, links have been made with the Cultural Heritage, Landscape and Spatial Planning Division of the Council of Europe and a presentation of Euroscapes’ results is planned in October 2013 during the Council of Europe Meeting of the Workshops for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention. Many partners want to go further in their Landscapes and green spaces management, We hope to find new partners and involve some of the Euroscapes project in a new project which could be implemented in the next programmation 2014-2020.


Institution, Town Country Region Contact details
Intermunicipal authority of Marne-la-Vallée Val Maubuée, Marne-la-Vallée FRANCE Île de France 33160372423
Municipality of Loures, Loures PORTUGAL Lisboa 351219829933
Stadt Wetzlar (as Lead partner for City-Region Gießen-Wetzlar: the inter-town Working-Group 4 municipalities), Wetzlar GERMANY Gießen 0049 6441993000
Vice-Ministryof Territorail policy of the Canarian Gorvernment, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria SPAIN Canarias 0034 928 306242
Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava - Faculty of Architecture, Bratislava SLOVAKIA Bratislavsky kraj 421257276283
Sigulda district council, Sigulda LATVIA Latvija 00371 678 00 946
Sapienza University Rome, DATA - Architecture Technology, Territory & Environment, Rome ITALY Lazio 0039 06 49919083
Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (LBDCA), Siófok HUNGARY Del-Dunantul 3684313346
Granollers city council, Granollers SPAIN Cataluña 34938426767
Municipality of Torun, Toruń POLAND Kujawsko-Pomorskie 0048 56 611 86 93
European New Towns Platform, Brussels BELGIUM Région de Bruxelles-Capitale / Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest 3222179751
Thames Gateway London Partnership, London UNITED KINGDOM Outer London 0044 20 76734682
London Borough of Newham, LONDON UNITED KINGDOM Outer London 0203373 9755


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