Approved projects database

In the table below you can find information about all the projects approved under INTERREG IVC.

If you want to perform a search in the database according to specific criteria, please visit KEEP website (platform that presents aggregated information regarding projects and beneficiaries of European Union programmes dedicated to cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation within the European Union and between European Union Member States and neighbouring countries).



Acronym Project Title Theme LP Institution
STEP Improving Communities' Sustainable Energy Policy Tools Energy and sustainable transport "STRIA" South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Non-for-profit Ltd.
SufalNet4EU Sustainable use of former and abandoned landfills network for you Waste management Province of Noord-Brabant
SUGAR Sustainable Urban Goods logistics Achieved by Regional and local policies Energy and sustainable transport Emilia-Romagna Region
SUM PROJECT Sustainable Urban Mobility Energy and sustainable transport Municipality of Vigo
SuPorts Sustainable Management for European Local Ports Water management Seine-Maritime County Council (SMCC)
SURF-Nature Sustainable Use of Regional Funds for Nature Biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage (including air quality) Federal Environment Agency Austria
SUSTAIN Assessing sustainability and strengthening operational policy Water management Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)
TOK-TOC Transfer Of Knowledge - Transfer Of Human Capital Entrepreneurship and SMEs ATHENS CHAMBER OF SMALL & MEDIUM SIZED INDUSTRIES
TOOL QUIZ Employability and knowledge based economy : tools for innovative culture Employment, human capital and education Conseil régional Nord-Pas de Calais - Direction de la Culture
TOURAGE Developing Senior Tourism in Remote Regions Entrepreneurship and SMEs Regional Council of North Karelia
TRAP Territories of Rivers Action Plans Water management Kainuun Etu ltd
TRES Towards Regional spEcialisation for Smart growth spirit Innovation, research and technology development Tecnalia Research & Innovation Foundation
UNICREDS University Collaboration in Regional Development Spaces Employment, human capital and education Cornwall Council
URMA Urban-rural partnerships in metropolitan areas Innovation, research and technology development HafenCity University Hamburg
VERSO Volunteers for European Employment Employment, human capital and education The Department of Education, Aarhus University
VITOUR LANDSCAPE Innovative sustainable development policies and strategies for the effective safeguarding and innovative enhancement of European “UNESCO World heritage” wine growing landscapes Cultural heritage and landscape Cinque Terre National Park
W2E Waste to Energy Waste management Östergötland County Administrative Board
WATER CoRe Water scarcity and droughts; coordinated actions in European regions Water management Ministry of Environment, Energy, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Hessen
WF Waterways Forward Water management Dutch Recreational Waterways Foundation
WINNET 8 WOMEN IN NET 8 Employment, human capital and education Municipality of Älvdalen

List of beneficiaries

In the table below you can find a full list of institutions participating in the INTERREG IVC projects. There is information for example about the approved ERDF funding per partner, the national co-funding or other funding sources. Please note that the figures are accurate on the date the table was generated. The date is in the sheet name of the table available for download.

List of beneficiaries


You can find a list of the interregional cooperation projects financed by INTERREG IIIC (2002-2006) here:

INTERREG IIIC operations

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