First Level Control Requirements

Romania has opted for a centralized control system. The first level control system is ensured by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism through the General Directorate for Coordination the Activity in the Territory/ First Level Control Unit with 8 Territorial Units. In the Territorial Units are deployed 23 civil servants located in each of the 8 regions of the country.

Mrs. Doina SURCEL, Deputy General Director
General Directorate for European Programmes
Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
No.17, Apolodor Street, sector 5
Tel: 0040 372 111 596

Lóránt Para, Director
General Directorate for European Programmes-
First Level Control Directorate
Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
No.12, Libertatii Blv, sector 5

Tel: 0040 372 111 324
Fax: 0040 372 111 376

Expenditure of project partners from Romania will thus have to be checked, on the spot, for 100% projects and expenditures by the 8 Territorial Units of the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, depending on the location of the partner, and then confirmed by the national coordinator. The first level control will be performed free of charge to Romanian project partners.

On-the-spot checks

In order to comply with the obligation to carry out on-the-spot checks according to Regulation (EC) No. 1828/2006 Article 13 (2) amended by Regulation (EC) No. 846/2009, Romanian FLCs will check each project partner on-the-spot at least once.


Information concerning reporting and payments

Eligible expenditure

The list of the eligible expenditure at national level has been approved through the Order of the Minister of Regional Development and Housing1 nr. 298/2009.

National financial support system

According to the Government Decision 46/20072 with all subsequent ammendments, the Romanian government will participate to the Romanian partners\' national co-financing. Beneficiaries will be reimbursed 13% of their project budget, after proving the receipt of the reimbursed ERDF funds.

Precondition:According to the Implementing Rules of the Government Decision 46/2007, the Romanian beneficiaries must inform the National Authority prior to project submission within a call for proposals (project partners participating in the INTEREG IV C 1st and 2nd calls for proposals are excepted from this requirement)

A “co-financing contract” will be concluded with the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing after the approval of the project by the INTERREG IV A Monitoring Committee and signature of the subsidy contract between the Lead Partner and the INTERREG IV C Managing Authority. propos

Monitoring Committee representation

According to the Memorandum nr. 20/7388/GB approved by the Romanian Government on June 11th 2008., Romania will be represented within the INTERREG IV C Monitoring Committee by the Ministry of Regional Development and Housing (through the Directorate for European Territorial Cooperation) and the National Union of the Romanian County Councils (through Dolj County Council, as member and Constanta County Council, as substitute member).

The names and contact details of the members can be found on the programme website ( “Programme” section. .

National information activities


The Ministry of Regional Development and Housing as National Authority and National Contact Point for the INTERREG IV C Programme organizes a series of annual events dedicated to the potential Romanian beneficiaries:

Annexe I

 Event type  Target group
National Info Day all potential beneficiaries
Contractual rights and obligations” beneficiaries participating as partners within
approved projects
Rejection reasons potential beneficiaries participating in the nonapproved projects within each call for proposals

Newsletter: to receive the INTERREG IV C newsletter in Romanian language concerning all programme and national related issues, please send a request to

Website: for updated information please check regularly the webpage dedicated to the European territorial cooperation programmes Romania is participating in:

For more details regarding the above issues in Romania, please contact the National coordinator/ National Contact Point:

Dan Balanescu
Directorate for International Territorial Cooperation
Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
12 Libertatii Bvd., district 5
Bucharest, ROMANIA

Phone: +40372 111 369
Fax: +40372 111 456



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