National Contact Point

Mr. Claudio Tiriduzzi
Manager of EU planning Unit/ Dirigente Servizio Programmazione Comunitaria
Umbria Region/Regione Umbria

Tel +39 075 5045690

Mrs. Nadia Santovecchi
EU planning Unit head office manager

Tel +39 075 5045323

Mrs. Francesca Breccolotti
EU planning Unit officer
Umbria Region

Tel +39 075 5045339

First Level Control requirements

Italy has chosen a decentralised control system. The beneficiaries will have to submit their requests for the approbation of an internal or external controller to :

Regione Calabria
Dipartimento 3 Programmazione Nazionale e Comunitaria
Dirigente del Servizio 6 - Controlli dei Programmi e dei Progetti
Fortunato Varone
Via Molè
Catanzaro 88100

Phone : +39 0961 853118/9
Fax : +39 0961 853188
Email : ;

Two options are foreseen for selecting the first level controllers :

1. Italian partners having the legal status of public authority/control activities can entrust internal control offices, provided that the separation of functions with the offices responsible for implementing the operations is ensured.
2. Bodies governed by public law or public authorities that have not opted for the first option, can appoint independent bodies having specific requirements in terms of professionalism, honourability and independence, registered for at least three years, in the Register of Economist and Accounting Experts or in the Auditors Register as provided for in the Legislative Decree of 27 January 1991, No88.

The partners will then propose their first level control to the contact person indicated above. The approval will be done by an ad-hoc Committee. This Committee hosted by the Ministry of Economic Development will ensure the approbation of the first level controller on the basis of the duly filled-in checklist “Criteria for Approbation of first level controllers” provided by the programme. This Committee will officially authorise the controller proposed by the project partner after having checked that the controller is sufficiently independent from project activities and finances and qualified to carry out the control of an INTERREG IVC project.

Should an external controller be selected, the project partner will have to abide by the public procurement rules.

The controller has to be officially authorised before the first expenditure can be reported and confirmed.

The costs resulting from the control carried out by an external controller can be reported as eligible costs in compliance with the relevant EU-regulations and programme rules. In case an internal controller is appointed to carry out the control, the related costs cannot be reported as eligible expenditure.

Further country specific information :

Italy has provided additional information on the co-financing of Italian partners and a clarification of the term “Body governed by public law” within the Italian legal framework (see 2009-02-04 Annex.pdf).

Shared costs :

Please refer to document Italian position paper which states that only one method to report shared costs is accepted.

Downloads :

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