Czech Republic

National Contact Points

Lukes Pavel
Ministry for Regional Development
Department of Territorial Inter-Relations
Staromestske nam. 6
11015  Prague
Czech Republic

Phone: +420234154415
Fax: +420234154007

Palicka Vaclav
City of Ostrava
Prokesovo nam. 8
Ostrava 72930
Czech Republic

Phone: +420599443382
Fax: +420599442040

Osvald Petr
City of Pilsen
Namesti Republiky 1
Plzen 30632
Czech Republic

Phone: +420378032075

Alice Stollova
Department of European Territorial Cooperation
Unit of International Inter-Relations
Ministry of Regional Development
Staromestske nam. 6
110 15, Prague 1
Czech Republic

Phone: +420234154022

First Level Control Requirement

The Czech Republic has opted for a centralised control system.

The responsible body is the Centre for Regional Development (hereinafter referred to as “CRD CR”) whose address is the following :

Centre for Regional Development of the Czech Republic (CRD CR)
Vinohradská 46, 120 00 Praha 2

Contact persons:

Lucie Marková  (Financial Manager)
Phone: +420 221 580 227

Markéta Weingärtnerová (Project Manager)
Phone: +420 221 580 253
Fax: +420 221 580 284
E-mail : 

This body has 7 regional offices in all NUTS II regions.

1. Control of projects

The first level control will be performed by the regional offices of the CRD CR. Project Partners will be controlled by the regional office from the region in which they are located. First level control for Czech partners is performed free of charge.

Contact details of the 7 regional offices can be found here.

2. Control of subprojects of mini-programmes:

Certification of expenditures incurred by participants in sub-projects is delegated to an independent auditor selected by the relevant regional project partner and approved in advance by the Controller. Audit costs (for certification of sub-projects) are reported within the relevant regional project partner\'s budget - the chapter “External expertise and services”. The original “Control Confirmation” of the relevant sub-project issued by the independent auditor shall be delivered to the relevant regional partner with a copy to the relevant leading sub-project partner. The certified sub-project expenditures shall be included in the relevant regional partner\'s report (accompanied by “Control Confirmation”) and checked by such regional partner\'s Controller.

3. On-the-spot checks:

In order to comply with the obligation to carry out on-the-spot checks according to Regulation (EC) No. 1828/2006 Article 13 (2) amended by Regulation (EC) No. 846/2009, the Centre for Regional Development, being a controller in several projects, applies a risk based sampling method to select project partners for an on-the-spot check. In addition, Czech Lead Partners will be checked on-the-spot at least once.

Guidance documents

  • The Eligibility Handbook is available for download from this web page: 
  • The necessary guidelines for Czech partners in relation to first level control and FLC annexes can be downloaded from the CRD CR\'s web page:


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