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INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Event

Brussels, Belgium

May 2014 22 Register Now


Sylvia Amann 

Expert in Creative industries, Inforelais, Austria

Ms Amann is the director of inforelais, a consulting company in the fields of regional development, creative economy and EU funding. She was in charge of coaching regional authorities, partners in the INTERREG IVC project CREA.RE, and advised the European Design Innovation Initiative project, ‘SEE-platform’. Silvia is frequently involved in European Commission policy-making initiatives on creative industries.

Joachim Bergerhoff

Expert in Sustainable transport, STIB, Belgium

Mr Bergerhoff is Senior Strategic Analyst at STIB, the public transport operator of Brussels. Before his current assignment, he worked for the International Association for Public Transport (UITP), on transport policy, transport planning, public transport marketing and promotion of non-motorised transport, in regions as diverse as the Walloon Region of Belgium, Geneva, and Kosovo.

Carl Arvid Dahlöf 

Expert in Innovation systems, Inno AG filial Scandinavia, Sweden

Mr Dahlöf is a consultant at inno AG's Stockholm office, where he has been involved as an evaluator in a number of EU-funded projects. Currently he serves as an INTERREG IVC Capitalisation Expert for the Innovation Systems topic. He has previous experience at the EU Delegation to the US and the Swedish Embassy in Washington, DC. Carl Arvid holds a MSc in Management and Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology. 

Arjan de Bruin  

Expert in Entrepreneurship, Greenovate Europe! / Van der Meer & van Tilburg, The Netherlands

Mr de Bruin is a partner and Managing Director of Van der Meer & Van Tilburg, with a background in industrial engineering. He has worked with industrial companies, universities, branch associations, and policymakers and is specialised in the fields of innovation, performance and quality management, technology commercialisation, complex knowledge transfer projects and entrepreneurship. Arjan has carried out several studies on innovation and new technology in materials management.

Philippe Delearde  

Expert in Innovation capacity of SMEs, Inno AG, France

Mr Delearde is an expert in innovation policy, working for public authorities as well as for large enterprises. He has carried out many evaluations of public policies and has recently dealt with regional innovation strategies and smart specialisation strategies. He is also managing incubators for young entrepreneurs.

Asel Doranova   

Expert in Eco-innovation, Technopolis, Belgium

Ms Doranova is an expert for Technopolis Group where she focuses on eco-innovation, sustainability and energy policies. She works extensively with the European Commission’s DG Environment, DG Regio, DG RTD as well as UNIDO and the OECD on the topic of eco-innovation, green and sustainable growth. Asel has a PhD in Economics and Policy studies of Technical Change, and Master’s degrees in Environmental Sciences & Policy and Development Studies.

Roos Galjaard    

Expert in Demographic change, Bureau PAU, The Netherlands

Ms Galjaard has been working as researcher, consultant and project manager at Bureau PAU since 2007. She has more than ten years' experience with INTERREG projects specialised in demographic change and e-inclusion in ageing Europe. In addition, Roos conducted research on the consequences of demographic change in the province of Groningen and on policy responses to population decline in Scotland, France and Germany for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Netherlands. In 2012 she was appointed as expert to execute the INTERREG IVC capitalisation topic on Demographic Change.  She is also conducting the study on demographic change for the INTERREG IVB Central Europe programme.

Gil Gonçalves 

Expert in E-government services, INOVA+, Portugal

Mr Gonçalves is Chief Scientific Officer at INOVAMAIS – a leading company in innovation studies, research management and technology transfer. He is also a lecturer and researcher at the Engineering School of the University of Porto. His main fields of expertise are ICTs for sustainable and smart cities and regions, simulation of complex systems, and system engineering. Gil is a founder of several technology-based start-ups that develop ICT-based solutions for efficient and effective administration and work, healthcare and environmental monitoring.

Peter Heydebreck

Expert in Innovation systems, Inno AG, Germany

Prof Dr Heydebreck is a thematic expert for the Innovation Systems theme of the INTERREG IVC programme. He mentors and advises national and regional governments and multi-national organisations (e.g. EU, OECD, UNIDO) in the field of innovation policy and competitiveness and has also served as a member of the Research Commission of the German Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat). Peter holds a professorship for Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Malmö (Sweden).

Gosse Hiemstra 

Expert in Entrepreneurship, Greenovate Europe! / Van der Meer & van Tilburg, The Netherlands

Mr Hiemstra is a partner and Managing Director of Van der Meer & Van Tilburg, with over 25 years’ experience in innovation, strategy development, and commercialisation of new technologies. Gosse holds an MSc in chemical engineering and an MSc in business administration. He has provided consultancy for individual companies and has managed multi-company and multi-sector projects throughout Europe for both governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Simon Hunkin

Expert in Renewable energy, Greenovate!Europe, Belgium

Mr Hunkin holds responsibilities in communications, policy and projects at Greenovate! Europe. Prior to this, he worked for a British electoral reform campaign and a member of the House of Commons. Simon holds a BA in History and an MA in European Studies (politics and economics) from King’s College London, with a specialisation in European-level lobbying and environmental policy-making.

Katharina Krell 

Expert in Renewable energy, Greenovate! Europe, Belgium

Ms Krell is co-founder and Managing Director of Greenovate! Europe, and previously worked as Secretary General for EUREC Agency, representing Europe's top renewable energy R&D centres. Here she co-ordinated the ProRETT project for promoting renewable energy technology transfer. Katharina holds a BA in International Relations and an MBA from United Business Institutes in Brussels.

Bastian Lange

Expert in Creative industries, Multiplicities, Germany

Dr Lange is an urban and economic geographer specialised on creative industries, governance and regional development. He spearheads the research and strategic consultancy office Multiplicities-Berlin and specialises in socio-economic transformation processes within the creative knowledge age, refining them into a useable form for the fields of politics, business and creative scenes. Bastien was guest professor at the Humboldt University in Berlin between 2011 and 2012 and is a fellow of the Georg Simmel Centre for Metropolitan Research at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Marco Mastretta 

Expert in Sustainable transport, Ing. Marco Mastretta, Italy

Mr Mastretta is an independent consultant in the field of transport engineering working for public bodies and private companies. He has 30 years' experience on urban mobility and the application of ICT to mobility, supported by skills in management, economic and social issues. He has previously managed national and European research projects.

Jennifer McGuinn

Expert in Climate change, Milieu Ltd, Belgium

Ms McGuinn is an EU environmental and economic policy expert and a principal policy advisor with the Brussels law and policy consultancy Milieu Ltd. Her specific expertise includes the interactions between EU Cohesion Policy and the environment, regional planning, and environmental assessment. Jennifer also has extensive experience working on climate change mitigation and adaptation for the EU institutions.

Séverine Ouvry

Expert in Innovation capacity of SMEs, Inno TSD, France

Ms Ouvry is an expert in innovation. Her background as a researcher in the United States and her experience in a French Innovation Agency has allowed her to gain experience to help SMEs, academic researchers and other stakeholders build multi-disciplinary research projects and innovation services. Séverine joined inno as a consultant in economic development and policy evaluation.

Christophe Pannetier 

Expert in E-government services, i-solutio, France

Mr Pannetier is an expert on public policies, economy and digital innovation. He is CEO of a business consulting company working on digital innovation for territories. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of IT and project management for public authorities in France and in Europe. He holds a PhD in Policy Science and is a lecturer in Science Po Lille. Christophe was recently elected as councillor on innovation in a city of 22,000 people near Lille.

Koen Rademaekers 

Expert in Energy efficiency, Triple E Conuslting, The Netherlands

Mr Rademaekers is a managing director of Triple E Consulting. His energy and environmental experience covers financial, industrial, policy and technical expertise with experience ranging from the academic (assistant professor at the VUB), to the private as well as the public sector. Prior to starting-up Triple E Consulting, Koen was head of Ecorys’ Energy & Environment unit for more than 5 years. He has managed international teams and completed many assignments for the European Commission, the EIB, World Bank, EBRD, and IADB. 

Laura Roman  

Expert in Eco-innovation, Technopolis Group, Belgium

Ms Roman is the regional innovation policy expert at the Technopolis Group. She is involved in the management of the European Regional Innovation Monitor platform and contributed to the Regional Innovation Scoreboard Report for DG Enterprise & Industry. She is also a part of the EU Eco-Innovation Observatory team, where she works on a number of thematic and country reports and briefs. Laura holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

Astrid Severin

Expert in Renewable energy, Greenovate! Europe, Belgium

Ms Severin is co-founder and Managing Director of Greenovate! Europe, and previously worked as Policy Officer at DG Enterprise and Industry. Being responsible for the PAXIS initiative, she gained substantial experience in regional innovation policy for innovation financing, technology transfer, incubation, and innovation management. Before joining the Commission, Astrid was a senior consultant at Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications.

Marloes Sikkema

Expert in Entrepreneurship, Greenovate Europe! / Van der Meer & van Tilburg, The Netherlands

Ms Sikkema is a consultant at Van der Meer & van Tilburg and has consultancy expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, collaborative innovation projects, knowledge management, business modelling, project management, strategy and business planning. Marloes has a Master’s degree in innovation management and a Bachelor’s in product development and has previously worked on regional knowledge infrastructure and policy for innovative entrepreneurs at the Living Lab in Leiden.

Robert Stussi

Expert in Sustainable transport, Perform Energia, Portugal

Mr Stussi is a director and owner of Perform Energy – a mobility, transport, energy and environment consulting firm. He is also an advisor to governmental, regional and local authorities and Vice-President of the Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association (APVE). Robert holds a Master’s of Science in Urban and Regional Planning. 

Geert Van der Veen 

Expert in Eco-innovation, Technopolis Consulting Group, The Netherlands

Mr Van der Veen is a senior consultant and director of the Technopolis Group in the Netherlands. He is specialised in science and innovation policy and eco-innovation and sustainability. He holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Technology. He also managed various government support programmes in the area of eco-innovation with the Dutch agency for technology policy implementation (Senter).

Bart Van Herck 

Expert in Rural development, IDEA Consult, Belgium

Mr Van Herck works as manager and expert for the Regional and Urban development unit at IDEA Consult. He manages strategic studies for public authorities, evaluation studies and reports on EU structural and rural development funds. Before joining the IDEA team, he managed the rural development strategy and the rural projects in ‘the Meetjesland’, situated in the Flemish part of Belgium.

Venelina Varbova

Expert in Climate change, The Regional Environmental Center for CEE, Hungary

Ms Varbova works as an expert in the Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe and has ten years’ experience in the management and implementation of environmental projects across the EU. She specialises in environmental economics, climate change, low-carbon economy, regional development and the integration of environmental issues into Cohesion Policy funding. She has experience in the preparation of studies, reports, guidance manuals and other documents on environmental topics.

Robert Williams 

Expert in Energy efficiency, Triple E Consulting, UK

Mr Williams is a senior consultant with Triple E Consulting, expert in energy and the environment. His almost 20 years of consultancy experience includes extensive policy and programme evaluation and analysis work for the European Commission and the UK government. Rob's knowledge of the low-carbon economy includes technologies, incentives, finance, innovation and skills. Graduateship in Marketing (MII) and a MBS Government from University College Cork.

Marie-Jose Zondag 

Expert in Rural development, Ecorys NL, the Netherlands

Ms Zondag is a senior consultant at Ecorys with over 15 years experience in territorial cohesion, European funds, regional, urban and rural development. She provides training, moderates events, manages and evaluates projects, develops indicators and strategies, researches and advises. Marie-Jose has a broad knowledge of EU policies and detailed knowledge of good practices and local, regional and national developments throughout Europe. 


Below you will find an alphabetical list of all the speakers that will be present in the event and 12 thematic workshops.


Brian Ahern

Project Engineer, Cork County Council, Ireland

Mr Ahern is an expert in project development and delivery. In his current role within the Energy Section of Cork County Council he has developed an interactive energy data capture tool allowing for real-time analysis and comparison of data uasage across 2,000 individual energy accounts.  Mr. Ahern holds an honours degree in engineering from University College Cork.  In his spare time he is also involved in a local bird watching group and various environmental protection projects.

Sergio Alegre Calero

Vice Mayor, Local Government, Spain

Mr Calero is the vice-mayor of El Prat (70.000 habitants, Barcelona) in charge of urban planning, mobility and envirommental issues. He is a member of the Parliament of Barcelona Metropolitan Area and member of the board of the public Barcelona Metropolitan Transport company. President of ARC (Airport Regions Conference), Sergi is also involved in the Barcelona Airport and Harbour Mobility Table.

Tom Cahill-Jones 

Cross Innovation Project Manager, Birmingham City University UK

Dr Cahill-Jones is the manager of the INTERREG IVC project Cross Innovation, which aims to investigate how the creative industries can drive new thinking in other growth sectors. He also contributes to the European Design Innovation Platform and has initiated a number of community-based arts projects. Tom holds a PhD in Electroacoustic Music Composition.

Frédéric Delhommeau   

Project manager, Prioriterre, France

Mr Delhommeau is project manager at a French local energy advice agency in Haute-Savoie where he implements awareness-raising campaigns and projects dedicated and adapted to companies, local authorities & private households, on a broad range of topics such as energy efficiency, water and consumption as well as sustainable transport and fuel poverty.

Thomas Ducloutrier  

Project Manager – Head of Territorial Cooperation, Regional Tourism Development Board of Auvergne,France

Mr Ducloutrier is the Head of Territorial Cooperation at the Regional Tourism Development Board of Auvergne (France). In his current position he launched and managed the INTERREG IVC projects ICER and CesR, both dedicated to rural development issues. He has twelve years' experience in tourism development and eight years' managing interregional cooperation projects. Thomas graduated in Rural Development Engineering (Vetagro Sup) and holds an MBA from France Business School. 

Ioannis Fallas   

Director, Cluster of Bioenergy and Environment of West Macedonia, Greece

Dr Fallas is the Director of the West Macedonia Bioenergy and Environment Cluster in Greece. For more than 20 years, he has been managing many EU cooperation projects (FP7, Interreg, Med, Black Sea, etc), lately focusing on European wood, biomass and bioenergy clusters. Ioanis is a mining engineer and holds a PhD degree on clusters from the Aristoteles University of Thessaloniki.

Vanessa L. Garwood   

Consultant, Blue-eyed Tiger Consulting, UK

Ms Garwood is an Economic Development practitioner working with communities, enterprises and the public sector.  She has a mix of practical and academic knowledge with a special interest in integrated rural development. Qualified in Management, Rural Community Development and Business Enterprise, she develops and manages strategic programmes and also delivers practical regeneration projects. Outside her 'day job', Vanessa has a qualification in Organic Farming, runs a small farm and supports the operations of a family agricultural contracting business. 

Ken Gericke

Expert Advisor, Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Mr Gericke is the INTERREG IVC e-CREATE project coordinator at the Ministry of Regional Development and Transport Saxony-Anhalt. The project enhances the competiveness of rural tourism businesses with ICT. Ken studied Urban and Regional Planning both at the Berlin Institute of Technology and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He was also involved in various projects across Europe and China.

Giovanni Grazia  

ICT Project Manager, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Mr Grazia is an ICT Project Manager at Regione Emilia-Romagna, an Italian local government authority, where he is responsible for designing, evaluating and implementing open source solutions, open standards and reuse actions. He is a web accessibility and usability expert and has more than 10 years of experience in developing e-governement projects.

Mario Hergesell  

Hydrogeologist Hessian Agency for the Environment and Geology (HLUG), Germany

Mr Hergesell is a hydrogeologist at the Hessian Agency of the Environment and Geology. He has over twelve years of experience in water balance and groundwater modelling. In his current position he in charge of investigating the impacts of climate change on groundwater in Hessen. He is involved in various climate change projects developing adaptation strategies. Within the INTERREG IVC project WATER CoRe, Mario led the working group on “Climate Change and Water Management”.

Pertti Hermannek

Founder PH Projectmanagement & Consulting, Germany

Mr Hermannek is an expert in INTERREG, structural funds and European cohesion policy with 20 years of experience in these fields. He worked at the Investitionsbank Brandenburg for 15 years, implementing European grants and managed several INTERREG projects, among them the INTERREG IVC project, DART. He now works as a freelance consultant on project and programme development, management, communication and public affairs.

Age Niels Holstein

Programme Manager, The Nieuw-West City District of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mr Holstein started his professional career as a policymaker in the Dutch environmental movement, before becoming department secretary for the Advisory Council on City Development of the City of Amsterdam. In 2000, he started working for the Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, now Nieuw-West, City District of Amsterdam, first as a policymaker (planning and traffic management), then, as of 2003, as development and regeneration project manager. In his current position as a programme manager Age Niels works on neighbourhood action plans, urban regeneration projects and European projects, with a specific interest in climate change adaptation in urban areas (e.g. GRaBS, C-Change).


Ioannis Kaplanis 

Economist, OECD Headquarters France, Greece

Dr Kaplanis works as an Economist at the OECD Regional Development Policy Division. He is currently the coordinator of the Urban Policy Review of China, while in the past he worked on the Urban Policy Review of Chile, the Metropolitan Reviews of Puebla (Mexico) and Antofagasta (Chile). Ioannis holds a PhD in Economic Geography (LSE), an MSc in Economics (University of Manchester) and a BSc in Mathematics and Economics (LSE). Before joining OECD, Ioannis worked as a Research Fellow at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain), as a Research Economist at the Spatial Economics Research Centre (LSE) and as an Economist for the Mayor of London.

Helle Knudsen  

Project Manager, Region of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Ms Knudsen is Project Manager of the INTERREG IVC Mini-programme LoCaRe - Low Carbon Economy Regions. In her current position as Chief Consultant in the Region of Southern Denmark she is implementing results of LoCaRe in the field of Energy Efficiency and Climate. She is an experienced project manager in European programmes and has worked with European regional policies at the Assembly of European Regions in Strasbourg. 

Nina Lakeberg 

Cross Innovation Policy Researcher, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom/Germany

Ms Lakeberg is a policy researcher at Birmingham City University and Multiplicities Berlin. She specialises in cross innovation, SME internationalisation and city district development. Nina has experience working with a number of regional and transnational projects linking the creative economy with other growth sectors – Cross Innovation, ECCE innovation, Planet Modulor, KMU-kreativ. Her background is in political science, business and cultural studies.

Michel Lamblin

Programme Director, INTERREG IVC, France

Mr Lamblin is the Director of the INTERREG IVC Programme. Michel has a strong background in coordinating European operations and, in his previous role as Head of European and International Affairs for the French Nord-Pas de Calais Region. With post-graduate diplomas in Engineering, Spatial Planning and Business Administration, Michel worked for over ten years in the Energy and Waste sector before moving to the European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies in Brussels and becoming National Expert in the European Commission’s DG Environment in 1993.

Christophe Lecante 

CEO, TecKnowMetrix, France

Mr Lecante is the founder and CEO of TecKnowMetric. TKM develops data mining software and techniques that are used on technological literature (patents or scientific articles) in the perspective of delivering business intelligence services for innovation and research. Since then, Christophe has led numerous missions in innovation management, technological watch, technology transfer, diversification and innovative company creation. Clients are mainly large firms, public research organisations, incubators, venture capitalists and SME’s.

Dominique Lorrette

European Affairs Officer, Regional council of Lorraine, France

Mr Lorrette is European affairs officer at the Regional Council of Lorraine in France. In his current position, he manages various European projects financed by the INTERREG IVC, LIFE, Leonardo or Comenius programmes. He was one of the regional coordinators of INTERREG IVC “CREATOR” project. Dominique is also acting as a contact person for the INTERREG VB North-West Europe and INTERREG Europe programmes.

Eva Lundin 

Senior Advisor, Hedmark County Council, Norway   

Mrs Lundin is senior advisor in the department of International Relations at Hedmark County Council. Mrs Lundin has more than 15 years experience of regional development in various positions, institutions and countries. Starting as a project manager in an ICT and entrepreneurship project for Swedish farmers, Eva continued as a mid-term expert in a SIDA-financed project in FYROM, introducing EU to Macedonian farmers' associations. Mrs Lundin has a Master's degree in Economy from the Swedish University of Agriculture. She has been deputy head of trade and industry at the County Administrative Board of Dalarna Sweden. 

Marko Mälly

Senior Advisor/International affairs, Regional Council of Päijät-Häme, Finland

Mr Mälly is Senior Advisor for International Affairs at the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme, Finland. He has fifteen years' working experience in the fields of international regional development work and international EU project management. He is closely involved in the work of the international regional co-operation organisations. Marco holds a MA and MSSc and is a PhD student in International Relations.

Isabella Marangoni 

Officer in charge European Policies Dept, City of Venice, Italy

Ms Marangoni is the officer in charge of the City of Venice European Policies Department, which has managed all the EU projects in which the City has been involved since 2001. She has been project manager in several projects led by the City of Venice, such as the INTERREG IVC project I-SPEED, which fostered competitiveness and sustainability of the tourism economy through the efficient use of ICT.

Cristina Marina

Project Manager Social Entrepreneurship, Ada-und-Theodor-Lessing-Volkshochschule Hannover, Germany

Ms Marina  worked as a consultant in the field of development cooperation with a focus on women’s health and rights before joining the Municipality of the City of Hannover. Since 2012, she has been working as a Project Manager on diversity issues with the Adult Education Centre of the City of Hannover. In January 2014, Cristina joined the Department of Vocational Training on a permanent basis. Social Entrepreneurship is one of her core areas of responsibility.

Markku Markkula 

CoR Member, Rapporteur on Horizon 2020 & Industrial Renaissance, EU Committee of the Regions, Finland

Mr Markkula is a member of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) with influential positions as the Chair of EPP-CoR Task Force on Europe 2020, and the Rapporteur on opinions Horizon 2020, Closing the Innovation Divide and Industrial Renaissance. He works within Aalto University as the Advisor to Aalto Presidents. Markku belongs to the EU Smart Specialisation Mirror Group and is also the Chair of the Espoo City Planning Board. 

Vaido Mikheim  

Project Manager, Tartu Science Park, Estonia

Mr Mikheim is currently working in Tartu Science Park, Estonia and dealing with regional development topics. He has four years public sector competence under his belt working with different EU projects and is very active in regional development and smart specialisation issues. Previously, Vaido worked for seven years in the manufacturing industry. He is also involved in BASTIC - Baltic Association of Science, Technology Parks and Innovation Centers.

Terry O'Brien 

EU Projects Manager, South-East Regional Authority, Ireland

Mr O'Brien is EU Projects Manager with the South-East Regional Authority in Ireland.  Terry manages a number of EU funded projects on behalf of the authority, including INTERREG IVA and IVC.  Terry has worked on many European-funded projects, and has wide-ranging  public sector experience at local government, academic and regional government levels.

Iina Oilinki  

Senior Adviser, City of Helsinki, Finland

Ms Oilinki is a senior adviser at the City Executive Office, City Competitiveness Unit of the City of Helsinki. She has 14 years experience of managing European projects both at the city level and at various universities in the Helsinki region. Ms Oilinki holds a masters degree (M.Sc.) in sociology from the University of Helsinki.

Renate Ortmanns-Möller   

Regional deveolpment, District administration Lüchow-Dannenberg, Germany

Ms Ortmanns-Möller is responsible for regional development and EU coordination at the district administration in Lüchow-Dannenberg. She has over 14 years experience in managing European Structural Funds programmes.

Bob Pels  

General Manager European Territorial Cooperation, Province of Flevoland, Netherlands

Mr Pels is the general manager of a group of INTERREG IVC projects. He is also contact person for the Assembly of European Regions and EURISY. Bob is a member of the Steering Group of the Interreg VA Deutschland - Nederland programme and a member of the National Advisory Committee of INTERREG Europe.

Alexandra Pisco  

Director, Maisons de Mode, France

Ms Pisco, fashion designer herself, worked for several brands before becoming a Trend and Design consultant for a variety of industries. Her tenure as Director of Maisons de Mode started in January 2008. Since, Alexandra and the expert team have turned Maisons de Mode into one of the top fashion business incubators that now serve as a model throughout Europe.

Henrik Poulsen 

Manager, The Green Entrepreneur House, Denmark

Mr Poulsen has an extensive knowledge of cleantech, business development and entrepreneurship. As manager of The Green Entrepreneur House he has helped more than 100 startups cross the valley of death by making the product and business development customer-driven.  He has more than 25 years' experience within cleantech, innovation, entrepreneurship, business development and has successfully been an entrepreneur.

Jean-Marie Pruvot  

CEO, NFID, France

Mr Pruvot is the CEO of NFID, the regional innovation and entrepreneurship agency for Northern France region. NFID is in charge of providing impetus, coordinating and following-up the implementation of the Regional Innovation Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) and providing services to the operators network.

Mélanie Rasquin  

Coordinator, Grants and Partnership Unit - Municipality of Schaerbeek, Belgium

Ms Rasquin, as a coordinator of the Grants and Partnerships unit of the municipality of Schaerbeek, is managing all projects fully or partly financed by outside partners, including the European Union. In this framework, she was the coordinator for Schaerbeek of the project EU 2020 Going Local, financed by INTERREG IVC. She has 12 years' experience in projects and programmes management, including strategic planning and development, in both public and private sector. 

Malgorzata Ratkowska  

Top specialist on international projects, City Hall of Gdansk, Poland

Ms Ratkowska is an expert in international project management. She has over thirteen years’ experience managing smart European projects within various programmes (FP5, Phare, Interreg IIIC, Interreg IIIB and INTERREG IVC, MedPact, etc.). She also worked as site manager of MIMOSA Civitas Plus FP7 project for the city of Gdansk. Presently, Malgorzata is manager of the INTERREG IVC project, CycleCities. She is also a contact officer on behalf of Gdansk in EUROCITIES and Civitas Forum and National Network Manager for CIVINET Poland.

Ingrid Rozhon  

Project Manager, Lower Austrian Regional Government; Office Department of environmental and energy economics, Austria

Ms Rozhon is an expert in project management and public relations with more than 15 years' experience in the private and public sector. She is currently project manager of the INTERREG IVC project, RECOMMEND.  Before that, she worked as event manager at the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. Ingrid holds a degree in Political Science and Public Relations.


Sixto Santonja-Hernandez 

Project Manager, ITE, Spain

Mr Santonja has over 22 years' experience in the telecommunications and energy sectors. Currently he is Project Manager at ITE (Instituto Tecnológico de la Energía) working on several projects on Smart Grids, Renewable Energies, eMobility, etc. Sixto coordinates two European FP7 projects: SMARTV2G and MOBINCITY.

Erwin Siweris

Deputy Programme Director, INTERREG IVC, France

Mr Siweris shares management of the INTERREG IVC programme with the Programme Director, with a particular emphasis on projects. He has experience in managing finances for the INTERREG IIC and IIIB programmes in Rostock, Germany; and two years with the Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel, Germany, advising SMEs about EU funding schemes. Before INTERREG IVC, Erwin was Deputy Programme Manager in the INTERREG IIIC West Programme.

Irmgard Starmann

Director, InKnowCom, Germany

Ms Starmann is director of Color&Brain, a company for private label innovations. She has a track-record of new inventions in the domains of green leisure, rural development and agro-food. Irmgard has developed the "conceptuation method" for accelerating innovations and the “context inspired learning ecosystem”. She has a background in landscape architecture and ecology, communication and new product/service development.

Etienne Viénot

Project manager, Rhônalpénergie-Environnement, France

Mr Viénot is project manager at Rhonalpénergie-Environnement, the regional energy agency of the Rhône-Alpes region in France. He is involved in climate change projects at EU and regional level, and provides energy data (consumption and production) and greenhouse gases emissions data for local authorities, through the regional energy and GHG observatory ʺOREGESʺ. Etienne is an expert in sustainable buildings, and promotes the convergence of buildings assesment tools at EU level, strongly supporting the Common European Sustainable Building Assesment (CESBA) initiative.

Christian Weinberger 

Senior Adviser - Entrepreneurship & SME Policy, European Commisison, Belgium

Mr Weinberger is a senior adviser on Entrepreneurship & SME Policy in DG Enterprise & Industry at the European Commission where he has been Head of Unit for Entrepreneurship Policy for more than 15 years. Before that, Christian worked in the private sector in a number of different positions and was an entrepreneur in the field of ICT.  

Colin Wolfe  

Head of Unit, European Commission, Belgium

Mr Wolfe is Head of the Competence Centre for Macro-regions and European Territorial Co-operation, within DG Regional Policy, European Commission. He is responsible for transnational cooperation programmes throughout Europe as well as the development and implementation work for the EU Strategies for the Baltic Sea Region, the Danube Region, and the Adriatic/Ionian Region. Since 1989, Colin has worked for what is now DG Budget, DG Employment, and DG Enlargement, negotiating the accession of Hungary and Malta. In 2001 he became Head of Unit in EuropeAid, covering institution-building in the Western Balkans, Caucasus and Central Asia. In 2003 he moved to DG Regional Policy to become Head of Unit for Czech Republic & Slovakia to oversee their accession. 

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