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INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Event

Brussels, Belgium

May 2014 22 Register Now

Innovation capacity of SMEs


Innovation is key to increasing SME competitiveness, growth and employment capabilities; however, SMEs usually face innovation barriers that slow their development. This workshop will show how managing authorities have answered some of the following questions: How to finance innovation and innovative SMEs? How to increase innovation management skills? How to support SMEs in their R&D needs? How to improve their marketing of innovation and internationalisation? How to help them collaborate and use external parties?


Philippe Delearde  

Expert in Innovation capacity of SMEs, Inno AG, France

Mr Delearde is an expert in innovation policy, working for public authorities as well as for large enterprises. He has carried out many evaluations of public policies and has recently dealt with regional innovation strategies and smart specialisation strategies. He is also managing incubators for young entrepreneurs.

Séverine Ouvry

Expert in Innovation capacity of SMEs, Inno TSD, France

Ms Ouvry is an expert in innovation. Her background as a researcher in the United States and her experience in a French Innovation Agency has allowed her to gain experience to help SMEs, academic researchers and other stakeholders build multi-disciplinary research projects and innovation services. Séverine joined inno as a consultant in economic development and policy evaluation.


Christophe Lecante 

CEO, TecKnowMetrix, France

Mr Lecante is the founder and CEO of TecKnowMetric. TKM develops data mining software and techniques that are used on technological literature (patents or scientific articles) in the perspective of delivering business intelligence services for innovation and research. Since then, Christophe has led numerous missions in innovation management, technological watch, technology transfer, diversification and innovative company creation. Clients are mainly large firms, public research organisations, incubators, venture capitalists and SME’s.


Event report

Read the "photo-reportage" on the policy learning and the inspiring ideas we have exchanged in Brussels.


Innovation capacity of SMEs


Philippe Delearde /  Overview on Innovation capacity of SMEs


Innovation capacity of SMEs


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