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INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Event

Brussels, Belgium

May 2014 22 Register Now


Eco-innovation is increasingly seen as a one of the main drivers for economic recovery and growth. Green market and industries are growing fast. They offer substantial economic opportunities businesses and can help generate new jobs. In the 2014-2020 period the EC will provide substantial support for greening and strengthening the regional economies. However there are still many challenges in regions in taking up eco-innovation. This workshop will address what regional actors can do in order to both boost development of their region and keep it green and sustainable.


Asel Doranova   

Expert in Eco-innovation, Technopolis, Belgium

Ms Doranova is an expert for Technopolis Group where she focuses on eco-innovation, sustainability and energy policies. She works extensively with the European Commission’s DG Environment, DG Regio, DG RTD as well as UNIDO and the OECD on the topic of eco-innovation, green and sustainable growth. Asel has a PhD in Economics and Policy studies of Technical Change, and Master’s degrees in Environmental Sciences & Policy and Development Studies.

Laura Roman  

Expert in Eco-innovation, Technopolis Group, Belgium

Ms Roman is the regional innovation policy expert at the Technopolis Group. She is involved in the management of the European Regional Innovation Monitor platform and contributed to the Regional Innovation Scoreboard Report for DG Enterprise & Industry. She is also a part of the EU Eco-Innovation Observatory team, where she works on a number of thematic and country reports and briefs. Laura holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin.

Geert Van der Veen 

Expert in Eco-innovation, Technopolis Consulting Group, The Netherlands

Mr Van der Veen is a senior consultant and director of the Technopolis Group in the Netherlands. He is specialised in science and innovation policy and eco-innovation and sustainability. He holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Technology. He also managed various government support programmes in the area of eco-innovation with the Dutch agency for technology policy implementation (Senter).


Marko Mälly

Senior Advisor/International affairs, Regional Council of Päijät-Häme, Finland

Mr Mälly is Senior Advisor for International Affairs at the Regional Council of Päijät-Häme, Finland. He has fifteen years' working experience in the fields of international regional development work and international EU project management. He is closely involved in the work of the international regional co-operation organisations. Marco holds a MA and MSSc and is a PhD student in International Relations.

Henrik Poulsen 

Manager, The Green Entrepreneur House, Denmark

Mr Poulsen has an extensive knowledge of cleantech, business development and entrepreneurship. As manager of The Green Entrepreneur House he has helped more than 100 startups cross the valley of death by making the product and business development customer-driven.  He has more than 25 years' experience within cleantech, innovation, entrepreneurship, business development and has successfully been an entrepreneur.

Ingrid Rozhon  

Project Manager, Lower Austrian Regional Government; Office Department of environmental and energy economics, Austria

Ms Rozhon is an expert in project management and public relations with more than 15 years' experience in the private and public sector. She is currently project manager of the INTERREG IVC project, RECOMMEND.  Before that, she worked as event manager at the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. Ingrid holds a degree in Political Science and Public Relations.


Event report

Read the "photo-reportage" on the policy learning and the inspiring ideas we have exchanged in Brussels.




Asel Doranova, Geert van der Veen, Laura Roman, Henrik Poulsen, Ingrid Rozhon, Marko Mälly  / Overview on Eco-innovation




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