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INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Event

Brussels, Belgium

May 2014 22 Register Now

Climate change

The purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss good practices on climate change adaptation and mitigation, looking at past achievements of INTERREG IVC projects and opportunities for the future. 

The workshop will feature concrete examples of project achievements and valuable practices that have innovative aspects and can be of use for other regions across Europe.  A panel of project representatives with hands-on experience planning and implementing climate change policy and actions will answer questions about facing the challenges and finding workable solutions.


Jennifer McGuinn

Expert in Climate change, Milieu Ltd, Belgium

Ms McGuinn is an EU environmental and economic policy expert and a principal policy advisor with the Brussels law and policy consultancy Milieu Ltd. Her specific expertise includes the interactions between EU Cohesion Policy and the environment, regional planning, and environmental assessment. Jennifer also has extensive experience working on climate change mitigation and adaptation for the EU institutions.

Venelina Varbova

Expert in Climate change, The Regional Environmental Center for CEE, Hungary

Ms Varbova works as an expert in the Regional Environmental Centre for Central and Eastern Europe and has ten years’ experience in the management and implementation of environmental projects across the EU. She specialises in environmental economics, climate change, low-carbon economy, regional development and the integration of environmental issues into Cohesion Policy funding. She has experience in the preparation of studies, reports, guidance manuals and other documents on environmental topics.


Mario Hergesell  

Hydrogeologist Hessian Agency for the Environment and Geology (HLUG), Germany

Mr Hergesell is a hydrogeologist at the Hessian Agency of the Environment and Geology. He has over twelve years of experience in water balance and groundwater modelling. In his current position he in charge of investigating the impacts of climate change on groundwater in Hessen. He is involved in various climate change projects developing adaptation strategies. Within the INTERREG IVC project WATER CoRe, Mario led the working group on “Climate Change and Water Management”.

Age Niels Holstein

Programme Manager, The Nieuw-West City District of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mr Holstein started his professional career as a policymaker in the Dutch environmental movement, before becoming department secretary for the Advisory Council on City Development of the City of Amsterdam. In 2000, he started working for the Geuzenveld-Slotermeer, now Nieuw-West, City District of Amsterdam, first as a policymaker (planning and traffic management), then, as of 2003, as development and regeneration project manager. In his current position as a programme manager Age Niels works on neighbourhood action plans, urban regeneration projects and European projects, with a specific interest in climate change adaptation in urban areas (e.g. GRaBS, C-Change).

Etienne Viénot

Project manager, Rhônalpénergie-Environnement, France

Mr Viénot is project manager at Rhonalpénergie-Environnement, the regional energy agency of the Rhône-Alpes region in France. He is involved in climate change projects at EU and regional level, and provides energy data (consumption and production) and greenhouse gases emissions data for local authorities, through the regional energy and GHG observatory ʺOREGESʺ. Etienne is an expert in sustainable buildings, and promotes the convergence of buildings assesment tools at EU level, strongly supporting the Common European Sustainable Building Assesment (CESBA) initiative.


Event report

Read the "photo-reportage" on the policy learning and the inspiring ideas we have exchanged in Brussels.


Climate change


Jennifer McGuinn, Venelina Varbova / Capitalising on Regions' climate change experience

Etienne Vienot / Reporting GHG emissions: challenges and solutions for local and regional authorities

Mario Hergesell / Lessons learnt and follow-up activities of the WATER CoRe project 

Age Niels Holstein / EU Climate Change Policies: Iteration of assessment, planning and action (APA)


Climate change


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