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Results of Monitoring Committee meeting

The first set of project applications to come under the scrutiny of the INTERREG IVC Monitoring Committee was the Capitalisation projects (Capitalisation Projects are interregional cooperation projects which focus specifically on the transfer of regional development good practices into mainstream EU ...) . The meeting took place in Ljubljana on 24 April 2008. We have the pleasure of announcing that out of the twelve eligible applications presented to the committee, six were approved under conditions.

Capitalisation projects – the second of two types of projects possible under INTERREG IVC – are projects that focus specifically on transferring already-identified good practices into Structural Funds (The EU's Structural Funds are administered by the Commission to finance Community structural aid. They comprise the Guidance Section of the EAGGF for agriculture, ...) mainstream programmes.

Here is an overview of the selected projects, which now enter the phase of fulfilling the conditions set by the Monitoring Committee:

ERIK ACTION – Upgrading the innovation capacity of existing firms
Improving the effectiveness of regional innovation support services is the objective of this Italian-led project, leading to an upgrade in the innovation capacity of businesses. Building on four years of networking experience within the ERIK network (DG REGIO’s Innovative Actions programme), the project partners aim to transfer the good practices already identified in the Erik database into regional mainstream programmes. The eleven partners in this project represent 10 countries, all of whom have identified innovation as a key priority in regional development. The project will therefore produce 11 regional action plans to ensure the successful transfer of these practices into regional policy. This project will benefit from Fast Track assistance from the EC.

Lead Partner: Regional Government of Tuscany (IT)

B3 Regions – Regions for better broadband connection
This project tackles a key theme for the development of the knowledge economy: implementing broadband connections in remote or disadvantaged areas. Based on the analysis that only about 60% of businesses and households in the remote and rural areas of the EU15 had access to broadband in 2005, compared with over 90% of urban areas, the project aims to transfer existing good practices in this domain to regions involved. Based on a partnership of 17 bodies representing eight countries, this project will contribute to the economic modernisation and increased competitiveness of Europe. This project will benefit from Fast Track assistance from the EC.

Lead Partner: Piedmont Region (IT)

RAPIDE – Regional Action Plans for Innovation Development and Enterprise
This project deals with the role of the public sector in stimulating innovation in regions, in particular helping mainly small businesses bring innovative products to market more quickly. By focusing on the good practices already identified in partner regions, gathered under the various national and European development programmes, the partners aim to develop robust, workable Action plans that each Region will implement. Thirteen partners from eleven Member States will thus stimulate innovation in regions, increase economic growth and therefore contribute directly to the EU agenda for Innovation and Knowledge economy. This project will benefit from Fast Track assistance from the EC.

Lead Partner: South West England Regional Development Agency

PIKE – Promoting Innovation and the Knowledge Economy
Building on the experiences shared under the INTERREG IIIC-funded project BRISE, this project seeks to stimulate the successful uptake of Information Society policies at regional level, particularly in the area of broadband and internet access, and eGovernment practices. This project will benefit from Fast Track assistance from the EC.

Lead Partner: ERNACT EEIG (IE)

ICHNOS PLUS – Innovation and Change: Network of one-stop shops for business – PLUS
ICHNOS PLUS aims to roll-out the models of one-stop shops for businesses developed under the INTERREG IIIC project (ICHNOS) to mainstream regional programmes. Through this, they aim to improve entrepreneurship policies by simplifying red tape for business start-ups. The seven partners, from seven different countries, are dedicated to implementing the models developed in their own region.

Lead Partner: ANCITEL Sardinia (IT)

ESF6 CIA – Capitalising innovative approaches towards demographic change
Best practices on tackling demographic change – notably a falling birth rate and increasing life span – are the subject of this project, capitalising on experiences gained under the Innovative Actions programme (article 6 – demographic change). The eleven partners, representing eight countries, will benefit from the various experiences of each partner. This project will benefit from Fast Track assistance from the EC.

Lead Partner: Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH (DE)

We would like to thank all applicants for their hard work in preparing their applications. Applicants who were unsuccessful this time have the opportunity of re-applying under the second call for projects.