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'PASE' finalist of the RegioStars Awards 2013
PASE logo'PASE' project, co-financed by INTERREG IVC, is among the 27 finalists of the 2013 RegioStars awards.

HomepageFLIPPER and SEE projects are nominated for the RegioStars Awards 2011

FLIPPER and SEE projects are nominated for the RegioStars Awards 2011

Two INTERREG IVC projects are among 21 finalists who compete for a RegioStars Award. FLIPPER and SEE projects might be labelled as most innovate regional projects in 2011.

The SEE project's aim is to pool knowledge, share experiences, stimulate debate, develop new thinking and build rapport and credibility in order to integrate design into policy at regional and national levels. The project  is nominated in Category 1: Networking and cluster initiatives supporting regional growth and SMEs access to global markets.

The RegioStars Jury 2011 highlighted that it is an interesting policy-building project in a forwarding-looking area – design as a source of innovation. It is broad in partnership and EU endorsement gives credibility to the statement that it paves the way towards new innovation policies.

The FLIPPER project addresses a key factor in the eco-sustainable development and social cohesion of European regions, through the investigation, exchange of experience, and transfer of good practices on Flexible Transport Services (FTS) for better mobility in cities, rural areas and small towns. The project is nominated in Category 4: Integrated, clean urban transport projects.

"The innovative approach of this network derives from the involvement of the staff of transport companies in accelerating the transfer and implementation of good practices providing innovative solutions to real needs. The midterm results are impressive and promise a significant impact overall" – states the RegioStars Jury 2011.

Winners of the awards will be announced on 23 June in Brussels during the annual conference  “Regions for Economic change Fostering Smart and sustainable Growth in Cities and Regions”

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