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HomepageFive INTERREG IVC projects submitted for Regio Stars Awards 2013

Five INTERREG IVC projects submitted for Regio Stars Awards 2013

Regio Stars 2013INTERREG IVC Managing Authority – the Conseil Régional Nord – Pas-de-Calais submitted five projects for the Regio Stars Awards 2013. Know-Man, C2CN, PASE, SUGAR and MKW projects will compete for the award to be internationally recognised as innovative projects which demonstrate good examples and could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.

The Regio Stars Awards are given out by the European Commission’s DG Regional Policy. Five categories were open to all programmes dealing with Structural Funds (The EU's Structural Funds are administered by the Commission to finance Community structural aid. They comprise the Guidance Section of the EAGGF for agriculture, ...) to submit relevant projects:

  • SMART GROWTH: Connecting universities to regional growth

INTERREG IVC project submitted: Know-Man

The KNOW-MAN project is aiming to improve regional development and spatial innovation policies by using tools of regional Knowledge Network Management.

  • SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: Supporting resource efficiency in SMEs

INTERREG IVC project submitted: C2CN

The Cradle to Cradle or C2C (metaphor, antagonism cradle to grave) approach on waste, waste = food, offers a breakthrough in waste prevention and production in continuous loops. The project foresees the transition from the current industrial model of ‘doing less bad’ to a system with healthy and safe products whose materials are renewable on short term (biological nutrients) or stay in cycles (technical nutrients).

  • INCLUSIVE GROWTH: Social innovation: creative responses to societal challenges

INTERREG IVC project submitted: PASE

The P.A.S.E. project "Public Policies and Social Enterprises" aims to support the exchange, sharing and transfer of good practices, knowledge and policy experience on social economy (SE) across the EU. PASE seeks to enforce the effectiveness of regional public policies in promoting and supporting social entrepreneurship and to increase the capacity of policy makers and local stakeholders in defining policies to foster social enterprises. Furthermore, it sets up specific tools to promote social entrepreneurship models, also by favouring the dissemination and transferring of the achieved results in each territory.

  • CITYSTAR: Integrated approaches to sustainable urban development

INTERREG IVC project submitted: SUGAR

The SUGAR (Sustainable Urban Goods logistics Achieved by Regional and local policies) thematic focus is on the development of public policies and measures improving the efficiency of urban freight transport and logistics, by taking into account spatial and territorial, economic, logistics and environmental issues in an integrated policy approach.

  • INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION: Promoting EU Regional policy with short videos

INTERREG IVC project submitted: MKW

Research does not always find its way into commercially valuable innovations - this is a specifically European problem. MKW project aims to bridge this gap within the innovation chain through concrete policy actions involving key stakeholders and innovation actors in the 12 partner regions of the project. The project video is a mix of animated stories and filmed interviews conveying the main objective of the project in a simple and understandable manner to the public.


The deadline for submitting applications was 20 April 2012. The applications are now being examined by a jury appointed by the EC, who will select a shortlist of finalists. The finalists will be invited to present their projects during the Regions for Economic Change (On 8 November 2006 the European Commission adopted a new initiative for the 2007-2013 programming period under the Territorial Cooperation objective called 'Regions ...) Conference 2013. The awards ceremony will take place during the Open Days 2013.

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