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Capitalisation workshop on eGovernment good practices

The INTERREG IVC Capitalisation project PIKE - Promoting Innovation and the Knowledge Economy - is organising a workshop in Brussels on 24 September 2009.

Entitled “eGovernment good practices transfer between regional authorities: experiences and challenges of INTERREG IVC Capitalisation projects”, the aim of the workshop is twofold:

- to disseminate the award-winning eGovernment and Wireless broadband good practices which form the basis of the PIKE project;
- to share and discuss the issues surrounding the transfer of good practices into mainstream EU Structural Funds (The EU's Structural Funds are administered by the Commission to finance Community structural aid. They comprise the Guidance Section of the EAGGF for agriculture, ...) programmes, which is the core element of the Regions for Economic Change (On 8 November 2006 the European Commission adopted a new initiative for the 2007-2013 programming period under the Territorial Cooperation objective called 'Regions ...) Fast Track networks.
The European Commission's General Directorates for Information Society & Media (DG Information Society and Media) and for Regional Policy (DG Regional Policy) along with the INTERREG IVC Secretariat and the PIKE project consortium have joined forces to produce this half-day event which will comprise a variety of presentations, panel discussions and a round table session.

The workshop is an essential date for other EU regions and practitioners with a keen interest on eGovernment systems and wireless broadband infrastructure and applications, and for partners of other Capitalisation projects (Capitalisation Projects are interregional cooperation projects which focus specifically on the transfer of regional development good practices into mainstream EU ...) .

For more details and to register for the workshop, please see the ePractice portal: