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HomepageMore than 80 participants attended the INTERREG IVC promotional seminar in Ruse (Bulgaria)

More than 80 participants attended the INTERREG IVC promotional seminar in Ruse (Bulgaria)

The INTERREG IVC - instruction for use seminar welcomed on 2 December in Ruse (BG) more than 80 participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Italy. The event was part of the specific communication strategy of Information Point (a body constituted in order to provide information as well as to promote the programme in a defined area) East to raise awareness about the benefits from interregional cooperation (Part of the C strand of the ETC (as well as of the former Interreg III Community Initiative), its aim is to promote exchange and transfer of knowledge and best ...) among those East area regions, which have not been involved in INTERREG IVC projects yet. The seminar was made possible with the kind support of the Bulgarian Ministry for Regional Development and Public Works, the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, as well as of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the programme.

The seminar participants learnt about the latest programme developments, about the specificities of Regional Initiative projects (Regional Initiative Projects are ‘classic’ interregional cooperation projects comparable to those already supported under the INTERREG IIIC programme. They allow ...) , as well as about the quality assessment (Second step of a two-step evaluation procedure operations applying for ERDF funds have to pass successfully in order to be considered for ERDF funding) criteria applied in the evaluation of submitted proposals. Around 20 East area partners in running INTERREG IVC projects shared their knowledge acquired through EU interregional cooperation and the positive impact of the lessons learnt on the development of their territories. 

The framework of the seminar comprised a plenary session  (1) (2) and four interactive workshops addressing the programme sub-themes (thematic sub-objectives under a given programme priority) of ‘Entrepreneurship and SMEs’, ‘Employment, human capital and education’, ‘Waste prevention and management’, and ‘Energy and sustainable transport’ (1) (2). The workshops offered an opportunity for the audience to get a closer look at the content of INTERREG IVC projects, e.g. good practices identified, positive changes taking place in East area partner regions as a result (Direct and indirect medium/long term effect of the project activities (e.g. number of regional policy changes, number of integrated energy plans ready for implementation, ...) of the interregional exchange of knowledge and experience, etc. For the project partners, on the other hand, the workshops served as means for establishing synergies and capitalising on the programme's achievements.

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