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INTERREG IVC Communication Seminars in Sofia

Working in groups on practical tasksTwo communication seminars for the recently approved 4th call projects and projects from all previous calls took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 17 and 18 April, 2012. The meeting provided projects with programme support and expert advice on pressing communication-related issues and encouraged exchange of experience among the new and the more advanced INTERREG IVC project partners.

Representatives of 63 projects from the 4th call met on the first day. They learned about INTERREG IVC publicity requirements and got advice on implementing their project's communication strategy in 4 workshops on media relations, stakeholder involvement, online presence, and writing.

Networking dinner at the end of the first day brought more experienced project representatives from the previous calls in contact with those from the 4th call. In an informal setting, they all could discuss their project’s communication challenges and share experience.

On the second day, representatives of 36 projects from the 1st – 3rd calls received a brief reminder on the INTERREG IVC publicity requirements.  The main focus was, however, on various helpful tips and tricks for improving projects’ communication performance. 3 workshops – on media relations, stakeholder engagement, and online presence – helped the projects review and assess their current communication and find room for improvement.

Exchanging ExperienceParticipants of the communication seminars had a chance to learn from experience and about some communication-related good practice (in the context of the INTERREG IVC programme, a good practice is defined as an initiative (e.g. methodologies, projects, processes, techniques) undertaken in one ...) of 15 different INTERREG IVC projects, which gave issue-specific presentations at the workshops.

All presentations from the communication seminars are now available for you to see and learn from. The event gallery you will remind you about the seminars.




WS1 'Impress the press' / Media Relations

WS2 'The Art of Persuasion' / Stakeholder Involvement

WS3 'Your E-Image' / Online Presence

WS4 'Write Right!' / Written Communication


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