INTERREG IVC: 729 good practices

Posted on 7th February 2013

After the latest update, a collection of 729 good practices that have been identified by the INTERREG IVC projects are now available online on our good practices database.

European Year of Citizens 2013 - For your rights and freedoms

Posted on 5th February 2013

We have been EU citizens for almost 20 years now. Most of us cherish the freedom of movement or the rights to live, vote or get education in any of the 27 EU countries, which gradually developed around the Union citizenship. Still, numerous barriers persist mainly due to our lack of knowledge of our EU rights and freedoms. The European Commission designated the year 2013 as the European Year of Citizens to overcome the remaining hurdles and strengthen people's awareness of their role as EU citizens.

INTERREG IVC project IPP presents advantages of internationalisation

Posted on 22nd January 2013

The Interregional Partnership Platform (IPP) project summarised their main findings at their final conference on the "Key strategies for internationalisation: Innovation and Interregional cooperation", organised on 29 November 2012 in Valencia, Spain.

RegioStars Awards 2014: call for applications

Posted on 16th January 2013

The RegioStars awards application process for the year 2014 is now open. The objective of the awards is to identify good practices in regional development and to highlight original and innovative projects which could be attractive and inspiring to other regions.

OPEN DAYS 2012 : Proceedings published

Posted on 14th January 2013

The Proceedings of the 10th European Week of Regions and Cities are now available. Both an electronic and printed version of the publication contains information of most of the OPEN DAYS' Brussels-based workshops. Summaries of the INTERREG IVC Programmes'organised workshops are also published in the report.

Project closure - FAQ

Posted on 19th December 2012

The most common questions and areas of concern for project closure have been gathered under the 'Resources for project partners' section. Essential reading for those preparing to close their projects!

OPEN DAYS 2013 kick-off meeting

Posted on 10th December 2012

Tuesday, 11 December, discover on livestream the 2013 thematic priorities, conditions of participation as well as the timetable for the next edition of OPEN DAYS.

Designation of the Managing Authority of the EU2020 Interregional Cooperation programme

Posted on 5th December 2012

The Programming Committee of the future EU Interregional Cooperation programme has decided on 29 November 2012 in Cyprus to officially launch an open call to authorities and organisations interested in being designated as Managing Authority of this programme for the period 2014-2022.

INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Workshops: follow up

Posted on 30th November 2012

12 INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Workshops were held with success in Brussels from 29 October to 16 November. 315 participants from 105 INTERREG IVC projects, thematic experts as well as European Commission representatives and other relevant actors or networks on the thematic fields were present. Presentations and photo gallery are now available online.

Moving towards citizen-centred e-government

Posted on 15th November 2012

A key output of the eCitizen II project - the Pan-European Best Practice Manual on eParticipation is now available online at, providing recommendations for local and regional administrations. This online tool allows practitioners all over Europe to share their best practice on implementing e-participation tools and processes.

Call for tenders for development, maintenance and upgrade of the INTERREG IVC website

Posted on 13th November 2012

The INTERREG IVC programme is looking for a company to take charge of transferring the programme website to a new Content Management System in Typo 3 (CMS), and to provide maintenance services for the CMS (LOT 1) and a specialized company to upgrade and improve the website upon request (LOT 2).

INTERREG IVC discussed innovation, SMEs and the programme's future

Posted on 6th November 2012

The INTERREG IVC programme played an active role in the 2012 edition of euregia, a regional development trade fair in Leipzig, Germany. The programme stand displayed achievements of many IVC projects as well as the latest collection of projects that started their work this year. The IVC workshop provided a platform to debate innovation systems with three project experts. The programme also supported one of its projects, SMART+, in discussing support to SMEs.

INTERREG IVC presence at the Open Days 2012

Posted on 6th November 2012

Registration to all OPEN DAYS 2012 events is launched and you are invited to register. The INTERREG IVC programme will have significant visibility during this event by organising an exhibition and two workshops followed by networking, and by contributing to one more workshop session.


Posted on 6th November 2012

Check your knowledge about interregional cooperation by answering 10 questions on the INTERREG IVC programme and win INTERREG IVC souvenirs.


Posted on 6th November 2012

Four photo galleries from the exhibition and 3 workshops organised by the INTERREG IVC programme during the OPEN DAYS now are available online.

The winners of the INTERREG IVC Quiz are...

Posted on 19th October 2012

The INTERREG IVC Quiz was launched on 21 September for the ETC days, and the competition to win INTERREG IVC rewards closed on 15 October. It is now time to announce the names of our winners!

INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation Workshops

Posted on 19th October 2012

From 29 October to 16 November the Committee of the Regions in Brussels will host a cycle of 11 INTERREG IVC Capitalisation workshops on the following themes: Innovation systems (triple helix and open innovation) and Innovation capacity of SMEs, Eco-innovation, Creative industries, Entrepreneurship, E-government services, Demographic change, Rural development, Climate change, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, Sustainable transport.

Finance Seminars 2012

Posted on 19th October 2012

The INTERREG IVC programme organises 2 Finance Seminars that are targeted at Lead Partner finance managers and Lead Partner?s first level controllers of INTERREG IVC 4th call projects.

Final Conferences in Fall 2012

Posted on 17th October 2012

Many INTERREG IVC projects organise their final events this fall. There they will present the outcomes of their interregional cooperation and exchange of experience. See an overview of the times and places of these events.

'PASE' finalist of the RegioStars Awards 2013

Posted on 10th October 2012

'PASE' project, co-financed by INTERREG IVC, is among the 27 finalists of the 2013 RegioStars awards.

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