Lead applicant workshops

Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC - 2-3 June

Brussels, BELGIUM - 10-11 June

2015 June Register Now

A day and a half of practical exercises and guidance on how to prepare your project ideas for the first call for proposals.

The first call for proposals under Interreg Europe is coming soon.

We invite you to a day and a half workshop designed to assist you in preparing your project application for submission during that call.

We organise two identical workshops for you:

  • in Prague, Czech Republic, on 2-3 June 2015
  • in Brussels, Belgium, on 10-11 June 2015

Practical exercises will help you understand our application criteria. You will have a chance to exchange experience in project development with other participants. And you can also discuss your project idea further with us during individual consultations.

Please note that you can take part only in one of the workshops.

Who can attend?

These two workshops are for so-called lead applicants. That means only representatives of institutions with a developed project idea can participate. So, if you have sent us the project idea feedback form and received our feedback that your idea is relevant to the programme objectives, you are invited to register for the workshop.

If you have not yet requested our feedback on your project idea, you can fill in all the needed information during the registration.

Only one representative per project idea can participate. We wish to make the workshop accessible to as wide audience in terms of project ideas as possible.

Workshop registration

You can register to one of the workshops by following this link.

The registration closes:

  • on 22 May 2015 for the workshop in Prague
  • on 30 May 2015 for the workshop in Brussels

Please note that we will confirm your registration. Wait for this confirmation before you start with your travel and accommodation arrangements.

We prepared some practical information for your travel and accommodation arrangements.

Do not miss this excellent opportunity to prepare your application!

For more information, check the workshop agenda and the application pack documents.

Please consider bringing a printed copy of the programme manual and the application form with you to the workshop.


200 potential applicants advised at the workshops


The first Interreg Europe lead applicant workshops welcomed over 200 people with more developed project ideas. They got helpful tips and advice on how to improve their projects and prepare them for application in the first call for proposals. Material from the workshops is available online for all.

Registration for both lead applicant workshops is now closed


Registration to the lead applicant workshop in Brussels is now also closed. If you are interested in the material that will be discussed at the workshops for Interreg Europe lead applicants in Prague and in Brussels, please, check this website for updates in mid-June.



Registration for workshop in Brussels still open


Interreg Europe lead applicant workshop in Brussels closes registration this Friday. Only participants with submitted project ideas can be confirmed. You can still send us your registration form with the project idea information included.



Two days left to register for workshop in Prague


Interreg Europe lead applicant workshop in Prague closes registration in a few days. There is still capacity left for you. Just send us a complete registration form. Please, do not forget to fill in your project idea information.



Registration to the lead applicant workshops is open


Interreg Europe invites everyone ready for interregional cooperation with a project idea to join one of the lead applicant workshops in June - on 2-3 June in Prague, Czech Republic, and on 10-11 June in Brussels, Belgium. The day and a half practical workshops will focus mainly on the project application preparation.



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