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In 2008 the EU adopted the EU climate-energy package aimed at cutting greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions, increasing the renewable energy use and the energy efficiency. With only 5 years to the deadline, the progress towards the 20-20-20 targets is mixed. In 2014, the EC presented even more ambitious goals in a framework suggesting introduction of binding greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy targets by 2030, as well as proposing measures for further improved energy efficiency and for reforming the EU emissions trading system.

Ambitious targets are specified also in the EC White Paper on Transport (2011). The GHG emissions from transport should drop by at least 60% by 2050. It aims for a transition to a ‘new paradigm of urban mobility' based on walking and cycling, high quality public transport, cleaner vehicles, and more efficient distribution of goods.

Read more at the Interreg Europe programme manual (§2.5.4) 

Project examples

  • Exchange of experience and good practices of regional and local authorities resulting in action plans for setting up regional structures to promote and facilitate local sustainable energy generation and distribution systems in rural areas. 
  • Regional and city authorities sharing experiences on sustainable mobility measures, resulting in action plans that prepare actions and investments to increase the use of low-carbon transport options to be funded from Growth & Jobs programmes or other regional programmes.
  • Cooperation among regions and regional energy agencies on practices to encourage and support businesses to invest in energy-efficiency measures, resulting in the preparation of regional support programmes for energy efficiency in companies.

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Innovation Systems publication

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This is the final version of the Cooperation Programme approved by all partner states and submitted to the European Commission for approval. It is currently awaiting approval by EC.


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