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Application pack for the 1st Call


Innovation Systems publication

Leaflet on Interreg Europe

Updated: 10/04/2015 

A short overview on the Interreg Europe programme.



Overview of INTERREG EUROPE and its 4 themes (02/12/2014, Bologna, IT)

INTERREG EUROPE for research & innovation (03/12/2014, Bologna, IT)

INTERREG EUROPE for SME competitiveness (03/12/2014, Bologna, IT)

INTERREG EUROPE for low-carbon economy (03/12/2014, Bologna, IT)

INTERREG EUROPE for environment & resource efficiency (03/12/2014, Bologna, IT)

Zooming in on INTERREG EUROPE - parallel tutorial sessions (03/12/2014, Bologna, IT)

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Innovation Systems publication

Interreg Europe programme manual


This important document gives detailed information on the programme, platforms and on setting-up and implementing interregional cooperation projects.


Innovation Systems publication

Interreg Europe Cooperation Programme


This is the final version of the Cooperation Programme approved by all partner states and submitted to the European Commission for approval. It is currently awaiting approval by EC.



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Promotional video about INTERREG IVC Thematic Capitalisation and knowledge resources on regional policy.

Welcome to the HOMESPITAL

Providing healthcare services at a distance is now possible with laptops and smart phones. In the Mataro hospital (Catalunya), over 50 patients have benefited from the experimentation in the Regional Telemedecine Forum (RTF), a network of 9 European regions.

Towards a cooler city

GRaBS, 5 letters standing for the Green and Blue Space Adaptation for Urban Areas and Eco Towns Project: 14 European organisations, such as the Nieuw-West district of Amsterdam, integrate climate change adaptation into regional planning.

Living in the nature

The PADIMA project connects 8 partners from 5 European countries in fighting depopulation in mountain areas. PADIMA produces policy guidelines on successful methods to boost activities and attract new inhabitants in those beautiful areas, like the village of Sundborn.

A town on the move

The CAPRICE project is a network of 5 metropolitan transport authorities: Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Bucharest and Vilnius. Those 5 cities share experiences together in mobility policies in order to make public transportation systems more efficient for citizens.

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