Innovation Capacity of SMEs

Innovation capacity of SMEs logoThe innovation capacity of SMEs is a key topic for Europe's competitiveness and growth. The contribution of enterprises to innovation is crucial, and a dynamic business sector is a key source and channel of technological and non-technological innovation. For instance, smaller companies often exploit technological or commercial opportunities that are neglected by more established firms, and take them to market. SME innovation is therefore at the top of regional, national and European innovation policy agendas.



7 projects

61 project partners

41 regions involved

52 regional policies addressed

178 good practices identified


Cooperation map

Cooperation map

Projects tackling innovation capacity of SMEs

7 projects, analysed by the team of capitalisation experts, offer their know-how and collected good practice in the field of Innovation Capacity of SMEs. Click on each logo to get more information about the project's work.

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Results of the thematic analysis are available in several formats.

Innovation capacity of SMEs


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