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Call for tenders - proofreading and copy-editing
GEIE-GECOTTI is looking for companies to provide proofreading and copy-editing services to cover the needs of the European programmes INTERREG IVA, INTERREG IVB NWE Two seas and INTERREG IVC. Languages concerned are: French, English, German and Dutch.

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INTERACT Point Valencia vacancy
INTERACT Point Valencia is currently recruiting a project development and knowledge management officer. The deadline for applications is 15 April. Further details on the profile and application procedure are available on the INTERACT website.



National Contact Points

Andrea Sőlét
Váti Nonprofit Ltd.
Gellérthegy út 30-32
Budapest 1016

Phone: + 36 1 457 5562
Fax: + 36 1 224 3105

First Level Control Requirements

Hungary will set up a centralised control system. Expenditure of project partners from Hungary will thus have to be checked and confirmed by the following body :

VÁTI Hungarian Nonprofit Limited Liability Company for Regional Development and Town Planning
VÁTI Nonprofit Ltd.
Central Control Unit
Gellérthegy u. 30-32.
Hungary – 1016 Budapest

Contact persons:

Ms. Andrea Kramer

Phone: +36 1 224 3234

Ms. Anita Udvari Dr.

Phone: + 36 1 224 3231

Ms. Márta Gordos

Phone: + 36 1 224 3210

The above-mentioned body will perform the first level control free of charge to Hungarian project partners.


On-the-spot checks

Each project partner (All project partners other than the Lead Partner) will be checked on-the-spot at least once during the lifetime of the project (before the approval of the final partner report).

Additionally, on the basis of risk assessments, project partners may be checked on-the-spot several times.

These additional on-the-spot checks will be performed by external experts nominated by VÁTI and by the internal staff of VÁTI according to the following methodology (defined in the Government Decree no. 160/2009):

- In case the project partner’s public contribution (ERDF and national contribution) is             EUR 200,000 or less, the on-the-spot checks will be performed on a risk based sample basis before the final payment.

- In case the project partner’s public contribution is between EUR 200,000 and EUR 1,000,000 the partner shall be checked on-the-spot at least once before the final payment, or several times according to the risk assessment.

- In case the project partner’s public contribution exceeds the amount of EUR 1,000,000, the partner will be checked on-the-spot at least yearly throughout the duration of the project.