Branding and publicity - how to promote an RCIP

Project information

Index: 1011R4
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Natural and technological risks (including climate change)
Location ELLADA VOREIA ELLADA Region of Western Macedonia / Town of Servia Velvento Dytiki Makedonia Start/End date of the practice
Start: 01/01/2012
End: ongoing

Topic of the practice

How a clearly articulated message backed up by project branding can help to define and connect the different organisations, plans and ideas that go to make up a River Corridor Improvement Plan.

Good Practice Information

Working across different agencies, particularly where politics are involved, can make delivering an RCIP difficult. However the Greek partners were able to create a distinctive branding for the Partnership Exchange Visit, highlighting the joint workings of the partners involved the Region of Western Macedonia and the town of Servia Velvento. This was backed up by a joint press conference and
press release to local and regional media. Costs for project branding and organising the three day event were €17,500, and resulted in the backing of the Heads of the two partner organisations (Servia Velvento and the RWM) at a press event and substantial media coverage which put the project and the work of project staff on the map. This approach is transferable whatever financial resources exist.

Evidence of success

The immediate impact of the branding was seen with two full page articles in the regional and local press, the event was also covered through websites, blogs, local tv. Following the publicity over 300 'ERCIP' Google search results in English and over 1000 in Greek were recorded by the Region of Western Macedonia press office.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Amalia Piperidou

Region of Western Macedonia, Department of Regional Development Fund

Annex completed on: 09-18-2014

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