First Flemish Sustainable Public Procurement Action Plan

Project information

Index: 1009R4
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location BELGIQUE-BELGIË VLAAMS GEWEST Start/End date of the practice
Start: 01/01/2009
End: 31/12/2011

Topic of the practice

Through sustainable public procurement the Flemish authorities wish to promote sustainable consumption and production. The Flemish authorities are rightly expected to set a good example and to inspire and encourage other actors.

Good Practice Information

Flemish Authorities wish to achieve 100% sustainable public procurement by 2020.
The first action plan runs from 2009-11 and it injects new life into sustainable public procurement in a coordinated manner.
The draft action plan iis based on 6 action lines:
- Management Agreements
- Sustainable Public Procurement Task Force (formed by different policy areas, responsible for the procedure)
- Promoting use of supplies / reuse of materials
- Objectives and actions in product groups / research into supporting instruments
- Social considerations
- Communication, awareness-raising and guidance
The direct target group is public purchasers; this includes SME’s
The process requires dialogue with stakeholders: Flemish departments, NGOs, unions, professional organisations, local government.

Evidence of success

• Mapping the current situation for setting up monitoring
• More awareness of sustainable procurement by the achievers
• Development of tools helping the purchasers (helpdesk, templates, guidebook)
• Strong political signal
• Exemplary role with respect to citizens, companies and local authorities
• Stakeholders dialogues

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Frederik Claerbout


Annex completed on: 06-12-2012

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