Dissemination of project material and events advertising in local language

Project information

Index: 0126R1
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ITALY CENTRO (I) Livorno Toscana Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2010-09-30
End: 2010-10-30

Topic of the practice

Sustainable Transport Awareness Campaigns

Good Practice Information

This is a good example of dissemination of project material and events advertising in local language and distributing in a wide range of public spaces to attract broad exposure.
At the occasion of Livorno FLIPPER events (October 2010), ATL decided to produce an Italian version of FLIPPER Brochure (B1), to be circulated amongst the local attendees (PT users, stakeholders, operators and technicians belonging to the transport sector) invited to Work Shop 6 (WS6).
As many copies of B1 were issued, ATL found it useful to distribute some of these, together with a poster advertising the event, also in public places (e.g. schools, universities, local administrative offices, etc.) not directly connected to PT nor attended (only) by PT users/operators/stakeholders.
The translation of B1 in local language is a crucial factor in order to allow the population to have a better accessibility to project information.Moreover the distribution in many public places gave the chance to disseminate project activities also amongst actors that are not directly concerned by PT issues but that could be interested to (e.g. people not using PT, shopkeepers).

Evidence of success

This dissemination strategy proved to be successful, as some of the participants of the Workshop declared having found information about the event exactly in public places. Many attendees also declared having been attracted by the Round Table with FLIPPER European partners, local authorities and PT operators and technicians, scheduled to take place at the end of the Workshop. Moreover, several people that at present do not normally use ATL services and thus are not included in any mailing list, neither they could have had the chance to see WS6 advertisements in ATL offices (e.g. subscriptions offices), found really interesting B1 section dedicated to ATL study aiming at verifying the feasibility of introducing a new flexible service in an area not well served (at present) by ATL conventional lines. Thanks to this campain these current non-users could then turn into potential future users.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Bruno Bastogi




Annex completed on: 12-07-2010

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