Project information

Index: 0988C3
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESPAÑA CENTRO (E) AVILA Castilla y León Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007-01-01
End: 2010-02-28

Topic of the practice

Renewable energy, sustainable transport, green economy

Good Practice Information

The project focusses on encouraging the integration between production and consumption in the biodiesel supply chain in EU countries. This will be achieved by means of a three-pronged strategy based on the development of a concrete actions focused on1. Training for farmers/energy crops to produce biodiesel, 2. New market initiatives through petrol stations and distributors , 3.Promotion of final consumption: awareness raising campaign, points card system. Between January 2007 and December 2009 (although the European project finished in June 2009, the Avila County Council continued the biodiesel points card campaign until the end of the year, and it was opened a two months period to claim the benefits achieved. The project was supported with 200,000 Euros from the Intellignt Energ Europe programme.
This Good Practice is focused on the promotion of biodiesel as a complementary energy source for the transport industry, the good practice had an integrated vision of the biodiesel chain, because most of the biomass was coming from South America to be transformed in biodiesel, via a huge and expensive transformation process. The idea was to complete the whole process at local level, from the seed in the energy crops until the final consumption, trying to generate income and added value at local level. The stakeholders of the project were: a) Those who benefit from the main goal: citizens (including young students) and as a result of the biodiesel points card system b) Those involved in the development of the project: Expert Panel

The Expert Panel, was set up as a consultant group to identify the barriers in the sector and how to overcome them, it included the following members:
Public: - IDAE: National Institute for diversification and save energy, - EREN: Regional Energy Entity, - ITACYL: Regional Agriculture Institute of Castilla y Leon, - Cartiff Technological Centre R+D+i: experts in biomass
Private: - Agricultural Unions - AVEBIOM: National biomass energy valorisation association - Biocarburantes Castilla La Mancha: biodiesel production company - APPA biofuels: Renewable Energy Producers Association, section biofuels - ACOR: farmers cooperative and biodiesel factory - ANELI: National independent petrol stations owners - REPOSTAR: Petrol Distribution Company located in Castilla y Leon
- Petrol Stations province association - Avila Transport Association - Avila Driving School Association - Avila Taxi Association - Consumers Association of Avila province - Avilabus, subcontracted company for public buses in Avila city
The expert panel was a crucial factor for the success of the good practice development, due to the lessons we learnt from the experts in the subject. Another important factor was a clear idea of the three different stages: Production-Distribution-Consumption, because their goals are completely different as well as their approaches. The strong political committment from Avila County Council ( reflected in the motion approved in plenary session) was also important.

Evidence of success

The cosumption of bioidesel increased by 28%, leading to a reduction of 1,975 tons of CO2 emissions

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Roberto Rodriguez Pindado

Avila County Council - Avila Energy Agency

Annex completed on: 03-15-2011

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