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Project information

Index: 0980C3
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location GERMANY HESSEN Frankfurt Darmstadt Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2009-10-01
End: 2012-12-31

Topic of the practice

Mobility Management

Good Practice Information

The Industrial Site Hoechst shows a good example of mobility management in particular in case of industrial sites. Hoechst is one of the largest industrial sites in Europe. It's home of more than 90 companies and a total of 22000 employees. The specialty of the site is that it is a gated area with high security standards for access, also it is operated by one landlord (Infraserv). The key stakholders involved are Infraserv as landlord and agent of the companies and employees, traffiQ- Public Transport Authority Transportation facts: 9.000 vehicles entering the Site per day plus 1.100 trucks per day; 6 gates for entering and exiting the area; Inside there are 72 kms of road. Trimodal port: water, rail and road transport; Close to airport, transit routes The Aims of the project are:
Efficient organization of the mobility of the employees - both inside and outside the perimeters of IPH;
Reduction of congestion and emissions. Improvement of traffic flow through reorganization of car traffic (which currently hinders lorries) and Reallocation of parking space to industrial space;
First we started with an Analysis of the initial situation with Surveys of traffic, mobility needs of resident companies and employees;
During the Concept development traffiQ considered Trips of employees, customers, contractors and visitors.
The heart of the concept consists of building a network of different transport modes and also an Increase of option awareness amongst the employees.
First Steps of the implementation were: Optimization and marketing for public transport, Promotion of bike and pedestrian traffic, Traffic management and telematics, Management of parking space, Ride-sharing and van pooling schemes, Intermodal mobility card „Industrial Park HOECHST mobil“ (pun: VERY mobile), Information and communication platforms

Evidence of success

The success of the project has been discovered in the first results of an evaluation Lift Clubs have been implemented, “Speedies” (rent-a-bike) System was implemented in the area, Shuttle bus to downtown Hoechst, Rebated local transport tickets for employees, Special short trip fare,
The concept won the 4th price of the federal Energy Agencies Award for Energy efficiency in 2010.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Dr. Johannes Theissen

traffiQ - Public Transport Authority



Annex completed on: 08-25-2011

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