FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Group certification - Xiloimprese

Project information

Index: 0970R2
Acronym:Robinwood PLUS
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Location ITALY NORD-OVEST Liguria Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2005-01-01
End: 2010-12-31

Topic of the practice

Wood chains Sustainable forest management Certification Grouping

Good Practice Information

Xiloimprese s.c .r.l. makes it possible for small and medium sized enterprises to get the certification FSC and thus be rewarded for sustainable forest management. The Xiloimprese s.c. r.l. is a consortium of enterprises involved in the wood chain (sawmill, economic operators, craftman) and forest owners which organizes the grouping of medium and small enterprises to share the economics and technical costs of certification FSC.
Xiloimprese has developed a process of Territorial Governance aiming to use at best the skills and the potential of local entrepreneurs and stakeholder. The FSC certification did not bring additional incomes, or additional markets, but allowed a better communication on the forest works, in particular to the environmentalists associations.
This association created a partnership among private and public administration and stakeholders and gives to the group participants services, such as planning activity, implementation of the technical documents related to the certification (e.g. forest management manual), first step control activity, training. Xiloimprese Staff and its consultants work together in order to promote the territory and maximize local expertises (owner and worker).  

Evidence of success

The main succes of this action is the real collaboration among the partners which developed the project and the connection with the public parks. The certification objectives helped to develop the team spirit and the participatory approach. The indicators shows that this action allowed to increase :
- the working forest area of the consortium with 4 190 ha (from 1 460 ha at the beginning to 5 650 ha).
- the forest owners with 8 people (from 14 to 22 owners)
- to 4 certified companies for working in the forest
- to 4 certified sawmills.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

Alberto Emiliano Botta




Annex completed on: 11-14-2011

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