Catalan Technology Transfer System with Welfare impact

Project information

Index: 0120R1
Priority:1: Innovation and the knowledge economy
Sub Theme:Innovation, research and technology development
Location ESPAÑA ESTE Barcelona Cataluña Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2007-01-01

Topic of the practice

Technology transfer system, support to SME and innovation

Good Practice Information

The Catalan Technology Transfer System (CTTS) is the main instrument designed at the Catalan Regional Level to support processes of transfer of technology from universities and R+D centres to the market. The CTTS is supported by the Catalan Government which implements different formulas to reduce the gap between the creation of knowledge and the commercialization of technology by Catalan companies.
Currently the CTTS is composed of more than 100 R+D centres in all technology fields (including health technologies). There are 36 Centres providing R+D services to health companies. R+D and Technology Development projects are the most demanded services from companies. The Catalan regional government supports big impact collaborative R+D projects amongst CTTS centres and companies. In carrying this out, CTTS addresses the need to apply several technologies (mobility sensors, wireless networks, automation and control electronics, virtual reality and remote monitoring applications) to health fields such as neuro-rehabilitation.

Evidence of success

• Creation of the CTTS and design of supporting mechanisms to facilitate transfer of technologies
• Identification of Technology Offer From the Centres who are members of CTTS and Identification of Technology Demands from Catalan Companies
• Matchmaking Methodology to satisfy technology demand Definition of cooperation projects
• Protection, valorisation and applicability of research: Strategy of protection of intellectual and industrial property of research and evaluation of applicability of outcomes to other environments of therapeutic assistance.

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Mariona Sanz


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