Biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil

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Index: 0874R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Energy and sustainable transport
Location ESPAÑA CENTRO (ES) Castilla y Leon

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Good Practice Information

The San Cebrián Employment Foundation which manages the Special Employment Centre (CEE) has been promoting the inclusion of disabled persons in the labour market for 30 years. In this context, a project of collection, transport and recovery of waste vegetable oil started in April 2010. In June 2011, the plant of Carrión de los Condes started to work. The plant is located 40 km north from Palencia and it is run by the San Cebrian CEE. Before the plant started to work, the waste oil collected was taken to Salamanca or León (more than 100 km away). There are 2 types of collection carried out: household and hotels/restaurants activities. For the 2nd type, 30-50 litres containers are provided to stock waste oil and then the collection is made. In household people take their waste-oil usually in plastic bottles. 33 containers have been installed in Palencia City (82,000 inhabitants) where approximately 4,000 litres are collected. They collect around 6,000 litres per month in restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, schools, etc. who work together in the project and show a stamp to certify that they are compromised with the environment and social with persons having difficulties to find a job. Between the 2 systems can reach 10,000 litres in a month. At the plant, the oil goes through different filtering and settling processes before collected by the tanker which transport it to the biodiesel factory.

Evidence of success

Nowadays, 13 centres in the region are collecting oil and an increasing number of municipalities and towns with more than 900,000 inhabitants, where the selective collection of this residue is carried out. New associations are starting to participate in the Project now and a new agreement has been signed by the Local Action Group Araduey with regional municipalities to collect the waste-oil.

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