Early warning system at the county level

Project information

Index: 0865R2
Priority:2: Environment and risk prevention
Sub Theme:Natural and technological risks (including climate change)
Location POLAND POLUDNIOWO-ZACHODNI District of Klodzko Dolnoslaskie Start/End date of the practice
Start: 2002-09-01
End: on progress

Topic of the practice

An early warning system about flood threats and other meteorological phenomena to improve disaster management and evacuation.

Good Practice Information

Since flooding has caused significant damages in the Kłodzko District, an early warning system was established for this area in 2002. The systemt issues warnings through a mobile and stationary phone system. The warnings can be issued by the district and the crisis management centers of communities as well as by other bodies whose activity is concerned with problems or threats. The receivers' group consists mainly of inhabitants living in the most flood-prone areas but everyone willing to receive the warnings can have access to the system. The connected inhabitants can receive useful information about flood threat and other meteorological phenomena. The database of the inhabitants is updated at least once a year.
The inhabitants do not pay the cost of the phone connections. The creation of the system cost 120 000 PLN and was partly financed from external resources.

Evidence of success

The early warning system enables the provision of important information to a large group of people (over one thousand per hour) about threats from floods and other phenomena. The recepients are divided into groups selected on the basis of their residences, type of threats etc. and can be informed directly about the most important threat they are prone to. Moreover, on the basis of a code number, the system can be launched by authorized persons from any phone, which additionally shortens the time between threat detection and receiving warnings by inhabitants. The early warning system can be also used to provide important information, which is not strictly connected with particular threats.
Since 2002 when the system was launched, it has been used over ten times, i.e. during heavy precipitation, warnings against flood hazards were issued.

Contact details to obtain further information on the practice

dr. eng. Danuta Trojan

District of Klodzko Office in Kłodzko


www.powiat.klodzko.pl/starostwo/zespol-zarzadzania-kryzysowego, www.lsop.powiat.klodzko.pl

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